Thursday, February 26, 2009



I went to Mellon to pick Sidney up from a pre-playoffs practice, but he wasn't ready when I walked into the dressing room.
"Hey Aubrie," Pascal Dupuis greeted along with the other guys that were still there.
"Hi," I smiled, then waved to my brother.
"Sid, could you be any slower? We kinda have to be somewhere soon," I told him anxiously. We had a lamaze class in an hour, and I didn't want to be late.
"Fleur, your phone's ringing," Brooks told me, and I quickly grabbed it, not used to it being on ring.
"I have to take this," I said swiftly, "Hello?"
Carey greeted me with a hey.
"I'll be in the hall, okay Sid?"
He nodded, and I ruffled his hair affectionately before wandering out into the hallway.

"What's up, Care?" I asked, pacing up and down the long hall.
'Not much, just nervous for this series against the Bruins," he told me with a sigh.
"Oh, you'll do just fine!" I reassured him, smiling into the receiver.
"Hopefully. I'm excited though.."
"That's good. Just keep focused and things will happen," I advised.
"Yeah, yeah. What are you up to?"
"I'm just at Mellon to get Sid from practice. We have a birthing class to go to.." I couldn't help but cringe at the thought of actually doing it.
"Seriously? I can't imagine him doing that.."
"Carey," I tried to sound stern, "Don't. I know you guys don't get along."
"I know, sorry. I didn't mean to be rude. I was just kidding."
"Alright," I nodded, then heard my brother's voice.
"Brie, what are you doing out here?" Marc-Andre asked, and I stopped in my tracks.
"Talking on the phone," I replied casually.
"To?" he asked, eying me suspiciously.
"Someone about Nationals," I lied, and Marc could tell.
"Give me your phone," he ordered, and I laughed.
"Hey, my brother wants to talk to you.." I told Carey.
"Wait, what?" he asked as I handed my phone over.

"Hello? Oh, hey Pricey! Yeah, you're helping her with Nationals? That's awesome.. Cool. I'll give Brie back her phone. Bye!"
He handed me my cell, a grin on his face.
"You could've just told me it was Price. We're buds!" Marc chuckled, and I felt totally relieved.
"Carey? Yeah. It's me. Marc was glad to hear from you.."
I turned my attention back to my brother.
"See you later?" He nodded, leaving for his car.
Then Sid and Hal Gill walked out, and I grinned.
"Hey, I gotta go to my thing.. I'll talk to you later." This was too much of a close call as it was. I was not about to have Sidney talk to Carey too...
Carey told me goodbye, and I took Sidney's hand as we walked out to the Range Rover.

After a rather interesting lamaze class, Sidney and I went to the Lemieux's house to hang out and have dinner, since Trina and Troy were still occupying the condo.
"Are you sure you're not going to punk out during labour? I don't want the doctor to have to worry about you too.." I laughed as we played Uno with Austin and Lauren.
"I think I'll be ok," he smiled, laying down a card.
"Hey, Aubrie. Are you excited for the party tomorrow?" Austin asked, and Lauren smacked him.
"Shut up, Austin!" she hissed, and I watched them curiously.
"What party?" I asked, and Austin shook his head.
Sid and I stayed the night at the Lemieux house, and I was still wondering about this whole party thing.

"Sidney what was Austin talking about when he asked me if I was excited for a party?" I asked the next morning as we got dressed for the day.
"I have no idea," he shrugged, glancing at the clock next to his bed.
"Let's go see if we missed breakfast," he told me, grabbing his practice bag and my hand, pulling me out to the main family room of the house.

"Surprise!" I heard, then saw Nathalie, Abby Malone, Vero, and nearly every player's wife or girlfriend.
The entire room was decorated in a pink and blue theme, food was set out, and gifts lined the table in the dining room.
"Nathalie! You threw me a shower?" I asked, extremely excited.
She had mentioned wanting to have it in mid-April with my mum. But I guess she couldn't wait.
"Bye Aubs, have fun," Sidney kissed my cheek then left for practice, leaving me with these women I somewhat knew.
"Of course we did! It's a pretty big thing when one of the girls has a baby, and you're no exception," Nathalie told me, "So let's get this party started!"

