Wednesday, December 31, 2008



Over the next couple of days, Sidney and I had been out baby shopping, and we had gotten a lot done in a short amount of time with the help of Harriet.
We had finished another outing, and Sid was supposedly driving us to the Lemieux's, but we were in a totally different neighborhood that definitely wasn't Sewickley.
"Sid, where are we going?"
"You'll see," he replied, a small smile on his lips.
He pulled up and parked outside of a building I recognized as condominiums.
"Sidney, these are a bunch of condos.." I said as we got out of the Range Rover.
"I know," he nodded, taking my hand and leading me inside and up to the eighth floor.
"Seriously, what are we doing here?"
"Seriously, have a little patience," Sidney mimicked me with a laugh, "now close your eyes."
We were outside a door labeled '8A', and I rolled my eyes, shutting them tightly.
I heard the scraping of a key in a lock, then the door opened, and I felt Sidney gently guide me forward.
The door was shut behind me, and Sidney whispered, "Open your eyes."
As soon as I did, I gaped at the sight.
"Is this..?"
"Yeah, I bought a condo. It's really supposed to be for my parents and Taylor when they come visit.. But I figured that neither Henry or Mario's family want to be around our baby 24/7. When my family is here, we can just hide out at Mario's or whatever."
"Good thinking," I smiled, "want to give me the grand tour?"

Sidney showed me around the rather spacious two bedroom, two bath condo, and I was amazed. He had granite counter tops and hardwood floors done, and he had already brought in furniture and certain things of his from Mario's. I could tell he had decorated himself. Sidney had a bunch of his sticks standing in a few corners of the living room to make it seem artsy, which I found hilarious and something only he would do.
"This place is great, Sid," I grinned, wrapping my arms around him in a hug and giving him a quick kiss.
"Want to go break in the master bedroom?" Sidney winked, making me laugh.
"No, I'm sorry, but I'm exhausted."
"I was kidding, but you really like it?"
"Of course. I think it's just what we need right now."
"Good, otherwise I would've been mad."
"So when do we get to move everything in?" I asked in an excited voice, walking around the second bedroom, now designated for the baby.
"Any time you want," Sidney was excited now, "only if we find out what it's gonna be at the next appointment."
"We're not finding out until we have a sit down with your mum and dad."
Sidney's smile fell quickly.
"They're coming a day before the last game of the season," he told me, and I nodded.
"Okay. I really hope they'll accept it like my parents did. My mum is really excited actually.. She wants to come and help Nathalie throw a shower mid-April. I bet she would love it if your mum was there too."
"I know that you want them to be glad.. But they're weird! I don't know how else to describe them. Last time I talked to my dad, he said mum didn't want to talk to me because she thought I was ruining my life."
"I'm sorry," I said quietly, stuffing my hands in the back pockets of my jeans.
"You have nothing to be sorry for," he told me with a grin, "All that matters is that we're excited about it. I mean, I do care whether or not my parents are, but it's not their decision. I'm a big boy, and I'm gonna life my life."
I nodded silently, then looked around the room and tried to envision where things would go. I walked over to the window and admired the view of the city.
"What's on your mind?" Sidney asked, now standing next to me.
"How I'm gonna decorate this place," I laughed, leaning my head on his shoulder.
Sidney let out a chuckle, wrapping his arms around my waist.
"Don't worry. We've got plenty of time."
"I'd rather have everything ready before, so it's all not last minute, you know?"

