Sunday, November 22, 2009



I felt everyone's eyes on me as I tried to speak, then I cleared my throat.
"Yes, of course!" I finally smiled, leaning over the Cup and giving him a kiss.
I could see the cameras flashing out of the corner of my eye as Sidney slipped the ring onto my finger, and nothing but this moment mattered.

The rest of the night whirled by, as if it was some sort of crazy dream.
My mother had taken Oliver so I could be free to celebrate in the dressing room, sipping champagne and watching Sid chug from the Cup, as well as Disco Dan and all the guys.
The night was filled with congratulations, for both winning the Cup and our engagement, and I still couldn't get it through my head that either had happened.

Upon our arrival back to Pittsburgh, the guys told Sid to take the cup, so we loaded it into the Range Rover and drove home.
I carried a sleeping Oliver in while Sidney took care of Lord Stanley, and we both walked upstairs.
After putting Ollie to bed, I went into our room to see it standing at the foot of the bed, with Sidney just staring at it.
"You seriously earned that this season," I smiled, sitting on the ground and inspecting all of the familiar names of both the past and present.
"It wasn't that long ago that you told me I'd have it when we were at the Hockey Hall of Fame," Sidney muttered, "I never thought it would be so soon.."
"Be proud that you did, 'youngest captain ever',' I laughed, quoting the commissioner.
"Oh trust me, I am," he nodded.
"So am I gonna have to sleep on the couch or something? I have a feeling you don't want that out of your sight," I said as I ran a finger over Bobby Orr's name, feeling chills rush through me.
"I don't want to put you out.."
"No, I'm totally fine with the Stanley Cup stealing my spot tonight. You just have to make it up to me later," I winked.
"Man.. If the Cup could talk," Sidney laughed, shaking his head.
"It would need a lot of therapy," I finished, "It's probably seen some messed up stuff.. Which will not be including us."
I changed into my pajamas, kissed Sid goodnight then headed to bed in the guest room.

Marc-Andre and my parents came over bright and early, before Sidney or Oliver were even up.
"So, where did you sleep last night, ah?" Marc asked, following me upstairs.
"Not in my bed, that's for sure," I laughed quietly, pushing the bedroom door open so he could see Sid laying beside the Cup.
Marc pulled out his phone, snapping a picture, trying to hold in a laugh the whole time.
"Shut up, Marc!" I shushed him, heading to Oliver's room.
"Oh, good morning, little guy!" I greeted, noticing that he was awake.
Marc-Andre swooped in and picked Oliver up before I could.
"He's mine now!" my brother laughed maniacally, tickling Oliver.
"Go ahead, you see what it's like! I doubt you'll be able to make it a day."
"We'll just see about that!"
"Maybe you could watch him for a weekend during the summer," I suggested.
"That'd be cool," he nodded, "Oh, and we better get Sid up. The Keepers are coming soon to take the Cup. Mario's throwing a huge party at his house tonight!"
"Okay, well. You wanna take Ollie downstairs and get him fed?"
I watched my brother grin.
"Definitely!" he said in his always enthusiastic accent, quickly disappearing as I wandered to my room.

"Siddo, it's time to wake up," I said, pushing his shoulder gently, nudging him awake.
"No! I had the best dream ever.. We won the Cup and I asked you to marry me," he muttered sleepily.
"That wasn't a dream," I said and his eyes shot open.
First he glanced at me, then to the Cup, which was resting peacefully at his side.
"Is this one of those weird dreams within a dream?" he asked, still not believing it.
"It's reality. Get dressed and bring Stanley downstairs with you. Mes parents et Marc-Andre etes ici.. They're in the kitchen. The Cup Keepers are coming by soon to retrieve their friend," I told him before going down to the kitchen.

My family left later that afternoon, then Sid and I began getting ready for Mario's party.
Oliver was down for a nap so he wouldn't be fussy.
"Would you please wear this?" Sidney asked, holding up one of my two piece swimsuits.
"No!" I laughed, "I don't plan on swimming."
"Who cares? I'll throw you in if you don't war this."
"Fine. Toss it here," I gave in.
I got into the bathing suit, wearing some jean shorts and a racerback tank top over it; even if I was a mom, I could still dress my age.
Upon exiting the bathroom, I felt Sidney's gaze on me as I slipped on my sandals.
"What?" I asked finally, setting my hands on my hips in annoyance.
Sid, who was in swim trunks and a polo, shot me a look that said it all.
"Nothing! Can't I look at my fiancee?," he stressed, smiling the whole time.
"Not the way you are right now or else we won't get to the party. I'm gonna go wake Ollie up."
When I got to Oliver's room, I noticed that he was oddly warm.
"Hey Sid, come here," I called, picking my boy up and feeling his forehead again.
"What's up?"
"I think he has a fever?" I said, unsure, "Will you call my mom?"
My mother said that it was probably from teething, and that he was in no condition to go out.
She and my father decided to come over so we could still go to the party, and I was extremely grateful.

"You know what? This is the first time we've really gone anywhere without Oliver in a long time," I mused as we walked up to the Lemieux's front door.
"I know! It's so weird," Sidney laughed.

A few of the guys and I stood close to the Cup and drank some beers, watching th rest of the party.
"So dude, I know you thought she'd say no," TK told me with a laugh.
They had been giving me a hard time about it.
"Shut up!" I said, trying to laugh it off. I hated that people knew about my doubts and fears.
As we talked, I scanned the party; the pool was filled with kids and their dads, which made me think of Oliver.
My attention turned to Aubrie, who was talking animatedly with Tanger.
The sun started to set, and I noticed Aubrie making her way over to me.
"Hey stranger," she smiled, hanging her sunglasses from the neckline of her shirt.
"Long time no see!" I winked back, earning a thumbs-up from Max, who stood a few feet behind Aubrie.

When we all sat down for dinner in the huge backyard, I could tell Aubrie was getting antsy.
"What's up?" I asked; she had been checking her phone nonstop.
"I'm waiting for my mom to text me back with a report on Ollie."
"She will. Just put your phone away and eat," I told her and she nodded.
Of course I was concerned about Oliver, and I knew he was in good hands. Aubs needed to take it off of her mind, even if for only a few hours.
"So when do you think you'll want the wedding to be? And we have to pick a place..." I started, pulling her thoughts elsewhere.
"Well, not this summer or during the season.. Maybe next summer?" she asked, unsure of the idea.
"That sounds good. Would you want it here or Sorel or what?"
Aubrie shrugged.
"I kinda thought maybe someplace different? But I would have no problem if it were in Halifax or wherever.."
"Well, we've got plenty of time to decide, that's for sure," I said, making her smile.
"I'm excited for this," Aubrie told me, taking a sip of her water. Since I was drinking, she was my designated driver.
"Me too," I grinned.
"Oh, and you know how you said that it wasn't the best time when you, you know.. Proposed?" she asked, almost unable to say the word.
"Yeah? It was weird, wasn't it? I knew I should have waited.."
"No! It was the perfect time. I couldn't have imagined it any better."

Monday, November 2, 2009



It was exhilarating after the Penguins eliminated the Capitals and even more so when they beat Carolina in a sweep. I had been a little nervous about taking Oliver with me on those two road games, so I chose not to attend, but I kept Sidney's routine on track no matter what.
My parents had come to stay with us at the beginning of the Carolina series, and Sid's parents and sister were at the condo, so I was busy trying to keep everyone happy and eliminate as much tension as possible.
Oliver loved being with my parents; he was starting to spout off a word or two a day, either in French or English.

The day after making it to the Final, Sidney and I had a talk about just that.
"I'm curious as to whether or not he can tell the difference between the two, you know?" Sid asked as he changed Oliver out of his pajamas and into some play clothes.
"I've read some stuff, but I guess you just don't know.. I mean, it worked with me. Marc-Andre, well.... He's just crazy," I laughed, "We can talk to my mom. She'll know more."
We discussed this over lunch, then Trina and Troy brought Taylor to the house so they could go do whatever they were going to go do.
"Hey, Taylor," I greeted cheerfully, watching her wave back somewhat unenthusiastically.
"Tay," Sidney warned from my side, shooting her a 'big brother' look.
My mother asked the girl if she wanted anything to eat, but she declined.
Although I enjoyed having a house full of people, I preferred those quiet times with Sidney and Oliver.

I noticed that Taylor seemed put off and almost annoyed by Oliver, so I intervened.
"Would you do me a favour and run up to Ollie's room and grab his pacifier? I meant to grab it earlier..."
The girl nodded hesitantly, disappearing up the stairs.
When Taylor returned to the living room, I saw a bright look on her face due to the wrapped box in her hands with her name on it.
"What is this?" she asked, handing me the pacifier and I shrugged.
"A little present from me to you."
I had gotten her a new Roberto Luongo jersey, and I could tell she was excited.
"My old one is so ratty.. I've been saving up for this. Thanks."
"Well I don't get to see you very often! You're a great girl, and you're welcome," I smiled, knowing she now was genuinely excited to be here. Sometimes a little incentive is all it takes to make an awkward situation a bit more bearable.
"Where's Sid? I want to show him my new jersey!" Taylor grinned and I looked around.
"I'm not sure.. I'll find him though," I laughed, picking up Oliver as I stood up from the couch, walking into the kitchen.
"Have you seen Sid.. and dad for that matter?" I asked my mom, who pointed to the door that led outside.
I peeked into the backyard, spotting Sid and my father messing around with hockey sticks and some pucks, shooting them at a big tree in the yard.
"Dad, stop trying to show Sidney your tricks. They're circa-1976," I told him with a giggle, walking out into the bright sun.

The Final started in Detroit on May 30th, and we were all there to cheer the guys on. It was hard to watch the two straight losses knowing Sidney and everyone else was trying their hardest.
The crowd in Detroit was ruthless; one woman told me I was a horrible mother for dressing Oliver in a Penguins outfit.
I would have beaten the crap out of her if I hadn't of been bringing Ollie back from the restroom, so I verbally abused her instead. I wasn't going to stand around and let someone bash the my brother, Sidney, or any of the Penguins for that matter.

I guess Oliver had picked up on the tension in the air; he was fussy all Monday, crying nonstop and stressing me out even more than I had been due to the series.
I knew Sid felt bad when I made him leave to go to practice, but he didn't need to be around a screaming baby when game three was tomorrow.
When Sid left for practice, Oliver and I were alone. My parents were at Marc-Andre's and Sid's were at the condo, and I was at my wit's end.
"Oh Ollie... What can I do to make you stop?" I begged, rocking him gently in my arms as I paced his room, trying to get the boy to quiet down.
I spent the whole time Sid was gone trying to figure out a way to soothe Oliver, but I hadn't succeeded by the time one o'clock rolled around.
"Hey, I'm back!" Sidney called out.
"No, go back to practice," I said, walking down the stairs.
Oliver had been pulling my hair for the last half hour.
"Oh, come here buddy!" Sid took Oliver, holding the boy securely against his chest.
"Why are you giving mommy such a hard time?" he asked, rubbing Oliver's back as his cries began to die down, eventually silencing.
"How did you do that?" I asked in amazement.
"Magic touch, remember?" Sidney smiled, "I think he's ready for a nap."

