Tuesday, November 18, 2008



While the Pens were in Ottawa on March first, Sidney mentioned that he felt like he wanted to come back to the team.
"Sid, are you sure you're ready? I see how you grimace when you move your ankle a certain way," I said as we hung out and played Xbox 360 in his bedroom.
We were waiting for Mario and Nathalie to finish getting ready; they had a date night planned, and Sidney had volunteered us to babysit.
"I feel like I'm letting everyone down by not playing," he answered, groaning as I shot and killed him again.
"I thought you were good at this!" I laughed.
This was my first time ever playing Call of Duty 4, and I was putting Sidney to shame.
"Beginner's luck.."
"Yeah, you just can't play to save your life!" I teased, "Anyways. You'd be letting everyone down if you came back prematurely, getting everybody's hopes up only to realize you weren't ready."
"I'll talk to Therrien, ok?"

After Nathalie and Mario left, Sidney and the four kids sat in the living room watching cartoons. Sid even let them hold the remote.
It was sweet, as they all sat on the couch with Sid in the middle, using him as their pillow.
I was keeping an eye on the dinner I was making; chicken, peas, potatoes and cornbread, while I watched them all sit around too.
The six of us sat down at the table for dinner, and around ten we tucked each kind into bed and told them goodnight.

In the kitchen, I started to do the dishes, but Sidney told me to sit on the counter and he would do it, since I cooked.
"Imagine.. This is gonna be like a routine for us someday soon," he said as he rinsed off plates and put them in the dishwasher.
"I know. It's weird, huh?"
"Soon enough, we'll have our own little one to tuck in, read stories to, and assure that there are no monsters under the bead," he referred to what we just did for the Lemieux kids.
"In five months, we'll be bringing a new life into the world," I shook my head, still not totally grasping the idea.
"You know, we haven't gone baby shopping yet," I mused as Sidney finished the dishes.
"We will soon, I promise. But Army is coming tomorrow.."
"I know. I'm not saying we have to go right this second, but maybe sometime within the month? I want to get the general stuff before I get to be the size of a house. Like I'm not huge enough as it is."
"You're not huge," Sidney told me sincerely, standing in front of me and kissing my neck, "you're beautiful."
"Sid, stop," I breathed as I wrapped my arms around his waist, "We're babysitting.. What if Nathalie and Mario come home to this?"
Sidney mumbled something back that I couldn't understand, and continued kissing me.

"Aubrie, Sidney?" a small, tired voice rang out, and Sidney quickly pulled back.
"Hey Alexa, what's up?" I asked, jumping off of the counter.
"I miss my mom and dad," she sniffed, and it broke my heart.
"They'll be home soon," Sidney comforted the girl, picking her up and walking her back to her room. I followed closely, watching Sidney lay Alexa in her bed, pulling up the covers just right.
I sat on the edge of the bed, gently rubbing her back.
"Your mom and dad will be here when you wake up, I promise," I said in a soft tone, then glanced at Sid, who was on the opposite side of the bed, watching me.
"Will you stay here with me till I fall asleep?" Alexa asked sweetly, and I couldn't say no. I laid on the bed next to Alexa, continuing to trace patterns along her back to soothe her, until she was fast asleep.

After carefully getting up, Sidney and I went into the living room and sat on the couch.
"I think we handled that really well," Sidney stated, and I agreed.
"We make a pretty good team," I smiled, "hopefully we'll be that good with our kid."
"I know we will. You're a natural, and I learn fast," he chuckled.
"Hey, this is kinda random, but have you told your parents yet?" I asked quickly, and Sidney shook his head.
"They're gonna go nuts."
"Why would they?"
"You know how old my dad is, right?"
"Late forties? I don't know.." I said in an unsure tone.
"He's forty-one. My parents had me when they were our age.. They may not say it, but I was basically a mistake."
"Don't say that, Sidney."
"They'll tell me I'm ruining my life, and that I should learn from what they did and didn't do."
"You still need to tell them."
"I can't. I don't want them to hate you."
"Sid, I told my parents and brother. We told the team! Your parents need to know that they're going to be grandparents. And they're not going to hate me."
"Well, I'm not going to just call and tell them. I need to tell them in person, like you did."
"When are they coming next?" I asked.
"I don't know. I could call and find out tomorrow."
I nodded, "Please do."

We sat on the couch with the TV on a low volume, quietly talking about what to get when we go baby shopping, then about baby names.
"What do you think it's goinna be?" I asked, even though we had talked about it before.
"All the guys say a girl, and I'm starting to believe them," he admitted, "I think I'd really like having two girls to come home to after a road trip."
I smiled at his theory, and we continued to talk until Mario and Nathalie came home.
Then we went to Sid's room and laid in bed, talking until we fell asleep.

The next morning I had an appointment with Dr. Roy, and Sidney wanted to come, but he wanted to hang with Army.
Army ended up coming with us, which was super awkward and hilarious.
When it came time to do the ultrasound, Sid wanted Army to come in and see, so I agreed.
"Dude, Brie. That thing is inside you!" Colby blurted, and I laughed.
"I know, Colb. It's been inside of me for fifteen weeks!"
"Do you know what it is yet?" he asked, and Sid shook his head.
"But if you want, you can find out at your next appointment in two weeks," Dr. Roy told us, a slight chuckle to his voice.

After the appointment we drove to the arena, talking and catching up.
Colby told us all about Atlanta, and how all he eats are Krystals hamburgers, then he asked whether or not we wanted to know the sex of our baby.
Sidney had said yes, and I said no.
"Why not find out?" he asked, "then we could plan and all that around what it's gonna be."
"He has a point," Colby nodded from the passenger seat, while Sidney drove.
"I kinda want it to be a surprise.. I don't know." I definitely didn't want to argue about it right now, so I let it go.

At the arena, I received a lot of compliments from the guys. They all said I looked really good, and that I was glowing, which was weird, since I had started feeling better and wasn't getting sick to my stomach as often as I had been.
Then they invited Sidney to practice.
He looked to me, and I nodded, whispering, "Only if you call and tell your mum and dad after the game."
He quickly agreed, and suited up to go work on his game.


Lauren said...

Yay for an update!!! :)

I can't wait to see how his parents react

And I HEART Colby. A lot.

mrsjordanstaal11 said...

I`m with Lauren on this, can`t wait to see how his parents react.

And as everyone knows I love Colby so much.

Parker said...

I love Colby tooo.
That's why I have to write him in every once in a while. Even if he got traded.
He's still a Pen to me!

Kayla Elizabeth said...

That thing with Colby was too cute lol

gilld22 said...

I am glad you updated, I love this story.

It is cool that you have Colby visiting - I miss him.

I think the baby should be a girl.

Rhiannon said...

Ooh, can't wait until the next one to see Sid's parents reaction to their big news!

kaity said...

happy thanksgivind parker!!!

Anonymous said...

are you going to update soon?