Tuesday, March 24, 2009



During the Final series against Detroit, I kept an eye out for Aubrie around the arena. I had to, even if I knew she wouldn't show. It was a part of my entire playoff routine and my superstitions made me keep my hopes up.
Marc-Andre continued to try and check up on her, but the only person on the team she would talk to was TK, and he was keeping quiet.

"Teddy, come on. How is she?" I asked as we got dressed for practice, just as I did every day now.
"I'm not gonna get in the middle of your issues, ok? You want to know so bad, you call her up."
"She's not gonna answer," I told him, "Anyways.. What would I say?"
"How about 'hi, how are you doing.'?" Kris suggested.
"Yeah, because that will work," I scoffed.
"Why don't you go visit her and then go with the flow?" Brooks offered his own advice, and I saw Tyler shift uncomfortably.
"Teddy I stressed, "What aren't you telling me?"
"Nothing, Sid. Nothing," he quickly covered himself, but I knew something was up.

After practice I returned to the seemingly empty condo to find that I had a message on my machine from Henry.
"Hey Sid, uh- I have some stuff of yours here that Bubbles left when she moved.. You can drop by and get it whenever. Vienna has the day off, so she'll be here. Talk to you later.. Bye."
I nearly tripped over my own feet while I walked around the kitchen as I heard the message play. I was just too shocked. She moved? Where to?
I had a feeling this was what TK wasn't telling me.
So I drove over to the familiar apartment to be greeted by Henry's girlfriend.
I asked her if she knew where Aubrie had gone; whether or not she stayed in Pittsburgh or had decided to leave town.
"Henry dropped her off at the airport this morning, so I don't think she's staying here," Vienna told me in an apologetic voice.
"Oh," I nodded, "Well thanks anyways."

I went straight from the apartment to the Lemieux's to babysit while Mario and Nathalie went out.
I made dinner as the four kids played Wii, and I couldn't help but think about what Vienna had told me. The most logical thing to me was that she went home to Sorel. But knowing Aubrie, she might think a fresh start somewhere new would be best.
"Uh, Sidney? The water is boiling over," Austin suddenly rang out, snapping me back to reality. I quickly turned down the heat, feeling my face turn red.
"Sorry. Guess I zoned out."
"You miss her, huh?" Austin asked me as he sat at the island counter.
"Miss who?" I played dumb, stirring the macaroni in the pot.
"Aubrie. She doesn't come over with you anymore.. We know it makes you sad."
How was this kid so aware of everything around him?
"I do miss her... Hey, why aren't you playing Wii Sports?"
"I got bored.. And tennis isn't really my thing," he laughed, which made me grin.
I couldn't let myself go crazy over figuring out where Aubrie had gone to. I would have the summer to do that. Right now I had to focus on the Cup, despite my wandering mind and sore heart.

I watched Game Six of the Final, and by the end of the third period I was completely in tears. After everything the guys had been through.. To get so far and not with the Cup. I could feel their pain all too well, even as I sat in my parent's house in Sorel and all I wanted to do was be there with them. It was heart wrenching to see their faces during the hand shaking and Detroit's festivities on the ice at Mellon.I lay in bed that night staring at my phone, a debate raging in my mind. I finally picked it up off of my bedside table, flipping it up and dialing Sidney's number.
It rang once, twice, three, then four times before I chickened out and hung up right as it hit voicemail.
After turning off my phone, I snuggled into old, familiar bed and fell asleep, trying not to think about how Sidney was feeling at that exact moment.

I dropped my parents off at the airport after they had tried to console me about the game, but they were pretty upset themselves.
I returned to the condo, knowing I'd be horrible company at the Lemieux house. I definitely didn't want to do anything I'd regret in the mood I was in right now.
As soon as I got inside I put my stuff down and headed for the shower, needing to relax somehow.

Half an hour later I emerged from the sauna-like bathroom, totally ready for bed.
I sat on my side of the bed, mindlessly watching some late night talk show when I noticed my phone laying by my feet. I picked it up and saw '1 Missed Call'.
Curious as to who would even think about calling me now, I opened my phone.
It was Aubrie, and my heart nearly stopped as my mind raced. I mean, what if something had happened to the baby and she called?