That night, Sidney and I ordered Chinese takeout, then we sat on the floor in the middle of the designated baby room and talked about what we wanted to do.
"This is gonna be the best," I smiled, laying back on the hardwood floor and staring up at the ceiling.
Sidney yawned and laid down next to me, making me yawn too.
"Are you tired too?" he asked, and I nodded.
"It's been a long day."
"Want to spend your first night in the new place with me?"
"That sounds like a good idea," I said as I sat up, trying to pick myself up off of the floor.
I let out a frustrated groan, running my hands through my hair as Sidney got up with ease.
He looked down at me and I smiled sheepishly.
"Need some help?"
"More than you know," I laughed, taking his hand and he helped me up.
"Have I ever told you how much I love you?" I asked as we walked to the other bedroom.
"Not in the past few hours," he told me, flicking the lights on. I noticed how this room was basically already furnished with a dresser, a big bed, and a desk and chair.
I looked in the closet to see how big it was, and found that it was already occupied by Sid's and my clothes.
"So that's where my pants went!"
"All that stuff was at the Lemieux, so I just kinda brought it over with a bunch of mine," he explained.
I went into the adjoining bathroom and looked around in there.
"My toothpaste? Shampoo? Sid-" I laughed, "You took my blow dryer?"
"I like what it does to my hair!" he defended himself, running his hand through his dark, curly locks and I grinned.
"Well, bring your head of great hair over here so I can feel."
Sidney leaned in the doorway of the bathroom and I reached up, letting my fingers glide through his soft brown hair.
"Hmm.." I thought for a split second, "I love it. I'm glad you stole my blow dryer."
Sidney smiled and closed his eyes, still holding himself up in the frame of the open door.
"That feels good," he mumbled somewhat coherently.
"Well get into bed and maybe I'll do it some more," I told him, pulling my hands out of his mess of hair and going to brush my teeth.
Sidney still stood in the doorway when I had finished, and I stood in front of him, my hands on my hips.
"Want to move please?" I asked, trying not to laugh.
"Nah, I'm pretty comfy right here," he answered, looking for my reaction.
"Fine. I'll just hip check you then. I hope it won't mess the baby up," I fake-threatened, knowing I wouldn't have to start throwing myself around.
"That's not fair! You can't use the baby to make me move," Sidney whined, making me giggle.
"I can, and I will. You try being pregnant!"
We had been play fighting like this for a while now, and sometimes it could get pretty convincing. If we got into it when we went to the Pen's practice, the guys got pretty concerned.
"No thanks, I'd rather go to bed," he quickly answered, ending the fight and grabbing my hand, leading me towards the bed.

After getting into pajamas and settling into the rather comfy bed, Sidney pulled out two books from the bedside table, and I saw the title.
"Baby names?" Then I saw the other one and read it off, "So you're gonna be a daddy."
"I borrowed these from Mario," he smiled proudly.
So I snuggled up against Sidney and we looked through these books for nearly an hour and a half.
"Sidney, I think it's time for lights out," I yawned, dragging my fingers up and down along his side.
"Awh, a few more minutes.."
"Alright," I nodded, then laid my head back down on his shoulder and dozed off while he kept reading.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Quick Update;;

It's my winter break! Finalllyyyyy.
I'm off school until January 5th, and I've got a lot planned for your reading pleasure. =]

During the course of the next week and a half or however long I have on break, I will have for you;;
-Part 74 of Skate Your Lane, and hopefully 75.
-A Sidney one-shot!!!! [it's almost finished, I think.]
-A Patrick Kane one-shot [someone requested that I write one?]
-Whatever else I can possibly think of.

So now you have something to look forward to this holiday season.
I've been in a rather good mood since Sid scored the game-winner tonight.
Hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, December 8, 2008



After a shootout win against the Thrashers and saying goodbye to Colby at the airport, Sidney and I went to my apartment and he called his parents.
"Hey mum, is dad around? Yeah? No, I don't right now. I just need to tell you both something important."
I watched him carefully from the couch as he paced the living room floor.
"I-uh. I'm gonna play on Tuesday. So if you guys could maybe come out? No.. Ok then, I'll just tell you now. Aubrie and I are having a baby."
I heard a loud "What?!" erupt from the phone.
"She's almost at sixteen weeks.." Sidney answered, shooting me a 'save me please' look.
"Yeah, I know. We know, mum. We're ready for it.. No. Look mum, I have to go. Aubrie wants me to make her something salty.. She's got a craving. Love you, bye."
He quickly hung up, turning his phone off.
"That sounded like it went well," I laughed, and Sidney groaned.
"She's gonna leave me a ton of voicemails and stuff. I can't wait."
I knew sooner or later we were going to have to explain a lot more than what Sidney just did to Trina and Troy Crosby.

In bed that night, Sidney grabbed something off the bathroom counter and sat next to me as I laid down.
"What's that?" I asked as he pulled my shirt up, exposing my round stomach.
"Cocoa butter," Sidney answered simply, opening the jar and spreading some on his hands, then rubbing it on my skin.
"The guys said it's good for you and helps keep stretch marks away."
"This is really sweet of you.. Thanks," I smiled, setting my hands on top of his and helping him.

On Tuesday, Sid went with the Pens to Tampa Bay, and about three hours before their game time, he called me.
"Hey Sid," I smiled as I answered, packing my bag for the Langley boys' trip to the State Championship in Philadelphia.
"Hey Aubs, I was calling to let you know I'm playing tonight."
"I had a feeling you were going to," I nodded, zipping up my duffel bag.
"What was that?"
"I just finished packing for Phillie.."
"Oh yeah, State!" I could hear the smile in his voice.
"Hopefully we'll do well," I said, glancing up at the picture of the team after we won Nationals.
"Your boys will make you proud," Sidney assured me, and I chuckled.
"They really are a lot like my kids, huh? Only.. Their a few years younger than me."
"Yep, and they won't want to let their mum down."
"Thanks, Sid. Hey, I'm gonna watch the game online, so make me proud and please be careful."
"Ok, I promise."
"Good. Love you." appreciate
"Love you too."