Games three and four at Mellon without a hitch, two wins in a row, which was unfortunately followed by a total blowout in Detroit. Marc-Andre was frustrated with himself beyond belief, but it was better for him to let all of his mistakes happen during one game rather than over several. He was on lockdown for Game Six.

The entire time during Game Seven, I was on the edge of my seat, as was everyone else. The team was a little deflated by Sidney's sudden injury, which was what worried me the most. How was he going to hoist the Cup if he could barely skate a shift? And I didn't feel as if I was getting ahead of myself by saying that. I had a feeling in my gut that this was their night.
Maxime was on a mission, having scored both goals for the Pens.
As nerve racking as the game was, the last six seconds was the worst.
We had all moved down to the walkway to the ice, the game at 2-1 in favour of the Pens, and when the final buzzer went off in Joe Louis Arena, my heart nearly stopped.
I held onto Oliver tightly as I watched the team celebrating, a huge smile on my face.
They had done it. The Penguins won the Cup.
I watched the Red Wings start lining up for handshakes, and eventually the guys went through the line, Sidney being one of the last few.
I was standing with my parents, who were muttering to each other in French about how proud they were of Marc, who had the biggest look of relief in his wide eyes.
We had played "Game Seven Overtime" in our basement so many times... Now it was his reality.

The arena had quieted down; Detroit fans looked on in disbelief as Gary Bettman presented the beautiful Stanley Cup to the "youngest Captain ever to hoist it" and the Penguins, then posed for a few photos, finally allowing Sidney to lift the Cup over his head, a look of pure bliss written all over his face.
He skated it around the rink, kissed it, then handed it off to Papa Guerin, who continued on with it.
By this time, the player's wives and families were on the benches and a few were brave enough for the ice, including myself.
I took in the sight of the Cup easing into everyone's hands like it weight nothing, and after what felt like forever, Sidney skated up beside me.
"Hey there," he grinned, taking Oliver and hugging him, kissing me briefly.
"I'm so proud of you!" I smiled, "How's your knee?"
I was still worried.
"What? Oh, it's ok right now, thanks. Hey, I gotta go get something from my mom," he told me, skating off to the bench with Ollie, who was emitting a small laugh; he loved when we skated with him.
I went to talk to Vero, who was nearly in tears while she watched Marc-Andre with the Cup. It was so exciting to finally see his dreams come true.

While the guys were taking pictures with their families and the Cup, Sidney had come back to get me for ours.
"Come on! I already got one with my family, now it's our turn!"
Sidney sat Oliver in the Cup, and I approached it almost carefully, setting my hand on it only to keep Ollie stable. It felt electrifying to touch such a piece of coveted hockey history.
We smiled as the cameras flashed, and once they were done, I watched Sidney pull something out of his hockey shorts, which was really weird.
"I know this probably isn't the best time.. But I thought it would mean a lot if I did it now.." he said, and I gave him a weird look, noticing that those nearby us were watching intently, including both of our families and a lot of the guys.
"Aubrie, will you marry me?" Sidney asked, revealing a little box that held a gorgeous ring.
I was so overwhelmed by this whole scene that when I opened my mouth to speak, nothing came out.

Saturday, October 3, 2009



After the Penguins won their first series of the playoffs against the Flyers, they had to head to Washington DC to face the Capitals. They lost game one, and the Sunday morning right after the Saturday loss, Marc-Andre and I were trying out Skype.
He used it to talk to Vero and made me install it on my laptop.

Laying on my stomach on the floor of Oliver's room, I chatted with my brother while Ollie played around beside me.
"Oh, hold on. Sid just noticed that I'm Skyping you instead of Vero," Marc laughed as Sidney came into view.
"Hey Aubs!"
"Hi there Sid," I felt myself grinning.
"This is really neat. Hi Oliver!" Sidney waved, and the boy crawled up to the screen, grasping at the image on the computer.
"No, honey. Daddy's on TV!' I said with a giggle, bringing him toward me.
"Da-ad," Oliver sputtered out, making me gape, Marc and Sid included.
"Did he just-" Sidney started, then Oliver repeated himself more clearly, reaching out to my computer.
"He did," I nodded, grinning with excitement.
At just shy of nine months old, Oliver had just said his first actual word.
"I wish I was there!" Sidney said, but Marc-Andre reminded him of one little thing.
"Dude, Skype! If it weren't for me, you wouldn't have witnessed this at all."
"Yeah, thanks man," Sid smiled, "You should call my mom and tell her. She'll be so excited"
"Guess I have to call our parents too, eh Marc? You think mom will have a cow?"
"You know it!" my brother chuckled as my phone vibrated beside me.
I saw the text from Carey and quickly replied, not sure if they would notice.
"That better be a text to Henry," Marc-Andre told me.
"It was Price. He said to tell Sid good luck for tomorrow," I held my phone to the webcam to prove it.
"That's cool of him," Sidney nodded, then the doorbell rang.
"Gosh. I gotta go get the door. I'll catch you two later. Say bye, Ollie!" I smiled, waving goodbye to Marc and Sidney.
Oliver waved, "Byeee," he repeated after me. I had a feeling he would be repeating anyone and everyone pretty soon.
"Au revoir!" Marc told us, and Sid said he'd be home tonight.
I shut Skype down, picking up Oliver and heading downstairs.

Trina was at the door, a smile crossing her face when she saw us.
When she came in, I took the opportunity to tell her about her grandson's first words.
"So we were video calling online with Sidney and my brother, and Oliver reached for Sid and said dad!" I recounted the events, "Then he told them bye right before we came down to open the door."
"That's fantastic! Sidney's first word was goal, which didn't surprise me. All he did was watch games on TV with Troy."
"Mine was but which is French for goal, so I guess Sid and I are more alike than we thought," I laughed.
"That's why you go so well together. I'm glad that you've worked out your differences," she told me as she stood in the doorway between the kitchen and living room.
Oliver was motoring about in one of those rolling deals that I saw in the movie Big once.
I was making chicken caesar salad for lunch, talking to Trina about anything that came up.
She told me that if I ever wanted to just get out of the house, to let her know and she would watch Oliver any time she was around.
I decided to take her up on the offer after lunch to get in an hour of skating at the rink.
I had missed being on the ice; but it wasn't worth whining about. That era of life was over. I would never captain a college or pro team, and I wouldn't get to play for my country in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Day by day, I was leting these facts sink in.

After an hour and a half of theraputic skating and puck handling drills, I headed home to find Oliver taking his afternoon nap.
"Sidney called half an hour ago," Trina said after we left the boy's room.
"Oh?" I asked, unsure of why he had called.
"He said it was a part of his playoff routine.. Calling you at 1:15, just before his pre-game nap," the woman laughed at her son's obsessive, superstitious compulsions, "I swear, he loves the naps a bit too much."
"I totally forgot.. He's so crazy about that too.. It's to late to call back, he's already dead to the world," I agreed with Trina's assumption. Sid was very serious when it came to nap time.
"So is Taylor coming to Pittsburgh soon?" I asked, and Trina shook her head.
"She has school! Though we brought her to the Final series.. Because there was that chance.."
"I know," I nodded, "This year is different. They've fought hard to get to the game tonight."
Trina stayed to watch the game, then she returned to the condo after the 3-4 loss.
After I put Oliver to bed, I went down to the living room to watch ESPN's coverage of the game, trying to figure out what the Capitals were doing so right.

I don't remember what time I fell asleep on the couch, but when I woke up I was in my bed with Sidney beside me, and he was reading a fishing magazine.
"Morning Sid," I smiled, checking the alarm clock over his shoulder. It was nine thirty, how did I not hear Oliver wake up?
Sidney must have noticed my confused staring contest with the clock, because he briefly looked up from his magazine.
"I already fed him.. But he was still tired, so he's sleeping."
"Oh.." I nodded, getting up and getting dressed then brushing my teeth.
I stood in the doorway of the bathroom, watching Sid just sit there, focused on whatever he was looking at.
"Are you mad at me?" I asked, and he merely shot me a glance.
"Fine. I'm going out. I'll be back before you have to go to practice."
I quickly slipped on some Vans, heading down stairs and grabbing my practice bag on the way out.

I cooled off at the Iceoplex until eleven, when I noticed Evgeni standing at the entrance to the ice.
I skated over, wondering if the time for their practice had changed.
"Hey Geno!" I grinned as I walked off the ice. I was done for the day anyways.
"Hi Brie. what are you doing?" he asked in that extreme Russian accent, making me let out a little laugh.
"Uh, skating? You're here early."
"Just wanted to get some extra time in. Have to beat the Washington tomorrow.."
"You mean Ovechkin. Don't like, you know the playoffs are only big enough for one Rouski."
Evgeni smiled, nodding at my remark.
"Well, see ya later. Have fun!"
Geno said bye, and I went to go dress out and then head home.

When I walked in, I saw Sid on the floor in the living room, Oliver chilling next to him, and I noticed all of Sid's equipment was out of his bag.
"Ok, so this is a stick. Can you say stick?" he asked, and Oliver just stared at him with those big eyes of his.
"How about tape?" Sid held up a roll of black stick tape.
"Geno is already at practice," I said casually as I set my heavy bag down.
"Oh.. It's not for another hour."
"I know," I nodded, "And seriously. Did I do something wrong? I don't appreciate the cold shoulder."
"I called you yesterday but you weren't there. It threw off my entire routine."
"You're mad that I messed up your OCD rituals? Sid.. I was at the rink. You only called me once before you tried yesterday! It wasn't a part of your routine in Philly. Sorry I can't be near the phone twenty-four seven."
"In Philly you were right there with me. I had no need to call you," he said, then mumbled the next sentence more to himself, "You always seem to be around the phone for Price."
He picked up Oliver and put him on the playpen before beginning to pack his equipment.
"You sure have some nerve. It fascinates and frustrates me. I know you strive to be the best, but you don't have to when it comes to me."
"I realize that. Yesterday just threw me off completely, and we lost. I'll get over it," he said, managing to send me a less than convincing smile.
"How do you manage to put up with me?" he asked after he zipped up his equipment bag.
"I dunno. You make it pretty worthwhile though," I grinned, giving him a peck on the cheek, "Now get to practice. Geno's on a mission to eliminate Ovechkin."
"I'm down with that. See you two later."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Monday morning I dropped Sidney off at practice on my way to take Oliver for his check up with the new pediatrician. The poor thing had to get a booster shot, but other than that he was fine. I wasn't totally sure, since he had been pretty fussy lately, but the doctor just told me that he's teething.
After the appointment, Ollie and I went grocery shopping and had just enough time to get it all home and put away before going to pick Sid up at noon.