I pressed send and held my breath, hoping to hear her voice.
My anticipation grew, then fell when I heard her.
"Hi, you've got Aubrie. I can't answer the phone right now, so leave me a message and I'll call you back!- Sid, stop! I'm setting my voicemail!" she laughed, and I smiled as I heard myself in the background.
At least she had kept some things the same...
I stayed up in bed for another hour, replaying the day in my mind, and out of all the times Aubrie gave me her famous encouraging talks, I needed one the most when she wasn't here.

A few days later the team and I regrouped in the dressing room to clear our stalls for summer. Everyone was somber, and even though no one would admit it, we had all shed tears since we last saw each other.
"She called me after the game," I said quietly to Tyler, who was standing beside me.
"Oh, what'd Brie say?"
"Nothing.. I was in the shower and she didn't leave a message."
"Let me guess, you won't call back?" he shot.
"Why would you say that? I did, but it went to her voicemail," I said, shooting TK a slight glare.
"Forget it. I never said anything. Have fun in Halifax this summer," Tyler replied, grabbing his stuff and walking away.
I got all of my things, said bye to everyone and that I hoped to see them at my barbeque at my house for my birthday in August.

When I arrived in Halifax, I felt totally at home, but I knew something was missing. This definitely wasn't how my summer at home was supposed to be.
"So, you're coming up to my house with me this summer, yeah?" I asked Aubrie as we I arranged furniture in the nursery of the condo.
"Of course! I love it there."
"What if you go into labour while we're there in August?" I brought up.
"Well, then we'll have to time how fast we can get to the hospital from the house!" she laughed.
"You don't mind it being born in Halifax?" I asked, and she shook her head.
"As long as we're in Canada. Plus, Halifax is gorgeous. I'd rather it be a place where neither of us grew up. I was thinking Vancouver, since we're both East coast Canucks."
I couldn't help but laugh. She wanted to give this baby an identity apart from being a Fleury-Crosby NHL cross pollination and I definitely understood.
"What if we go to Europe instead?" I suggested, and Aubs gaped.
"Don Cherry would have a heart attack and sick the Hockey Gods on us," she smiled, knowing that he totally would.
"So Halifax it is then!" I said in a descisive voice as I finished hanging the mobile.

This is Aubrie's last trimester, and I wasn't going to even get to be a part of it. I'm definitely not looking forward to playing the 'what-if' game with myself all summer.
I was fishing off of the dock and playing fetch with Sam when I got an amazing idea.
I would call Henry or Marc and find out where Aubs had gone to. Then I'd catch a flight to wherever she was and make her hear me out. We would talk through it like we always did, and things could get back to normal.
Excited by this sudden stroke of genius, I dug in my pocket, pulling out my phone and calling Henry.
After talking to him and discovering he had no more of a clue than I did, I felt somewhat disheartened. He said that when he took her to the airport, she didn't even have a ticket anywhere yet.
So then I called Marc-Andre, who was of no help either, thus ruining my entire plan.
I set my fishing rod down, flipping through my contacts and hitting send.
"Hello?" came the voice after the second ring.
"Carey? Uh.. It's Sidney."
"Oh.. To what do I owe this pleasure?" I could hear the sarcasm dripping from every word.
"I was just wondering if you had heard from Aubrie. She moved away from Pittsburgh, and I thought maybe she told you about it?" I tried to be as polite as I possibly could.
"Sorry.. I haven't talked to her since you guys split up. She thought it would be best if we didn't keep in touch," Carey admitted.
"Really?" I asked, surprised.
"Yeah. Is there anything else you want to know?"
"Nope.. That's it. Thanks."
I hung up, nowhere near closer to my goal, but I was glad to hear that Aubrie wasn't keeping in contact with Carey Price.

Sunday, March 15, 2009



Marc-Andre picked me up as soon as he could and we drove to the hospital. Once I was admitted and the doctor was checking things out, my brother decided to ask what happened.
"Sid and I got in a fight and he freaked on me."
"Have you been experiencing stress, Miss Fleury?" the attending nurse asked, and I nodded.
"For how long?"
"Uh... Today? Sure, I've been a little stressed, but nothing like I was today," I recalled.
The doctor nodded, then went off to call Dr. Roy.
"What happened when he freaked?" Marc asked.
"I got this really bad pain in my stomach so I told him to leave. Then said if he left right then and there, that he wouldn't come back," I said, lowering my head.
"Then what?"
"I told him he was stressing the baby and to leave, then I called you."
"So you two are over?" My brother asked in disbelief.
"I guess so. But I'm not too converned right now. I just want my baby to be okay."
Marc-Andre nodded, and the doctor came back in to do a sonogram.