Over the next few hours, these women were painfully kind to me. Very few of them had ever made the effort to even speak to me, so I was shocked that they acted as if we were all best friends.
"Brie, it's gifts and gossip time!" Marc-Andre's long time girlfriend, Vero, told me as she sat me in a chair next to the others that were set up in a circle.
I opened up clothes, baby toys, bottles, and basically everything else these ladies could think of to get me. I even got some post-baby 'sexy lingerie' for Sidney and myself.
Nathalie handed me her gift; a huge, gorgeous black leather Kate Spade baby bag with a Pens baby blanket, a few toys, and a set of jammies as well as a black and gold knit touk inside.
"Thank you all so much.." I told everyone, not knowing what else to really say, "I really hope I don't mess this up!"
"Oh Brie. You'll be fine! All Sidney talks about is how good you are with kids," Jordan's girlfriend, Caroline, smiled, making me turn pink.
"Sid's good with his sister, so I have a feeling he's going to be a good dad," I added, "So he won't be totally clueless, which is great."
"I wouldn't be surprised if he's a natural. He is at everything else," Vero said, and I couldn't help but feel like she was being way too fake and overbearing.

Everyone left when Sid got back around five. They didn't want a guy to ruin the party, so they decided it was over.
"Hey, how was the shower?" he asked, setting his stuff down in his room.
"It was really, really awkward," I told him honestly, "But fun none the less. It was sweet of Nathalie to put everything together."
"Well, she really likes you, Aubs. Oh, and I saw all of those presents out there. This kid is gonna be so spoiled."
"But not too spoiled, right? Just because we can, it doesn't mean we should."
"Whatever you say," he laughed, giving me a kiss before leading me down to the basement to play table hockey.

Sunday, February 1, 2009



I grabbed my phone, dialing Sidney's number and quickly pressed send.
"Hello?" his voice rang out into the receiver, and I sighed in relief.
"Hey are you done with practice?" I asked, pulling off my sweatpants and finding a pair of jeans to tug on.
"Yeah, we just finished?"
"Good. Not to freak you out or anything, but your parents are in the living room and they don't seem too happy to see me."
"Oh, woah. I'm dressing out and stuff right now. Can you handle them for like, forty-five minutes?"
"Seriously? They're going to kill me.."
"Ok twenty minutes. I can be there in twenty."
"Fine. I'll just try not to die till you get here."
"That would be good, for sure. I'll see you soon."
"Kay, but if I don't make it, I love you!"
"Love you too," he laughed, "Bye."

I hung up and quickly fixed my hair so it was down and not so messy before walking into the living room where Trina and Troy sat at the kitchen table.
"Sidney said he can be here in twenty minutes.. So I don't really know what to do until then," I told them in a timid tone, rubbing my arm anxiously.
"Oh! Did you leave your luggage in your rental car? I- we can go get it?"
"I'll go get it," Troy said firmly, getting up from the table.
"I can help if you want," I offered, and he sent me a strange look.
"It's alright, Aubrie. I will go with him. You stay here," Trina told me in her stern, motherly voice.
They left the condo to go down stairs, and I sat at the table, holding my head in my hands.
'This is going to be a nightmare,' I thought to myself, trying not to think about what to say when Sidney's parents came back through that door.
After what seemed like forever, a knock hit the door and it opened as soon as I got up. I smiled and let out a slight sigh when I saw Sidney, then his parents right behind him.
Sid and Troy put everything in our room, then we all conviened in the kitchen.
Sidney and I sat across from Trina and Troy, and an awkward silence fell over everyone.