When I was entering the rink, Jordan was leaving.
As we passed one another, I gave him an icy glare that made him stop.
"What, Jordan?"
There had always been tension between us; ever since we beat the crap out of each other so long ago.
"Why are you being such a bitch?" he blurted, ignoring my baby's presence.
"Why have you always been a jerk? Is it because you're like a little boy at an art auction? You can look, but can't touch because Sidney outbid you?" I smirked, knowing that Jordan had always seemed interested in me.
"Hell yeah, I am. I still can't believe that you picked him. I wanted to be the one you would sneak into the dressing room to see before every game, not my fucking Captain," Jordan exclaimed, using his arms for effect.
"Where is all of this coming from? I never showed any interest in you.."
This whole thing was weirding me out.
"Oh come on. You cheated on Sid with Price. Why won't you give me a little something? Is it cause I'm too local? You won't screw anyone on the same team, but any other city, you're game?"
As soon as he finished that sentence, I slapped Jordan across the face with all I could muster.
"Now you listen to me, Staal. I never did anything with Carey Price, and I sure as hell wouldn't even think about doing anything with you, ever," I spat, then looked up over his shoulder to see Sidney standing there with all of his gear, ready to go.
"Hey, Sid," I smiled briefly before glaring back to Jordan, who blew me a kiss and winked before heading to his car.

"What was that all about?" Sidney asked as we got into the Range Rover.
"It was just Jordan being.. Well, Jordan. Oh! Oliver is teething," I shrugged, then changed the subject.
"No, don't do that. I want to know what happened with Staalsy," Sidney said as we arrived at the house.
I had managed to distract him until then though, which was good.
"Nothing. Jordan has always had a little crush on me I guess, and apparently it wasn't as little as I thought. He's jealous of you, Sid," I explained.
"I'd be jealous of me too if I were anybody else. Not because of what I do for a living, but who I get to come home to after every game," he grinned as he took Oliver into the kitchen with him to get a drink.
"It's not good for him to feel that way though," I was worried. Jordan was a resourceful guy.
"He'll get over it, relax," Sid told me, "Why aren't you all freaked out about my mom coming?"
"Oh, merde! That's tomorrow..." I had totally forgotten.
"It'll be fine. We're going to have dinner with my parents tomorrow night, so don't stress."
"That totally makes me feel better!" I groaned, not looking forward to this.
"Why don't I just make dinner here so they can see the house? I'd feel a lot better on my own terf."
"That sounds good. I really think you're getting yourself worked up for nothing though," Sid told me, turning his attention to a very playful Oliver.

I spent all Tuesday morning straightening up the house and when Sid got back from practice, he did his absolute best to distract me.
He had come home wearing a fitted, plain black shirt and khaki shorts with sneakers, obviously on a mission.
"You didn't shave before you left today," I mused as I prepped everything for a proper Quebecois dinner.
"I know. It's playoff beard time," he grinned, stroking his non-existent beard.
"Oh, well then. Come here," I motioned for him to stand in front of me.
When he complied, I ran my fingers along his jawline, taking in its smooth feel.
"What are you doing?" Sid laughed, setting his hands on my hips.
"I'm not going to get to feel this until June! I gotta make it last," I smiled before planting sweet kisses all over his face.
I really didn't like the feel of his greasy facial hair, but I dealt with it only because Sid looked cute trying to get it to grow.
"Who knows. Your beard could be better this year, now that you're twenty-one and all!" I watched Sidney smile, a thought clearly crossing his mind.
"Hey, why don't you do something too, since you can't grow a beard, you know?"
"Yes, I know I can't grow a beard, dear," I giggled as he tickled my sides for being sarcastic with him.
"How about you let Oliver's hair grow out.."
"That's only cause my hair is already growing out and it's gross if I grow out any other hair," I laughed at Sid's suggestion and how he flushed at my response.
"Well, you could wear a dress to every game you come to.. I wouldn't mind that," he winked.
"Okay. We'll let Ollie's hair be free and I'll dress sexy for my Siddo every game. Sound like a deal?" I asked softly, letting my breath float across his neck.
"Deal. Aren't you supposed to be cooking?" Sidney teased me back.
"I can't cook if you're distracting me. Why don't you go play with your son?" I laughed, pecking his cheek quickly and pushing him away playfully.
"Keep acting the way you are and we'll be spending the rest of the day in bed," he said sternly, trying to keep a straight face as he headed into the living room where Oliver was in a play pen.

After a few hours of prepping and cooking, I decided to go shower and get ready.
"Hey, Siiidneey, would you and Ollie like to get cleaned up avec moi?"
Around six, dinner was just about ready, we were all clean and dressed, and by six thirty, Sidney's parents arrived.
Sid was busy with Oliver and getting him fed, so I answered the door.
"Hello, come in," I greeted them warmly; if this was gonna go smoothly, I had to go all out.
"Aubrie, you look beautiful, as always," Trina smiled, shooting her husband a glance, who nodded.
"Very pretty dress," he told me.
"Thanks," I flushed, "The boys are in the living room, I think.."
I led them in, only to find the guys exactly where I thought they'd be.
"Hey mom, dad," Sidney grinned and I watched Trina gape.
"Is that him?" she uttered at the sight of the giggling baby.
"This is Oliver," Sid introduced our son to his grandmother, who was absolutely delighted.

We all sat down for dinner and made small talk for a bit.
"You two picked a gorgeous house.. It's really going to turn into a lovely home once it's all settled into," Trina grinned.
"Thank you, I really appreciate that," I smiled, looking to Sidney.
"Yeah, thanks mom."
I couldn't help but feel like Troy still hated me, but I still didn't care. He isn't my father, so I don't have to answer to him.
I had made crepes for dessert, but it was obvious that Troy didn't want to stay any longer than he had to.
The two went into the living room to have a chat while Sid and I cleared the table in the dining room and put all of the dishes in the kitchen sink.
"Mom loves Oliver, I know it," Sidney assured me while I coddled the little boy.
We decided to separate Trina and Troy so we could figure out their opinions and get the scoop.
"I'm sorry to bother you, Trina, but would you like to come help me put Ollie to bed?" I asked, watching her eyes light up.
"Of course." She followed me upstairs, and I let her hold him while I got his pajamas out.
"He's truly a gift, isn't he?" Trina asked, walking him around the spacious room. We had painted it a soft, golden colour and there were little black accents everywhere. It was a subtle touch instead of going all out with Penguins decals and all that.
"Yes, he is," I nodded.
"I guess you can say I was pretty upset when I found out, but now that I se you and my son and Oliver.. I know I was wrong to feel that way. This really has brought you closer with him, and I'm glad."
"I just hope your husband will feel the same way. I think Oliver would really benefit from Troy being in his life..."
"I know. I hope he can get over himself too," she laughed, knowing what I was getting at.

Friday, August 28, 2009



The days leading up to the end of the season were pretty hectic. When Sid wasn't at practice, he was helping me pack his things and furniture shop. Most of my belongings were already in boxes being shipped from Sorel or were at Henry's in the spare room I once resided in.
When Sidney left for Montreal on Friday, I enlisted Vienna's help.
We went and looked at decor for the kitchen, living room and anything else we could think of. Sid and I had already decided on all of our decorating plans and colour schemes, so I didn't need him by my side to pick out towels for our bathroom.

"So are you excited to finally be doing this? Settling down with Sidney, I mean," Vienna asked as we ate sandwiches in my new kitchen.
"In a way, yeah. I never imagined it happening under such circumstances though," I said as I nodded to Oliver, who was just relaxing in his motorized swing, "I don't want Sid to feel like he's trapped."
"Oh please. You know that even if you two didn't have that adorable baby boy he would still be head over heels for you," Vienna assured me.
"After the whole Carey Price thing? I doubt it. But all I'm sure of is that I can't mess up now."
"That's what relationships are about! You have to be able to make mistakes and get through them together," the insightful woman said to me.

A bit later, the movers came with the furniture and a bunch of boxes so I could try and speed up the whole process.
While I directed the men, Vienna kept an eye on Oliver, to which I was very grateful for.
The week before, we had painted the majority of the interior, so we didn't have to deal with the gross fumes. Everything seemed to be coming together.
The movers were done by the time the Pen's last game of the season came on and I was glad to be able to sit on a couch and watch.
"This house is gonna look great when you're done with it," Vienna grinned as I held Ollie close, feeling the sudden twinge of missing Sidney.
"Yeah, I hope it matches how I'm picturing it."
I wanted a contemporary, modern look with homey touches.
In the living room, there were shelves already built in to the wall where the TV stood so we could put up trophies, awards, photos or whatever we saw fit.
Before Sidney had left, he set his favourite stick from Juniors leaning up against the shelf, so I put my favourite with it, which had made him extremely happy.
"Interesting decorations.. Bringing your passion out subtly," Vienna noticed.
"Sid loves symbolic stuff like that. He can't wait to put up nets in the back yard," I laughed.

After the Pens won three to one over the Habs, Vienna went home and I put Oliver to bed in his nearly-finished room.
I spent a few more hours doing laundry, making my new bed, straightening up and trying to stay up until Sidney got back.
At three am, I got a call from someone that caught my attention.
"Hey Brie, it's Bill." I had a bizarre feeling about Papa Guerin calling.
"What's up?"
"Well, I just wanted to know where to drop Sid off. He's a bit tipsy after our little celebration and I'm not letting him drive."
"Oh, okay! You can just bring him to our house," I nodded.
"Ooh, I get to see the new place! Cool, I'll have him there soon."
Once I hung up, I heard a key in the lock of the front door, and in walked Sidney.
He was wearing a handsome, subtly striped suit and a pressed white dress shirt with a cute, black and silver chunky striped tie.
It stunned me how put together he appeared.
"Aubrie, I'm home!" he grinned, putting down his equipment bag and suitcase so he could give me a hug.
"You're not drunk at all," I mused, taking in his fresh, clean scent with a hint of his cologne.
"I wasn't sure if you were here or not, so I had Billy call you," Sid smiled, taking a long look at me, "What are you doing up still?"
"Laundry, cleaning up, the movers came today... And guess what they brought," I couldn't help but flash a devious smile up at Sidney as I played with the lapels for his suit jacket.
"What, the couches?" he asked, playing dumb.
"Nope. Try again," I uttered just above a whisper, pulling at his tie, bringing him close for a kiss.
"Ahh. I suppose you want to go break in the new bed then?"
I nodded eagerly, taking his hand after locking the fron tdoor, then pulled him upstairs to our room.
Sid kept stopping to look at what I had arranged and unpacked, which was getting on my nerves.
"Fine Sidney. If you don't want to, I'll just go to sleep," I threatened, making him whirl around to stop me.
"Oh no you don't. You're not getting off that easy," he chuckled, giving me a long overdue kiss that made me lose my breath.

Oliver was up at his normal 8:30, and since Sid didn't have practice until two, we spent the morning just laying in bed with Ollie in between us.
"I love mornings like these," I admitted, moving all of my hair over my right shoulder.
"Well, our first game of the playoffs isn't until Wednesday."
"You nervous?" I asked, smiling softly.
"I'm more excited, but still a little nervous. Do you think we could invite the guys over for a little house warming party?"
"That sounds awesome, but the house isn't anywhere near being done," I laughed, smiling even more as Oliver mimicked me.
"When do you think he'll start talking?" Sid asked as he watched the boy intently. I knew he couldn't wait to hear his first words.
"Soon, I hope! He's been making word-like sounds!"