"Well, since you've been taking very good care of yourself and the baby it looks like everything will be alright. Just steer clear of any more stress, ok?" he told me sincerely, and I took this advice to heart.
As I was checking out, Marc's phone rang and he wandered away to answer it.

"Hello?" I asked, even though I saw the caller ID and knew who it was.
"Hey, uh. I think I just screwed up big time," Sidney replied.
"Yeah, I know."
"Wait, what?"
"Brie called me right after you left," I said, a hint of anger to my voice.
"Why do you sound so mad at me?"
"Because she called and asked me to take her to the hospital because she thought something happened to your baby," I spat, trying to keep my voice low so my sister didn't hear.
"I-I didn't know.."
"Yeah. I know. You were too busy breaking her heart. And don't even bother trying to call her and act all concerned. Just don't go near her at all, she doesn't need your stress." I hung up and returned to Aubrie's side, knowing I could have just made things worse.
"Who was that on the phone?" she asked, a curious look on her face.
"No one important," I said, slinging my arm around her shoulders and leading her to my car.

When Marc-Andre dropped me off, he wanted to come in, but I told him I'd be fine by myself.
I walked into Henry's apartment and saw a few of the baby gifts that he and Vienna had goten me, and I realized that I was going to be a single mom.
I wanted to talk to someone, but neither Hen nor Vienna were home, and I was definitely not going to call Carey.
The boys at Langley would always listen, but I wasn't about to ruin their concentration on school and our upcoming Nationals.

My phone rang suddenly, and I saw that it was my brother.
"What, Marc-Andre?"
"I'm coming over. I don't want you to be all alone. D'accord?"
"Ouais," I sighed, "See you in a few."
Marc was over in a matter of minutes and I wasn't surprised. Hehad probably been downstairs when he called.
"Do you need anything?" he asked from the kitchen as I sat on the couch.
"Not unless you want to bring me that six pack in there." I was only being somewhat sarcastic. Part of me just wanted to die if Sidney was really out of my life.
"That's not funny," Marc said in a serious tone, now sitting beside me.
"I wasn't trying to be," I shot back, "How the hell am I gonna do this?"
"Do what?" Marc asked.
"Have a kid alone. Cause I think Sidney really meant what he said and isn't coming back."
"You're not going to be alone," he told me, "You'll have me, Henry and Vienna, and the team. You'll be fine."
I nodded, then realized that my brother didn't ask me an important question.
"Why haven't you asked me why Sid dumped me?"
He avoided eye contact, and my jaw dropped.
"You told him that I'm friends with Carey!"
"The guys and I all thought you should know."
'Honestly, what's the big deal? So what if I'm friends with someone not on the team. You all make it out to be like some sort of taboo. 'Oh, she's fraternizing with the enemy! Can't have that, can we?'" I was beyond furious at my brother.
"Get out, Marc-Andre."
"Aubrie," he began to plead.
"No. Get out of here. Don't even bother trying to apoloize for ruining the best thing that ever happened to me."
Dejected, Marc left, and I glared at the door he just walked through.