"So.." I muttered, not sure how to break the ice.
"Well, apparently we're going to be grandparents," Trina started in a light, sarcastic tone.
"Yeah, I guess so," I fired back in the same voice.
"You know this is just a big mistake, right?" Troy asked me, making sure to keep eye contact, and Sidney just stared at him, shocked.
"I'm sorry if I don't feel that way, sir," I told him.
"What do you think about this, Sidney?" his father asked.
"I couldn't be more excited, honestly. It's a big responsibility, for sure, but what in my or Aubrie's life hasn't been?" he answered, making sure his parents knew he was being serious.
"Sidney, we don't think you understand," Trina began.
"The only thing I don't understand is why you're being hypocrites. You two were in the exact same situation with me," Sidney cut off his mother, which surprised me.
"We just don't want you making the same mistakes we did.. You have a lot more to lose," Troy told his son, not even looking at me.
"It's not a mistake in our eyes.. And yeah, we know it's a lot to handle, but we have so much more to gain than to lose."

"I feel like we're trying to get you to buy us a car or something," I suddenly blurted, "This is a new life, not some inanimate object. All I want to do is get along and try to coexist. I understand that you're not thrilled.. But I'm sorry, we're having a baby."
After I finished, I let out the deep breath I had been holding in, feeling somewhat better.
"You have a point," Trina nodded, catching me off guard.
"Really?" I asked, now totally confused by this woman's actions.
"Yeah," she nodded, "You two have obviously made up your minds. It's not like we're going to be able to change them."
"Trina, I think we need to speak in private," Troy said sharply, and Sidney immediately got up.
"Come on, Aubs. Let's go in the other room.."
I got up and followed him to our bedroom, closing the door behind us.

"What do you think they're talking about?" I asked, sitting down at the foot of the bed.
"My dad's gonna tell my mum she's crazy. There might be some yelling, depending on whether or not they're willing to do it with you here," he shrugged, sitting next to me.
"I don't want them to fight," I said quietly.
"They'll do it if it will help them come to a decision."
"Maybe we should take them to lunch.. To make peace," I suggested.
Sidney went to answer, but I let out a soft laugh.
"Sorry," I flushed, "I'm not totally used to the baby moving and stuff.."
That bright, excited gleam appeared in Sidney's sweet hazel eyes like it had since he first felt it move.
Sidney quickly set his hands on me, a grin hitting his lips as he let out a chuckle.
We sat there and spoke to the baby; the doctor had said it was good for development.. So Sid had been talking hockey non-stop to it.

A while later, the door opened and Trina and her husband peeked in.
Sid and I looked up, like two kids caught doing something they weren't supposed to.
"Uh.. Hi mum.. Dad," Sidney said in an awkward tone, pulling his hands away and running one of them through his dark hair.
"We were just going to ask if we could take you tw--three out to lunch," Trina said with a seemingly forced smile.
I glanced at Sidney, who was staring at his parents in disbelief.
"That sounds great," I finally answered, nudging Sid gently.
"Yeah. Let me change real fast then we can go," Sidney agreed, and his parents let us be.
"What just happened?" I asked as I pulled out a cute, maternity-friendly dress, watching Sidney tug his shirt over his head.
"I'm not too sure.. We'll find out soon though."

The four of us arrived at a small restaurant for lunch and were seated immediately.
"So, Troy and I had a talk.. And even though we don't agree with your choices... You two are old enough to make your own decisions and deal with the consequences, whether they're good or bad," Trina told us, and I was pretty put off by this, but I bit my tongue and tried to get through lunch without causing a scene.
That night Sidney and I were at Henry and Vienna's, and I wasn't about to forget the day's events.
"Who does your mother think she is.. Acting all high and mighty?" I asked, sitting in my old bed, completely flustered.
"She's just being my mum. But whatever, don't listen to her. Just go to sleep," Sidney silenced me with a kiss and shut out the lights.