When Sid came back from practice, he informed me that the little get together would be tonight.
Somehow I managed to throw it all together, and the guys and their wives started showing up around seven.
Sidney was dressed in slacks and a dress shirt, while I wore a slimming black cocktail dress and simple heels. We dressed Oliver in a cute jumper that matched the main colours in Sid's shirt, which all of the women adored.
Everyone mingled, eating h'or dourves, complimenting the house and all of that formal party stuff.
Sid had taken Oliver to chill with the men, and not long after I spotted Jordan carrying my baby.
"I'm sorry. You'll have to excuse me," I told Vero, Oksana, and Mrs. Gonchar before heading after the Staal boy.

"Jordan," I hissed, making him stop as he reached the second floor of my house.
"Yeah?" he asked, holding onto Ollie carefully.
"Just what do you think you're doing?"
"What do you mean?" Jordan replied.
"Who do you think you are, carrying my son around my house? I can't believe.. No. You know what, just give him to me. It's almost his bedtime." I shot Jordan a glare, taking Oliver out of his arms. I was furious at the nerve of this man.
"Look, you obviously have something against me, and you always have. I don't care anymore, so get over it and please don't try and handle my son."
With that said, I wend back down stairs for a bit before having to thank everyone for coming to our little get together and that we'd have to do it again soon.

With everyone gone, I put Oliver to bed and had a talk with Sidney about Jordan.
"He was just trying to help. He offered to walk Oliver around because he was getting too antsy.."
"No. He doesn't like me at all. He's not going to help me at all," I said from the bathroom as I finished brushing my teeth.
"Oh, and just so you know.. My mom's coming to town on Tuesday," Sid decided to tell me now.
"What?" I gaped, grabbing the nearest damp washcloth and hurling it at him, "That is not funny at all, mister!"
"I'm being totally serious," he chuckled, picking me up and tossing me onto the bed, teasingly unbuttoning his shirt while I laid there, fake-seething so he would continue.

Sunday, August 9, 2009



On Monday, Sidney and I met with the realator after his practice to sign off on papers and put an offer in for the house.
"I'm really excited about this," I grinned, squeezing Sid's hand after we filled out every imaginable form ever and putting in the offer.
"Me too, Aubs. Maybe we should get Henry and Vienna and all go out for lunch."
"How about dinner? I kinda have something planned already."
"Oh?" he asked, shooting me a curious look.
"Yeah, it's spring break so I coordinated with all of the kids I've coached at Langley. We're all getting together at the Iceoplex and I'm bringing Ollie. You're invited too, of course," I laughed, giving him a swift kiss before getting into the Range Rover.
Although we had become a lot more physical with each other, we hadn't discussed our current relationship and didn't have a label for it, which seemed to be working so far.

Once I had my practice bag, I got Oliver ready and the three of us went to the rink.
We headed into the locker room and I was greeted by many familiar faces.
"Hey guys, meet Oliver!" I told them before going around and saying hi to everyone individually.
"Are you sure you don't want to play, Sid?" I asked him as I laced up my skates.
"Yeah, I'm good. The teams will be uneven if I do, anyway. Ollie and I will be your cheerleaders."
"Thanks," I smiled, watching him grin sheepishly.
"Dude, Brie. I'm glad your kid is cute," Jared told me after we hit the ice.
"Yeah. I've seen some ugly babyies, but you got a good one," Casey chuckled. They were the two boys I had definitely missed the most.

Even though this was just a pickup game, everyone seemed to be playing as if it was Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, Aubrie included.
"Ollie, look at mommy go!" I had him sitting so he could see the game, and I pointed at Aubs. She was skating and playing like she had never left the ice, and it amazed me.
I knew she missed playing, but I also knew that she had new priorities.. I still felt for her though; I could never imagine giving up hockey like she did.
I watched her joke around on the bench an I saw the old Aubrie resurfacing; the one who didn't have a care in the world- except for her passion for hockey.
They all took a break after the first 'period' so she skated over to me.
"How are my two favourite boys?" she asked, leaning on her stick and holding her helmet. Despite all of her gear and tired look, she was beautiful in her jersey and skates.
"Enjoying the game. You having fun?" She nodded enthusiastically, smiling brightly, having scored twice and assisted once.
Aubrie took off her glove and ruffled Oliver's soft, dark hair, then mine before returning to her game.
I was glad that she was playing; I had never wanted her to stop. If only we could both do what we love all the time. Then everything would be perfect, but that wasn't going to happen.. Not now at least.

After hanging out with everyone, we went back to Mario's and had lunch before putting the little guy down for nap time.
Aubs and I sat in my room playing Gin, talking about today.
"You looked great out on the ice. I'm glad your team won," I laughed, picking up a card only to discard it immediately.
"Thanks.. I felt great out there. I really missed actually playing with a big team," she admitted.
"I could tell. Maybe you should join a local league," I suggested.
"Eh, I don't know. We'll see," she shrugged, "Let's just take one thing at a time. I just want our offer to get accepted for the house right now."
"I'm surprised you're so ok with not getting to play.. It's what you've always wanted to do," I mused, sorting my cards as she finished her turn.
"Things change, you know? Yeah, it sucks that I can't live out my dreams and play. But stuff happens. I have dreams and hopes for Oliver now." I could tell she was a little unwilling to admit that, but it was good that she did.

I was starting to feel weird about sharing my thoughts about my dying dreams of a hockey career, so I brought up a new topic.
"Henry said they want us to bring Oliver to dinner."
"He's determined to get into the kid's good graces, isn't he?" Sidney chuckled.
"Oh, you know he is. Once he gets his mind set on it, there's no stopping Hen," I confirmed.

Our dinner went extremely well; Oliver seemed to have warmed up to Henry, who was pleasantly surprised and over the moon about it.
April came quickly and the Pens were on a road trip to play Carolina and both teams in Florida.
The day they were supposed to be coming home, I got a phone call from the woman who was our realator.
"Good news, Miss Fleury!" she immediately announced, even though I insisted she call me Aubrie.
"You and Mr. Crosby are the new owners of that gorgeous house! They accepted your offer."
"That's amazing!" I was grinning ear to ear, rifling through my purse for a pen.
"All you two need to do is come to my office as soon as possible to go over everything and make it official!"
"How about later this afternoon?" I asked.
"Sounds great. I'll see you soon."
As soon as I hung up, I called Sidney.
"Hey Aubs, what's up?" he answered and I could hear people in the background.
"Are you at the airport?"
"Yeah, we just landed and I'm getting my stuff."
"Well hurry back, okay?"
"Why? Did something happen?" I could tell I was putting him in panic mode.
"You'll find out. Bye dear," I finished, ending our call.

Sidney was here in half an hour, immediately finding me in my room.
"What's going on?" he asked, clearly flustered.
"The realator called. We got the house," I told him, watching a smile hit his face.
"We need to go finalize everything before you go to Montreal, so let's go." I lifted Oliver up and out of his crib; he was coming with us since no one else was home.

"This is amazing," Sidney reiterated as he drove to the woman's office.
"I know. It's gonna be a hassle to move, but I'm actually looking forward to it."
"Good. I'm hoping I'll be able to help.. I don't want to make you do it by yourself."
"It's fine, really. Whatever works out, with playoffs and all. I have a good feeling about everything now."
"You're optimistic enough for the both of us," he laughed.
We signed all of the necessary documents to get our house, the realator gave us the keys and told us that we could move in whenever we wanted; it had previously been unoccupied.

We left the woman's office, picked up some Chinese food and had dinner on the living room floor of our new house, spending the whole time talking about decor and arrangements. We took notes of things we would definitely need, while Oliver crawled around and inspected his new home.
I pulled out my camera from my bag, snapping a few shots of the little boy on the go, then Sid wanted to be in a few.
"I need some to put up in my stall at Mellon! Get over here!" He pulled me in, getting me to take pictures of all three of us, myspace-style, which made me laugh.
"We can add these to his baby book," I told him as we looked through about thirty pictures we had just taken, "And I look horribly ridiculous in every one!"
"You've got to be kidding. You look gorgeous, so don't sell yourself short," Sidney told me, a look in his eyes that I hadn't seen in a very long time.
He wanted me, and I wanted him more than anything, but it wasn't the right time or place.
"Once we're out of the Lemieux's and moved in here, Sid," I promised, giving him a hard kiss and making him groan loudly.

Friday, July 31, 2009



Wednesday, Sidney and I went house hunting. Not wanting to bring Oliver with us, I offered Austin and Stephanie a babysitting gig. Of course, Nathalie would be there, but I wanted to reward them for being so great with Ollie.
We went to four different places before stopping for lunch to talk them over.
"I dunno. All of them have something I love, but something I absolutely hate too.. Like the one with the nice rooms but god awful tile. Ew," I sighed, crossing it off of the list.
"Yeah, but you have to take the good with the bad. It's not like you can't tear up the tile and redo it, you know," Sidney smiled, stealing a sip of my raspberry lemonade.
"Sid!" I swatted his hand away as he went to take my glass again.
After lunch we looked at a few more houses, but none of them jumped out at me.
"We'll have better luck tomorrow. I saved the best for last," Sidney told me as we returned to the Lemieux's.
"Thanks for the encouragement. I just want to see my little boy," I replied, walking into the living room to find Stephanie and Austin trying to get Oliver to crawl through a maze of couch cushions and it looked like they were all having fun.
"Okay, playtime's over, guys. It's time for this guy to take a nap," I laughed, lifting him up off of the floor and handing the kids their money.
"Thanks Brie," they grinned, going to clean up the cushions.

Later that night, I invited Sid to sleep in my room with me. It was wierd for me to have to ask, but our relationship wasn't totally back to normal.
It was pretty innocent; we talked and kissed after putting Oliver to bed, but we mostly kissed.
Around 1:30, I noticed my phone vibrating so I quickly grabbed it, not wanting to wake Sid or Oliver.
"Hello?" I asked once I was in the bathroom at the far end of the wing.
"Hay Brie!" Carey Price's voice slurred as I shut the door behind me.
"Are you drunk?" I asked; it had been so long since I had spoken to him.
"No. I'm bored though," he laughed.
"Look.. I'm at the Lemieux's. Things are getting better with Sid, so I don't think I should be talking to you."
"Crosby and I are fine. I doubt he'll throw a fit again."
"I don't know," I shrugged, "I really don't want to mess up."
"Are you gonna bring Oliver when the Pens come to play here at the end of the season?" he asked.
"I don't think I'll be going up to Montreal for a while, so no. Sorry."
"Awh, come on, Brie! Don't be a loser."
"So now I'm a loser, eh?" I laughed quietly, "Not the best way to convince me.. There you go again! Getting me to talk to you even though I know I shouldn't,"
"Then hang up already," Carey teased.
"Alright, I will! Bye!" I ended the call, shutting off my phone and returning to my room.
When I got back into bed, Sidney rolled to face me.
"Where'd you disappear to?"