That night, all the guys and I gathered around my laptop and watched the Pens win 2-0, with Sidney getting two of the assists.
The next day, we lost our game, and the one after that.
Before game three on Friday, I stood in the dressing room trying to talk some sense into my boys.
"If we lose this game, we can kiss our shot at defending our National title. But I don't care about Nationals. All I care about tonight is this game, right now. If we go out there and put the last two games behind us, we can beat this team. We only have three periods to make our presence felt."
We won that night, Saturday night, and the guys had a shut out Sunday afternoon to win the State title.
Oddly enough, Sid and the Pens won their game against the Capitals today too.
The team and I hung around Phillie celebrating and being tourists for the next few hours, then got back on the bus and returned to Pittsburgh.

As soon as I got home, I headed for the fridge, totally starved, and a note taped to the refrigerator caught my eye.
Be ready to go at 10 am sharp. It's baby shopping time.
-Love Sidney.'

I smiled, then did my nightly routine and went to bed.

True to his note, Sidney was here at exactly ten.
We decided to go to a few big stores first, then hit the little things later.
In the car on our way to the first store, I was curious about some things.
"So why are we shopping now? Don't you have practice?"
"No.. I tweaked my ankle, and I'm not gonna risk it getting worse."
"Just as long as you're alright with that."
At the first store, Babyland, I looked around in awe.
"Where do we start?" I gaped, and Sidney pulled a few pieces of paper out of his back pocket.
"The guys and I made a list while we were on the plane this whole road trip."
"Awesome. Those guys are the best.. Not to mention you," I smiled, quickly pecking his lips as we set off into the store.

We spent the whole day going store to store, doing gift registries, picking out things we liked and buying a few items.
"This all seems so... Official," I said as we looked at baby clothes.
"How about this?" Sidney laughed, holing up a little pink bunny outfit like the one I had seen in A Christmas Story.
"Ohmygod, no! Ew, Sid! Our baby will not be dressed like a bunny," I shrieked, making him put it back.
"Come on, it'd be cute!"
"Uh, no. I sure hope this kid gets my sense of style."
"What's that supposed to mean?" Sid laughed, pulling me close to him, "I thought you liked the way I dress!"
"Yeah, cause jeans and Reebok or Pens shirts are a major fashion statement. Now when you're in a suit, I have no complaints," I grinned, wrapping my arms around his waist.
I loved teasing him. Sidney always felt the most comfortable in jeans and teeshirts, and I had no issues with that. It was just fun to get a reaction out of him.
"I'm sorry to cut in, but do you two need help finding anything?"
An older woman smiled brightly at us, and Sidney nodded.
"We need a lot of help," I added with a laugh.
"Is this your first pregnancy?" the woman asked, and we nodded.
This woman, Harriet, helped us sign up for the gift registry and find things for the baby that Sidney didn't have on his list.
She told us about where to go to get certain things, and she even gave us her card so we could call if we had questions.

In the car on the way to my apartment, my phone rang and I quickly answered.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Hey, how's it going?" Carey's voice answered.
"Euhh. Bien, mais je n'ai pas les temps. Telephonez-moi demain," I said quickly, in an annoyed tone.
"Uh.. Ok? Later."
I hung up, smiling over at Sidney.
"Who was that?"
"No one important," I told him, trying to drop it.
"You sounded kinda agitated.. Even in that sexy French you speak."
"What are you trying to say, Sidney?" I asked, a sly smile on my face.
"I'm just going to throw this out there.. You're turning me on."
"Oh, I am, huh? In all my fat, pregnant glory?"
"For sure. You're gorgeous, and I want you now," he looked over, shooting me a heated glance.
"How far are we from the apartment?"
Sidney pulled in and parked the Range Rover.
"We're here," he smirked, jumping out and dragging me upstairs and to my room.
"Hey Henry... Good to see you.. Mind going out for a few hours?" I asked politely.
"Henry. Out, now," Sidney shot, and Henry quickly vacated the premises.

It's My Birthday!

I'm officially seventeen today.
Rated-R movies, here I come. hahahahaha.

I'll be posting tonight after dinner and all that jazz.
So keep an eye out!!


and again.
I apologize for taking so long..
I'm working on a Sidney one-shot.
Teehee. =]