I was so ready to blurt out a lie, but then I thought about the consequences.
"Carey called me," I admitted.
"What?" he asked, "It's two am."
"I know.. I told him he shouldn't be calling me because you and I are finally getting things together and I didn't want to put everything we're working toward at risk. I love you too much to do that," I couldn't believe I was saying.
"Hey, I love you too. Which is why I'm going to say that I don't mind if you're friends with Carey Price, or anyone else for that matter.. Except Ovechkin."
"Well, of course," I laughed, "And I shouldn't need your approval to be friends with someone, but it feels better than being secretive."
It was weird knowing that Sidney was okay with this, but all in all, telling him was the best choice I could have made at that moment.
"Goodnight, Sid," I smiled as he told me, "Bon nuit."

After Sidney had practice the next day, we were out house searching at ten thirty. We even checked out a few apartments. I was all for a two bedroom apartment downtown, but Sidney seemed to have a different idea.
"I just think Oliver should grow up in a house, so he has a backyard and room to play," Sid defended himself as we drove to the next house on our list.
"A house isn't exactly in my budget, you know."
"Money isn't an issue, seriously," he told me.
"No, Sid. I don't want to go through life having things handed to me, and the same thing for Oliver."
"Come on, I have more money than I know what to do with.."
"Your contract with the team is for five years. So, we get a house now. Five years later, you're a free agent who wants to play for Montreal. Then what?" I asked.
"Sell the house. It's no big deal, Aubs," he shrugged.
"I don't think I'll be able to if we find that perfect dream house."
"I thought that was in Halifax," he reminded me as we pulled up, making me blush.
"Very true, you got me there."

We walked through the two story, three bedroom, two bathroom house and I was amazed. The place had a decent sized backyard, a good layout throughout the house and wasn't in the middle of nowhere, which was good for Sid, who has no sense of direction whatsoever. I loved the wood flooring and counters that matched the walls. The kitchen was a good sized for someone who liked to cook, and I was all for it.
"This is the one," I told him quietly as we stood in the master bedroom.
"I thought you'd like it. Told you I saved the best one for last," he winked.
We talked to the real estate agent, telling her we needed a bit to think everything over.

Back at the Lemieux's, I enthusiastically told Mario and Nathalie about the house I adored over dinner.
"But you know, as much as I loved that house, it's just a house. I'll find something that I can manage and make my own," I added, making Nathalie smile.
"That's a great attitude to have, especially nowadays," she nodded, looking to her children, "You four should be a little more optimistic about everything."
"Yes mom," they chimed sarcastically, giving each other weird looks.
"Oh, so I talked to your dad today, Sid," Mario brought up, and I tried to hide my annoyed expression.
"Really? What did he have to say?" Sidney asked from beside me.
"Just that he wants to talk to you tomorrow."
"Ok, thanks."
I stared at my plate, thinking about how awkward it would be to yet again watch a game with Troy Crosby.

After dinner Sid and I brought Oliver down to the basement so we could play some table hockey.
"When I get some free time between the next games and practices, we can go talk to the realator and start to get that house."
"Sidney, did you not hear what I said at dinner? I would be totally fine with an apartment, since it's definitely something I could afford," I reminded him as I blocked his shot with my goalie.
"Yeah, but I don't want you to be 'just fine'. I want you to be happy. And it's not just for you, you know."
"I do.. It's for Ollie too," I nodded.
"No, I'm thinking more along the lines of us," he answered, making me look up from our game. I heard the little puck hit the back of my net; Sidney had just scored big time.
"Really? You'd move out of here?"
"You know I would, for sure. I want to be where I need to be, which is with you and Oliver."
I smiled brightly, placing the little puck on the center ice face off circle.
"You're going down."
"That's what you think," he laughed, and our match continued.

Thursday, July 16, 2009



Colby and I took Oliver to Maxime's apartment on the South Side, where all of the guys were already waiting. Marc-Andre immediately took Oliver from me, speaking to him softly in French. Since Aubrie wanted him to grow up bilingual, her parents an Marc spoke French while she spoke English; hopefully it would work.
We all sat around in the living room playing Xbox and chilling, talking about whatever came up.
"So, Sid. Did you call that guy about the house Aubrie was looking at, like I said to?" Jordan asked, catching Marc's attention.
"Yeah, I did," I nodded, "And she didn't get the house, I just know it."
"Was that who she was talking to earlier?" Colby asked and I nodded, "Who else would call her at the Lemieux's?"
"Wait, let me get this straight," Flower started, "You influenced the guy so my sister couldn't get a hose? What the-" I watched him cover my son's ears, "hell is your problem?!"
"That is pretty low," Tanger agreed, not looking away from the game he was playing on the TV.
"I'm gonna help her find a different place. Just maybe one for the three of us.." I muttered.
"Dude, are you settling down?" Max asked, taking a swig of his beer.
"No," I lied, "I'm just doing what's best for my kid."
"Yeah, right. If you weren't settling you'd be out at Diesel with us picking up chicks," TK laughed.
"Whatever," I shrugged, bringing up another topic.
Sure, I felt bad telling that guy not to lease Aubrie the house, but it'd be for the best in the long run, as long as she doesn't find out.
As we left, Marc came out to the car with me, Colby and Oliver.
"I can't keep a thing like what you did from my sister. Either you tell her or I will."
"I'd do what he says, Siddo. You don't want to mess with the Aubster. She'll wreck you if Flower tells her instead of you," Colby agreed.
"Ok, ok!" I gave in, getting Oliver into his car seat in the Range Rover and saying bye to the guys.

When we got home, Nathalie told me that Aubrie was sleeping on the couch in the basement; she had been using all of her spare time to try and catch up on her sleep. It made me feel guilty for some reason.
Colby and I decided to let her sleep, so I put Oliver down for a well-deserved nap then hit my room with my best friend.
"I feel like such a girl, spilling my feelings and stuff to you," I admitted.
"Well you gotta tell someone," Colby laughed.
"Thanks for putting up with me," I chuckled, tossing him a 360 controller.
We played Call of Duty 4 until Austin came to get us for dinner. I went and checked on Oliver, who was still asleep- TK and Colby had him crawling like crazy.
Apparently Aubs was worn out too, because she wasn't at dinner. Half way through the meal I saw her walk past the dining room towards her room and I looked to Nathalie and Mario.
"She's had a long day," Mario said blatantly, leaving no room for discussion.

I quickly helped with the dishes then went back to see what Aubrie was doing. Colby and I peeked into the room and saw her on the bed looking through the newspaper with a sharpie in hand.
"Well, I'm gonna take off. I'll see you all tomorrow," Colby announced, waving awkwardly as he left.
"He's so ridiculous," Aubrie laughed, folding up the newspaper as I sat on the bed beside her.
"So, I didn't get the house.. I'm looking for another though! I don't want to be a bother here," she told me, a clear look of disappointment on her face.
"I know," I admitted.
"What? Did Mario tell you?"
"No... Actually, I called the owner to ask him some questions and he asked if I was moving in too, so I said no, but we have a kid together," I was telling the truth for the most part.
"You're the reason I can't move into the place? Sid.." I could tell she was struggling for words, "Why would you do that?"
"I didn't mean to.." I tried.
"Liar," she had caught me.
"Ok, yeah. I was hoping that if you didn't get his house, we could find one together and stuff."
"Why didn't you just tell me that in the first place instead of saying you were fine with it? You didn't need to go behind my back," she sighed.
"I'm sorry, it was just an impulse."
"Stuff like this really makes me rethink why I came back to Pittsburgh," she told me, "But then I look at Oliver when he's with you, and I see every reason to stay."
I could tell that Aubrie was upset with me, but she wasn't reacting like she used to. I had expected her to freak out and leave, but this girl was being rational and calm; it surprised me completely.
"Anyways, Mario and I looked online for houses while you and Colbs were out. So far we found a few interesting ones."
"Well, we can go check them out Wednesday or Thursday if you want," I tried to make amends, and it was working.
"Sounds good," she smiled, giving me a warm hug.

Tuesday night Oliver and I went to Sid's game against Colby and the Thrashers. Even though I was in Mario's box again, I had very little interaction with Troy. I noticed him glancing over at Oliver as well as myself throughout the night.. But it didn't really bother me that the man wasn't trying to get involved; Oliver has two overly loving grandparents in Sorel. Though it did amuse me that Nathalie cared more than I did. She would try and start up a conversation, only to be shot down by both of us.
Around the last five minutes of the game, it was 6-2 Pens and Oliver was getting fussy, so I took him out to walk around the concourse.
I stood on the main floor at the entrance to section 113, looking down on the game while comforting my baby.
A group of teenage girls were standing to my right just staring at me.
"Um, I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm pretty sure I know you from somewhere," the blond closest to me took the initiative.
"Oh? I don't think I know you," I told her, rubbing Oliver's back as I spoke, knowing that my voice soothed him.
"You used to coach hockey at my school. I go to Langley," she started, but one of the brunettes continued
"Fluery. You're Marc-Andre Fleury's sister! You have a baby?"
This awkward conversation continued until the game ended. They kept trying to figure out what else they knew about me, and I wasn't saying anything until it accidentally slipped.
"Sorry, I've got to go meet up with Sid. It was nice talking to you all."

Sidney and I said goodbye to Colby before he got on their bus, then we went back to the Lemieux's. It was past Oliver's bedtime, so I put him to bed while Sidney took a shower.
"Good game, eh?" I asked him when he came to say good night.
"Yeah, thanks," he nodded, "Hey, you know that the condo is always an option for you, right? In case the whole hose thing doesn't pan out.."
"Merci, Sid. But I hope that we find a house. I know your dad is staying at the condo... And no offense, but he and I just don't get along. Tonight at the game only reiterated it. We didn't say a word to one another, and I was fine with it."
"My mom is coming out if we get into the playoffs.. Maybe you two will get along?"
"I hope so."
"She can make my dad see what he's missing."
"That would be really great, Sid. Can we talk more about this tomorrow? I'm exhausted, and I bet you are too," I yawned, sliding into the bed.
"Ok. I'll see you in the morning.. Then the house hunt will begin," he nodded, kissing my cheek and shutting out the lights as he left the room.

Friday, July 10, 2009



The Pens had day games both Saturday and Sunday, which had given Sidney and myself the nights to spend with Oliver and each other.
Sunday night after dinner, I had decided that it was bath time for the little boy.
"Hey Sid, want to help me give this guy a bath?" I asked, peeking into his room with Oliver in my arms.
"Is that even a question?" he laughed, getting up from his computer.
"You might want to put something on that can get wet," I motioned to my outfit consisting of some Hurley boardshorts and a tank top.
"Sounds good. See you in the bathroom!"
I chuckled, walking into one of the guest bathrooms and sitting in the empty tub with Oliver. Usually he's in a little bath chair, but that was packed away. I pulled off my tank so it was just my bikini top, then I turned the faucet to fill the tub.
Sidney came in, shutting the door behind him. I noticed his swim trunks and white shirt as he sat on his shins by the bath.
"You can get in if you want.. I think there's enough room," I told him, wanting to make sure he felt included.
"It's a good thing this tub is huge," Sid mumbled, tugging his shirt over his head and sitting across from me.
Together we got Oliver cleaned up and had some fun ourselves. Of course, we had a bubble fight and gave Ollie sill hairdo's.
I heard voices outside of the bathroom, then a knock hit the door.
"Come in!" Sidney laughed, helping me straighten Oliver's hair up.
Nathalie walked in, immediately giggling.
"What's up?" I asked.
"Colby called for you, Sid. He's coming over at 10:30 tomorrow," the woman grinned.
I looked over to Sid, watching a huge smile hit his face.
"That's awesome. Thanks for letting me know," he told Nathalie, who then excused herself and shut the door.
"Your bff is coming! How exciting is that?"
"Extremely. I can't wait for him to meet Oliver."
"Well I'm sure Colby will love Ollie. They'll get along well," I told him.

We finished bath time and got out of the tub. I dried Oliver off then went to get him into pajamas.
"Do you want to put him down while I go get a bottle ready?"
Sid nodded, taking Oliver into his arms and smiling.
I went out into the kitchen and dug around for a bottle. As I took formula out of the fridge, Sidney came in.
"He doesn't need that. I set him in the crib and he fell right asleep."
"Seriously? You must have the magic touch or something," I laughed, putting everything away.
Sitting on the counter of the island, I ran my fingers through my hair.
"Hey, so after the game on Tuesday, I have two days off. Maybe I can help you move into the new house and unpack?" Sid offered, grabbing his water from beside me.
"Yeah! I'm just waiting on a call from the owner to tell me that I closed on it. I really appreciate your offer.. And you're welcome over any time."
"I might just take you up on that," he smiled, now standing in front of me.

We had been flirting shamelessly since I came back, and I wasn't complaining. Of course, I had never stopped loving Sidney, but it felt like I was falling in love with him all over again. He made me feel like myself and always found a way to make me smile.. I couldn't stand how I had hurt him; it disgusted me.
"Hey Sid?" I asked, tugging on the hem of his shirt.
"Thanks for not hating me," I mumbled.
"I could never," he stopped himself, "Ok. I hate what you did, but never you."
"I'm sorry," I apologized whole-heartedly, making sure we kept eye contact.
Suddenly, as if something clicked, Sidney swooped in, giving me a soft yet longing kiss. When he went to pull away, I set my hands on the back of his neck, tangling my fingers in his hair and bringing him in for another kiss. I smiled against as his lips, giggling as he wrapped me up in his arms.

Out of nowhere, the kitchen lights flipped on.
"Woah.." Mario's voice rang out, making Sidney practically jump back.
"I'm going to pretend I didn't just see this," the man said, taking one look at our bright red faces, "Night.."
"Goodnight, Mario," we replied, shooting each other an embarrassed look.
Mario left the kitchen and we both let out a breath.
"Awkward, much?" I asked.
"Maybe we shouldn't be kissing in Nathalie's kitchen when everyone's home," he winked, kissing me on the forehead.
Without another word, we went to bed together in my guest room, and as I laid beside Sidney, I had that calm feeling I missed as I fell asleep.

I was up at 8:30 so I could get ready for Oliver to wake up around 8:45. Sid was out of bed at nine, and Colby was over at 10:30 on the dot. I heard his familiar voice fill the house as I was in the kitchen with Ollie.
"Brie, go say hello to Colby!" Nathalie ordered, so I did what she said.
The guys were in the living room, so I popped in to greet my friend.
"Aubrie!" Colby grinned, giving me a hug after I set Oliver down on the floor with some toys.
"Is that who I think it is?" he asked and I nodded.
"Oliver has been waiting for you to come over!"
"Oliver?" the goofball asked, "His middle name better be Colby!"
"Uh.. It's Kennedy," I laughed.
"What?! I won't stand for this!"
"Relax, Colbs!" Sid chuckled, then Mario came in.
"Hey Brie, you've got a call.."
"Keep an eye on Ollie, please?" I asked Sid, who nodded, so I took the phone and went into the kitchen.

"Hi, Miss Fleury. I'm the owner of the house you're looking to lease?"
"Oh, yes! Mr. Ross, how are you?"
"Good.. But unfortunately, I have some bad news. I can't lease the house to you."
"I'm sorry?" I asked, nearly dropping the phone.
"It's come to my attention that you're a single parent. I'm afraid I can't lease you the house."
"You're discriminating against me because I'm not livin with my son's father? Yeah, we'll be living in different houses, but he lives in Sewickley.." I tried.
"I'm sorry, I just can't. Take care, Miss Fleury."
The phone clicked and I hung up, rushing to Mario's office.
"So?" he asked expectantly.
"I got denied the house because I'm a single mom," I choked out; I had really gotten my hopes up about that house.
"Oh, I'm so sorry.. Hey, I'll help you find another place. I'll get looking once I finish this up.." I could tell that he was just trying to make me feel better.
"Thanks.. I'm gonna go hang out with Colby. And thanks for not making a big deal about me and Sid in the kitchen last night."
"No worries," the man grinned.
When I returned to the boys, Sidney asked who I had spoken to.
"No one important," I shrugged.

Around noon I helped Nathalie make lunch for everyone, and we all sat at the dining room table to eat. I had Oliver in a high chair in between Sidney and myself; and Colby was on the other side of Sid.
I looked across the table to Mario, shaking y head as if to say not to mention the phone call. He understood, then brought up the upcoming game.
After lunch, Colby was watching me do dishes while Sid entertained Ollie.
"Hey Brie, do you think Siddo and I could take Oliver out with us?" Colby asked smoothly, knowing how to get me to agree.
"Where are you going?"
"Out to do man things," he replied, and I heard Sid let out that high-pitched near giggle at his best friend's response.
"Yeah.. I'll let you do your male bonding thing," I smiled, "Just get Ollie's coat and shoes."
Colby nodded and left the kitchen.
"You be careful, okay Sid?" I said as I played with Oliver's sock-covered foot.
"I will, I promise. We're gonna go hang out with Jordan, TK, Tanger, Maxime and your brother," Sidney told me with a smile.
"Oh, sounds like a total dude fest," I laughed as Colby came back.
Once they were ready, I told them to be save and have fun.
"Bye boys," I said, giving Colbs a hug and kissing Sid's cheek.
When they left, I went and found Mario.
"You think we can look online for houses?"
"Sure, but don't you want to tell Sid?"
"I will when Colby leaves. I don't want to ruin his visit," I reasoned.
So Mario and I went into his office and hit the web to try and find a reasonable place.

Sunday, June 28, 2009



After Sidney came over, Mario left to go 'run some errands.'
"Hey, are you sure you want to rent a house? You know Mario and Nathalie would love for you to be there.. Plus, the place is huge so they wouldn't be annoyed if Oliver cries at odd hours," Sid tried to convince me again.
"Actually, he's gotten a lot better. He sleeps through the night and he's trying to talk," I smiled, tickling Oliver's tummy and making him squirm.
"Really? No way," Sidney asked in excitement.
"Yeah! He's been doing a lot of things lately.. Ollie sat up by himself the other day. I've been introducing him to some foods, and so far he doesn't have any allergies."
"Can I make him dinner tonight?" he asked, ruffling the dark tufts of Oliver's hair.
"Yeah, if you want. I haven't closed on the house yet, so we're not renting it currently.. Mario said I should make sure you're okay with this before going through with it."
"Well, I'd really prefer it if you were closer, or at Mario's, but if this is what you want for now. Yeah, it's good," Sidney nodded and I could tell he was having a hard time doing so.
"Thanks. The paperwork will take a few days, so in the meantime, you're stuck with us at the Lemieux's," I said, hoping to cheer him up, which it definitely did.

We went back to the Lemieux's house around three; Nathalie was home along with the kids. The four kids came into the kitchen as soon as we got there, as if they were waiting for me.
"See! I told you he'd be cute," Alexa told her siblings as soon as they saw Oliver.
"He's so.. I dunno, little?" Ausin shrugged, making me laugh.
"You guys can play with him if you want," Sidney offered and I shot him a glance.
"Can we?" Stephanie asked and I just couldn't say no.
"Go in the living room and we'll be right there," Sid told them, and they all filed out.
"Come on, loosen up!" he laughed when he saw the skeptical look on my face.
"They'll be fine with him," Nathalie helped, making me give in.
"Okay, fine. You two need to stop ganging up on me though!" I didn't like being barraded whatsoever.
"You look tired, Brie. Maybe you should take a break," Mrs. Lemieux suggested and Sidney agreed.
"There you go again!" I laughed, handing Oliver to Sid, "But I am exhausted."
"Have a nice nap," Sidney chucked, helping Ollie wave.
"Sweet dreams, mommy!" he said in a sweet voice, and the little boy mimicked his tone, making my heart race.
"Stop being so cute or I won't want to sleep!" I told them before walking to Sid's room and basically collapsing on his bed.

Once Aubrie had gone, I got Oliver set on the living room floor, watching as Stephanie and Lauren tried to get him to crawl to them.
"I don't think he's mobile yet, guys," I laughed as I sat on the couch.
Nathalie came in and sat next to me, two glasses of water with her.
"Here," she handed me on, "I think you and Brie need to go out tonight."
"What?" I asked, not sure if I had heard correctly. She's so straight forward that it catches me off guard sometimes.
"I'm just saying.. You two have been through a lot, why not go out and reconnect over dinner and maybe some dessert? Mario and I have no problem watching Oliver for a few hours."
"We have an early game tomorrow," I tried to reason.
"When has that ever stopped you?" she asked, knowing me all too well.
"I guess," I started, but was interrupted by Austin.
"Uh, I'm pretty sure he's mobile."
I saw Oliver on his hands an knees, inching towards Alexa. He kept going until he tripped up, landing on his stomach and letting out a surprised noise.
"Should I go get Aubrie? I don't know if he's done this before.." I was exited beyond belief to see him crawl.
"Yeah, I would if I were you," Nathalie noded and I got up, jogging to find Aubs.
She was asleep in my room, which was the last one I checked.
"Hey," I shook her gently, waking the sleeping beauty up.
"Hm? What," she asked, sitting up tiredly.
"I don't know if you know this, but Ollie is crawling."
"He's what?" she blurted, her eyes widening as she got up.
"I guess you didn't know."
"No. Let's go see!"
We went into the living room to see Oliver on the other side of the room, amost to Stephanie.
"Mon dieu," I heard Aubrie gape.
"Come here, Brie!" Stephanie called, and she went to sit next to the girl.
I watched as Oliver crawled toward his mom; she picked him up with a look of pure joy on her face and hugged him close to her, shooting me an excited glance.

We played with Oliver until it was almost five.
"Hey Sid, want to help me make dinner for Ollie?"
He nodded enthusiastically, picking our little boy up and following me into the kitchen.
While I gave Oliver his bottle of formula, I instructed Sidney on what to cook; carrots, mashed potatoes, some pasta, and some applesauce.
"Would you want to maybe go out for dinner tonight?" Sidney asked nervously. He was being so awkward.. It was just like when we first started dating all over again.
"Nathalie said she would love to watch Oliver for us," Sid assured me before I could reply, making me hold back a little laugh.
"I was going to say yes anyways," I told him, watching a smile cross his lips.

Sidney wanted to feed Oliver so he told me to go get dressed so we could go to Morton's.
I went into a guest room in his wing where my things were, unzipping my suitcase and looking for a dress. I groaned, realizing that I didn't have any 'dressy' clothes in there, so I went into Sidney's room to see if I had left anything.
Low and behold, I found his favourite dress of mine hanging in the back of his closet. After changing I went into his bathroom, pulling my hair out of its ponytail and letting it loose; I shook it a bet, then let it be wavy and interesting. I already had a little makeup on, so I didn't bother with that, then I went on a hunt for shoes.
Once I was ready, Sid was dressed in fifteen minutes in a nice pair of black pants and a cute, striped dress shirt with a solid blue tie. We told everyone goodbye, kissed Oliver and went to the steakhouse.

When we were seated, Sidney asked me about what I did for work while I was back home.
"I worked at my parent's restaurant doing books, hostessing and cocktailing.. But after I had Ollie I taught hockey at our local rink. It was a great way to lose baby weight," I told him with a slight laugh.
"I can tell. You look great! And that's awesome that you got to teach. How old were your students?" Sid asked.
"Little kids, teenagers, and I did an adults class too. What's it like with Coach Bylsma?"
"It's different, but in a good way. We're all with him and playing like a team."
"I can tell. You've been winning more games, and you're a confident team now," I mused.
Throughout dinner we talked and found out about what had been happening in our lives, but we didn't talk about 'us'. The meal was good and our conversation wasn't forced or awkward; we were just getting up to speed.
"Cabbie was pretty upset that you weren't there when he came to talk to me about my stick."
"Oh yeah?" I laughed. Cabbie always found a way to make me giggle and feel creeped out at the same time. It was his main goal.
"He really could have used your imput about my knob," Sidney joked, making me choke on my filet mignon.

During dessert, Sid decided to be a little more serious.
"You have no idea how much it means o me that you and Ollie are here.."
"I know. I'm sorry I was so, what's the word?" I asked, the adjective escaping me.
"Hard headed? Stubborn?"
"That's it. Stubborn. I couldn't see past my own hurt and anger to realize how I effected you, Oliver and everyone else."
"Well it's in the past, and now w'ere all in one place. Let's keep it that way."
"Okay," I nodded, not sure what else to say to that.

We got back from dinner and strolling around downtown around midnight and everyone was asleep except for Nathalie.
"He was great. Fell asleep in the crib in your guest room. I'll see you two in the morning."
Sid and I checked on Oliver then went outside of my room to say goodnight.
"I had a great time tonight, Sid," I told him honestly, fixing the collar of his shirt out of habit.
"I'm glad. I had fun too," he smiled, "We should do it again sometime."
"I'd really like that," I nodded.
"Sleep tight, ok? I'll see you in the morning," Sidney said, going to turn and walk away, but I grabbed his tie, pulling him back and closer to me.
"Wait," I breathed, leaning up and giving him a gentle kiss.
I let go of his tie when I backed away, biting my lip and smiling as I said, "Goodnight, Sid."

Monday, June 22, 2009



"Sid, you don't really want to get married. You're just going to the extreme so I'll stay," she told me, and I knew she was right but that didn't mean I had to admit it.
"Come on, Aubrie. You knew this was coming sometime," I tried. I wasn't lying; I did eventually want to get married.
"No, I didn't! We're not even dating, how could I have seen this last ditch effort?"
I watched her shift uncomfortably, her green eyes scanning her surroundings.
"Just.. Stay a bit longer so we can figure everything out."
"Sidney Patrick Crosby," she mumbled my last name, trying not to attract attention, "If you wanted to 'figure things out' you shouldn't have waited until the last minute."
I noticed her accent forcing her to slur her words like Marc-Andre's usually did. She held onto Oliver, who was watching everything around him.
"Goodbye, Sidney," Aubrie said softly, but I couldn't just let her go like this.
"Wait, one more thing," I stopped her, moving in and kissing her with everything I had. Aubrie bean to kiss me back, and with Oliver in between us, I felt like everything was going great.. But then she pulled away.
"We're going to miss our flight," she muttered, taking a step back.
"Miss it," I suggested.
"I can't, I'm sorry."
With that said, Aubrie sent me a weak smile and walked off toward security. I stood there helplessly, unable to move or even breathe as the girl I was so ridiculously in love with left the country with our son.

"Dude, I'm sorry. I tried my best too," Marc said as we sat on the plane to Toronto on Valentine's Day.
"It's not your fault. I should have just gone for it before she left like she said. Then to make it worse, I went and confronted my dad about how he treated Aubrie."

"Hey Dad," I said as I walked into the condo a while after the whole ordeal at the airport.
"You're over early today," my father noticed; it was 8:45.
"Sorry. It's been a rough morning."
"How come?" he asked as I sat at the kitchen table.
"I went to the airport to try and get Aubrie to stay here with Oliver.. But it didn't exactly go how I planned."
"I don't know why you're still stuck on her. There are so many other girls out in the world."
"I wanted to talk to you about that, too. Why were you so rude to Aubrie at the game last week? Oliver is your grandson and he's her son. You have no right acting like you did and saying that stuff." I normally don't call my dad out, but this was really bothering me.
"I will act however I want and say what I need to. I feel like she's using you and I'm not afraid to say it!"
'Then why is she on her way back to her hometown right now?"
"Women work in mysterious ways, Sidney. You need to forget about this girl and focus on your career."
"I can't believe you're telling me to abandon my child," I said as I got up. Usually my dad gave good advice, but this time he was wrong, "I'll see you later."

"I still can't believe what he said about my siser," Marc-Andre shook his head.
"Yeah. Plus I'm pretty sure I caught whatever Aubs had and I've got the flu. I feel miserable," I groaned.
After losing 2-6 in Toronto we went to New York to play the Islanders. Wheile we were there, things changed drastically for the team. Coach Therrien had ben fired, but we kind of saw it coming. When things head south with a team, people usually blame the coach. Dan Bylsma had been put in charge, and he gave us hope for the rest of the season. We lost in New York in a shootout, then went home to play the Habs on Thursday.

A few hours before the game, Flower told me to go out into the hall of the dressing room for a surprise. I did what he said; it was better than sitting around and missing Oliver and Aubrie.
"Oh- hey," I nodded upon seeing Carey Price, a slight feeling of dislike, maybe even hatred washing over me.
"I just thought I'd let you know that Fleury called me after he dropped his sister off at the airport, so I picked her up in Montreal. She told me all about what happened and I told her that she was an idiot. I can see where your desperation came from. I would have done the same thing," Carey told me and I nodded, smiling slightly.
"It's a two hour drive to Sorel, so I hope I got through to Aubrie. No one should go through life not knowing their own kid," he said and I felt like I had totally misjudged Carey.
"Thanks man, I really appreciate you doing that."
"Hey, Oliver's a cute kid. He deserves to have you around. I gotta get back, but I hope everything works out. Let me know, ok?"
"Will do," I nodded, shaking his hand and heading back to my stall.

After coming back from a road trip, Mario called me into his office at the house, and it felt like I was going to see the principal for getting into trouble.
"Hey Sid, have a seat," Mario nodded to a chair before his desk, so I sat.
"Look, I know you're having a rough time with not being close to Oliver and Brie, but you can't let it effect your game."
"If anything, I've been trying to play harder to take my mind off of it," I defended.
"I'm just saying not to let it effect you negatively. You only got to spend what, a week and a half, with Oliver?"
"Yeah, and it wasn't enough. I want to be tehre for his first words and steps. I want to teach him to skate and play hockey and ride a bike and fish. Every time I saw him last week, that's all I thought of. Now all I think about is how I won't be there to do it," I sighed, feeling way too melodramatic.
"Ok, Sid. You go and have lunch. I'm going to see if I can get some work done."
"Alright. Thanks for listening, Mario," I smiled as I walked out the door.
Immediately after closing it, I heard him dialing a phone.
"Hello, Mrs. Fleury. C'est Mario Lemieux.. Oh, no! Marc isn't the one I'm calling about. It's your daughter."
I stood still, trying to listen carefully.
"I seriously think Brie is making a mistake by staying in Sorel.. Really?" he asked, his interest peaked, "Well, if you need me to make any arrangements, by all means let me know. Mmhmm. Merci beaucoup! Au revoir." I heard his phone being put down and I hurried off to the kitchen before I got caught. Something is going on, I just have to figure out what.

A few days later the team and I went on a five game road trip to Chicago, Dallas, Florida and Washington Dc. I didn't find out what Mario knew about, and it was only making me feel even more depressed. The only place I actually cared to be was on the ice and it was helping. We won every game on our road trip, which was awesome. We played a game at home then went to Columbus for a game, coming back on Thursday night.
On Friday, March 13th, Mario called me while he was out and about.
"Hello? I asked; I had just gotten out of fthe shower when he called.
"Hey Sid, do you think you could meet me somewhere?"
"Um, sure. When and where?"
Mario gave me the address and told me to be there in half an hour. I got dressed and google mapped directions., then drove to the place, only getting lost twice.
I ended up in some little residential area outside of the city outside of a house with a for rent sign outside. I parked out front and walked up, noticing Mario's car in the driveway.
I rang the doorbell and Mario opened the door, greeting me enthusiastically.
"Come on in," he told me and I walked in, confused.
"Mario, what's going on? Who's house is this?"
"It's not anyone's house yet, but it might be her's," he said as we walked into the living room.
A grin spread over my face as soon as I saw Aubrie sitting on the floor playing with Oliver. She stood up and I pulled her into a huge hug.
"What are you doing here?" I asked, sitting down on the carpet.
"Well, I've been working nonstop ever since I first went back to Sorel when I was still pregnant, and I decided that maybe I should rent a house and get out here," Aubrie explained, making my smile widen.
"Mario said he'd help me find a place since I turned down his offer to stay with him, and now we're here. What do you think?" she asked me.
"Yeah.. I can't believe you're here to stay. Wait, you are, right?" I asked in return, wanting to make sure.
"Definitely," she nodded, making me feel the best I had felt in a month.

Friday, June 12, 2009



Sunday the Pens played the Red Wings and despite their efforts, they lost 3-0. On Monday the ninth, Sidney invited me and Oliver to the Lemieux's for the afternoon. When we got there around eleven thirty, the house was oddly quiet.
The kids were at school and Nathalie greeted me at the door.
"Hi, Aubrie," she smiled as I came in, "Sidney is around here somewhere.. I have to head out with Mario for a bit, but we'll probably be back in time for lunch."
"Oh, okay. See you later," I nodded and once she and her husband left, I went to find Sidney.
"Come on Ollie, let's find your daddy," I said in a silly voice, making him smile.

We found Sid in his room on his bed, laying on his back with his eyes shut and headphones in. I entered quietly, setting the baby bag on the closest chair and I gently laid Oliver stomach down onto Sidney's chest; soemthing he enjoyed doing with me too. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched Sid's eyes jerk open as a smile hit his lips. He pulled out his headphones and tossed his iPod aside then put his hands on Oliver's back.
"Hey," I smiled, amused by Sidney's reaction as well as his outfit, "Why are you wearing shorts?"
He had on a pair of khaki shorts and a plain black shirt which wasn't very practical for February.
"I've been really hot since I woke up," he shrugged and I noticed how flushed his face was.
"Are you sure you're okay?" I asked, not wanting Sidney to have caught the sickness I had just gotten over.
"I'm fine, I swear!" he laughed, which made Oliver stretch and adjust himself to the best of his ability. I grinned, sitting on the other side of the bed and watching Sidney lift Oliver and make pseudo-plane noises.
"Sid, he doesn't like planes," I reminded.
"Oh, yeah. Sorry Ollie!" he quickly brought him back down and sat up a little.
"He's going to have to get used to it sooner or later, eh?"
"What do you mean?" I asked, trying to figure out his angle.
"Well you two are flying back to Sorel soon.. And it's not like you're going to stay there forever, you know?"
I knew Sid had just come up with that to replace 'he's coming on road games with me' and I was glad.
"Quite true," I nodded, "So what are we doing today?"
"Hanging out? I don't know.. Didn't really think that far ahead when I invited you guys," he said in a non-chalant voice.
It was very unusual for Sidney to not have anything planned. He always had something to do, whether it was going out or staying in and watching Friends and I found it very unsettling that he didn't.

A little while later I heard the doorbell ring.
"Who's that?" I asked, watching Sid lift Oliver off of his chest and get up.
"I have no idea," he said, trying to seem as curious as I was as he walked to the front door with Ollie in his arms.
"Wait, what's going on?" I followed Sidney to the door, noticing a smile on his face as he opened it.
An enormous grin hit my face as soon as I saw my best friend standing there with his girlfriend.
"Henry!" I gave him the biggest hug possible as he walked in.
"Vienna.. Thank you both so much for taking care of Oliver," I smiled once we were all sitting at the kitchen table.
"It was no trouble. What are friends for?" Vienna told me. She was one of the kindest people I had ever met.
"I hope he wasn't any trouble."
"Well, since you mention it. He hates me," Henry blurted, glaring at Oliver who was on the tile playing with some hanging toys.
"Oh Henry, he doesn't hate you," Vienna said as she rolled her eyes.
"Yeah, because screaming at the top of his lungs every time I tried to pick him up means he totally loves me!" Henry rebutted sarcastically.
"I'm sure he just isn't used to you," I reasoned.
"No, he hates me. The kid took to Vienna like that," he snapped his fingers for effect and Sidney chuckled.
"Hey, just be glad Oliver doesn't act like that around you," I shot, sensing that Henry wasn't too happy.
"Well I am his dad. He should like me a little," Sidney said, then mused at his own words, "Wow. I'm someone's dad."
"And you're just now realizing it?" Henry snapped and Vienna gave him a look that I was used to giving the man.
"Don't mind him," she apologized.
"It's no problem. Hen is just mad that someone doesn't like him. Don't worry, Ollie will love his Uncle Henry in no time," I promised.

Wednesday and Thursday flew by, my days spent with Marc-Andre and Sidney and my with Henry and Vienna when the boys were at practice or a game. I noticed how attached Sidney was to Oliver, as well as my brother and friends, and it worried me. I wasn't about to be pressured into making decisions by anyone, especially them. I couldn't deal with them trying to influence my choices when they mattered most right now. They all kept telling me about how I needed to stay in Pittsburgh because Oliver and I needed to be around friends and family and it was getting to be a little much.

Friday morning Marc and I were up early so he could drop us off at the airport by six am. As we sat in the SUV, my brother was trying his hardest to make me feel guilty for not telling Sid we were leaving so early, even though he had said goodbye the night before.
Stopped at a red light, I noticed Marc was texting.
"What do you think you're doing? That's dangerous," I said suddenly, making him jump.
"I was letting mom know that I'm dropping you off," he defended himself, stowing his phone in his jacket pocket.
"Whatever, just don't kill us," I sighed as I rubbed my eyes; I was exhausted.
After getting my stuff out of the SUV I had my luggage checked, then took Oliver from Marc.
"I'll call you when I get home, okay? Love you." I gave him a half hug then hurried into the airport and out of the cold.
I finally got myself and Oliver through check in, security and customs when my phone rang.
"Aubrie, you left Oliver's blanket in my car," Marc-Andre's voice reminded me.
"Oh merde. I just got through customs and everything.."
"You know he can't sleep without it."
"Drive around, we'll be right out," I sighed, hanging up and gathering our carry ons.
"Come on Ollie, one more time," I coed, trying not to sound mad about my stupiditiy.

I made my way back to the main entrance and looked around outside for my brother, coming back in when I didn't see him.
"I'll just have him mail it, I guess," I said to myself and started walking back to security.
"Aubrie, wait."
The voice immediately turned me around and I saw Sidney standing there with Oliver's blanket, a strangely nervous but still unreadable look on his face. We walked off to the side so we wouldn't be in the way of other people.
"Thanks- I'm sorry I didn't call," I started, but he cut me off.
"I've been up all night thinking, and you can't go. You can't take Oliver and leave because then you'll be taking away two of the people I love and need most. Will you please not go?" I watched him hesitate, then look me straight in the eyes and continue, "Will you marry me?"
I was floored.
He just stood there, staring at me intently with a look of desperation in his eyes that I couldn't resist.
"Why are you doing this, Sidney?" I asked, avoiding his gaze and glancing down at Oliver.
"You want to know why I'm fighting so hard to keep you two here? Because anything worthwhile is a battle, and I don't think you realize how much of a battle this has been for me, Aubrie."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009



Friday I was confined to Marc's guest room, still sick with a flu of some sorts. I tried to get Henry to bring Oliver back over, but he refused. He said I was still in the contagious stage and that I shouldn't risk it. Sidney stayed with me until he had to leave for the game, which they beat Columbus 4-1. While Sid was gone, I decided to take a different approach to feeling better.
I took a long, hot bath and listened to some music while reading a copy of The Hockey News I found in Marc's room.
When I got tired of the magazine I got out and dried off, changing into a pair of plaid pajama shorts and a loose, black v-neck shirt. After towel drying most of my hair, I left it a little damp and went into the kitchen to get a bottle of lemon-lime Gatorade. Thankfully Marc was still staying with Vero; we always fought over our favourite flavour.

Around eleven the door buzzed and I hopped off of the couch to answer it.
Sidney stood there in a plain black Reebok sweatshirt and jeans, taking off his hat.
"Hey what's up? Good game, too," I told him.
"Thanks. I wanted to drop by and see how you were doing.. You're looking a whole lot better!" He said as I moved aside so he could come in and I closed the door behind him.
"Yeah, I felt disgusting so I took a bath and now I feel better," I shrugged, sitting on the couch.
Sidney sat on the chair tangent to the couch after pulling off his sweatshirt. Of course, he was in a gray RBK shirt. Some things never change.
"Are you still mad about Henry not bringing Oliver back?" Sid asked and I thought for a second.
"Not really. I understand why he did it.. I'm just not used to being away from him for this long.."
"Well, I don't have anything going on tomorrow but a quick practice at like nine. I can stay the night so you won't be lonely or trip and hurt yourself," he laughed, noticing the huge black and purple bruises on my shins.
"Shut up, it's not funny!" I shot playfully, tossing a pillow at him.
We sat in the living room watching some TV movie and talking until I fell asleep around midnight.

I woke up in the bed in the guest room at ten thirty feeling totally rested. It was nice to not have to get up at two in the morning. I got out of bed and got some cereal for breakfast while I read the newspaper and waited for my brother to get back.
A little after noon Marc-Andre came home.
"Aubrie, look who I brought" My brother announced as he walked in through the door.
I looked over and saw Sidney, who had Oliver in his arms.
Marc set down his practice bag as well as Oliver's bag and carrier.
"Oh, mon petit fleur!" I grinned, practically jumping off of the couch and rushing over to them.
Sidney set Oliver in my arms and my smile widened.
"He has no idea how much I missed him," I said happily, hugging Sidney with my free arm, "Thanks for getting him for me.. I hope he wasn't fussy."
"Actually, he took to Sid quite well," Marc told me, "I'm gonna go take a nap."
"Sleep tight, Marc-Andre," I laughed, giving him a peck on the cheek.
"Hey, let's go grab some lunch and give Marc some peace and quiet," Sidney suggested, catching me off guard.
"Sure. He deserves it after letting me stay here. Let's go."
"Ok, can I just change this little guy before we go? I think he needs it..." Sidney mused, watching Oliver's expressions.
"Go ahead," I nodded, letting Sidney have at it.

The three of us went to lunch at a new restaurant downtown that seemed interesting. Sidney had told me that Oliver had eaten just before they left Henry's, so we didn't have to worry about that whole ordeal.
Ollie just gazed around, made cute noises and napped while Sid and I talked as we waited for our food.
We had been laughing, joking and getting along up until Sidney decided to be serious.
"So when are you leaving?" he asked, picking at what was left of my caesar salad I had gotten with my lunch.
"Well I figured I'd leave on the twelfth. You have a game in Toronto on the fourteenth," I recited after planning this all out with my mother.
"Have you thought about what's going to happen after?"
"Hontestly? No. I haven't the slightest clue," I answered.
"Do you think there's any chance that you would move back here?" he asked, and I could clearly see the look of hope written all over his face.
"I won't rule it out, but I don't want you to get all worked up just yet.. If I did come back, I'll have to find a place. I'm not going to intrude on Henry and Marc-Andre won't put up with us forever," I mentally ran through a list of possibilities.
"There's always room at Mario's, or there's the condo," Sidney hinted casually.
"I don't think the Lemieux's want a baby at their house.. And last I heard, your dad lives at the condo. He's not too excited that I'm here in the first place. I doubt he'd be enthused to hear that I'd be living there too."
"Wait, what?" Sid blurted as our food arrived.
I told him all about my little encounter with Troy at the game and Sidney was pretty offset.
"Look, I don't want to cause any trouble with you and your dad. I shouldn't have told you."
"No, I'm glad you did. I guess I need to talk to him."

We finished eating lunch and put Oliver's stroller in the Range Rover before we began to walk down the streets of downtown Pittsburgh. The weather was surprisingly decent for the first week of February. Plus I was so used to Sorel's weather and this was a nice getaway.
"Hey let's stop in here," Sidney said suddenly, turning into a store and opening the door for me.
"Um, okay," I agreed, adjusting Oliver in my arms and walking inside.
I looked around at the familiar store; Sidney and I had been in here many times while baby shopping.
"What are you doing?" I let out a little laugh when I saw Sid holding up that ridiculous bunny outfit I hate with a passion.
"Please?" he begged and I shook my head.
"Put it back! You'll traumatize him," I grinned as I shielded Oliver's eyes with my hand jokingly.
"Fine. You have to let me pick something else out for him then," Sidney insisted.
"But there are so many things for him at the Lemieux's that he hasn't seen yet.."
"Come on! One little thing won't hurt."
"I-okay. Just don't make it a habit. I don't want him to be one of those spoiled kids."
"I would never let that happen," Sidney told me with a slight grin then went to find something for Oliver.