It had been nearly a month without Sidney, and I had been consumed with Nationals in New York City up until a day ago.
The Langley boys had worked themselves hard against the toughest teams and took their second title in a row. I just had to tell them that I wasn't going to be their coach next season...
My brother had been coming over to check up on me at Henry's, where I had been staying, but the last few times I had thrown plates at him and during the latest visit, I barely missed; my aim had been improving.
I hadn't gone to any Pens playoff games; I watched them on TV, but there was no way I would go to Mellon and show those traitors I supported them. The only guy on the team I still talked to was Tyler Kennedy, who was the only one didn't think I did anything wrong in the first place.
I had cut off all contact with Carey, even though I really didn't want to. It was hard to explain why I wasn't going to answer his calls or texts, but I think he understood.
I still hadn't gone to the condo to get stuff for myself and the baby. I had tried to get Henry to come with me, but he said I had to do this on my own, so I decided to go at a time I knew the Pens would have practice.I used my key and walked into the place I'd called home for the last few months, closing the door behind me and looking around for any sign of Sidney.
Once the coast was clear, I stepped into the bedroom, opening up the closet and starting to pack clothes into the rolling suitcase I had brought.
I was halfway through packing when I heard the front door open, then I heard Sidney's voice.
"Yeah, so she wasn't there? No, I understand.. Wouldn't want you to get hit with dishes. Thanks anyways, bye."
I heard the phone snap shut, then I saw Sidney walk into the bedroom.
He stopped dead in his tracks and dropped both his phone and the watter bottle he had been holding.
"Uh, hi-" I waved awkwardly and he simply stared at me.
"I'll be done soon, I just have to pack a few more things.. I have to come back with Henry to get the crib, but we can come when you're on a road game."
"What do you mean, come get the crib?" Sidney finally asked and I shot him a look of disbelief. If he thinks he's getting our child, he's sadly mistaken.
"You seriously think the baby is going to stay with you?"
"Well.." he started.
"No. Don't even think about it. You didn't just walk out on me, you walked out on us, so no. You don't get to be a huge part of its life."
"How could you do that to me?" Sidney asked, sounding like he had the breath sucked out of him.
"Easy. Just like how you chose not to listen to a word I had to say about Carey Price. But hey, don't worry. I bet your parents will be happy you're not screwing up your life anymore," I shot in a sarcastic tone.
"I never thought that," he mumbled.
"I know, but that didn't stop your mum and dad," I answered quietly, zipping up my suitcase.
"Aubrie," he started, and I could see the conflict clearly in his eyes.
"Sid, I'm gonna leave now. Henry and I will come back when you're not here to get the rest," I said, walking to the doorway.
He stepped aside, then waited for me to get to the front door.
"Wait. Please, just.. Come to the Final games. I really want you there."
"We'll see," I answered, opening the door and leaving the condo.

Saturday, March 7, 2009



Over the course of the month, the Pens swept Ottawa and were halfway through a series with the Rangers.
I had been a little less careful about when I texted Carey, who had won his series against the Bruins. No one seemed to notice or even care that I was constantly talking with someone.

I drove Sid to the airport on April 28th, parking in the garage so we could get out and say goodbye without the hassle of curbside drop off.
We stood by the trunk of the Range Rover, locked in a long, warm hug.
"I'm gonna miss you like always," I said into his neck, and he gently rubbed my back.
"I'll be home soon. Don't over work yourself. I know you practice with the Langley kids," Sidney told me as he pulled away.
I looked up at him, staring at his 'playoff beard'
"I know, it's a masterpiece, for sure," he laughed in that adorable, high pitched kid laugh he has.
"You'd have a good one if playoffs lasted like sixth months," I teased, trying to avoid the tickle of his beard and mustache as I kissed him.
When Sid was getting his stuff out of the back of the car, he began talking.
"Hey, you're gonna stay at the condo, right?" he asked, slinging his bag of travel things over his shoulder.
"Yeah, you sad your parents are going to New York."
"Right. Ok. Well, I'll call when I get to the hotel," he said, pulling me in for one more kiss, then rubbed my stomach with a grin.
"Bye you two."
"Bye Sid," I told him, getting into the car and waiting for him to get inside before driving to the condo.

The Pens won game three, but lost game four, and were to come back to Pittsburgh for game five. They were ahead three to one in the series, which was amazing and exciting. The team brought life to the city and every Pens fan across the country. It amazed me how they could do that.


We didn't get a break fro practice when we came back from New York. We had a short morning skate that was full of energy and a whole lot of drive and determination.The guys and I want the Cup like it's nobody's business.
"Hey Sid, I think there's something you need to know about," Jordan said in a serious tone after we finished our morning skate and were dressing out.
He shot Marc-Andre a look, who shook his head and sighed.
I felt the atmosphere of the room suddenly change from energetic and fun into a serious silence, and it definitely freaked me out.
"Well?" I asked expectantly as I undid my skates.
"Aubrie has been pretty close with Carey Price for a while," Max started.
"She's constantly on the phone talking to or texting him," Staalsy continued.
"But we're not saying she's cheating on you.. All we know is that they talk.. Anyways, who waould want to do a pregnant chick? No offense," Kris Letang tried to explain.
"Oh," I nodded, not sure what to make of what they were saying.
"Yeah, I've overheard them before. They're like long distance best friends," Marc told me.
"So what's the big deal? It's not like she can't have friends," I shrugged, trying not to let them get to me.
"Sid, Price has been there for her when you haven't been," Hal mentioned, and my head shot up.
"What do you mean?"
"When you get all weird after a tough night, she talks to him. I have a feeling she trusts the guy and is open with him," Flower said.
"I see," I heaved a sigh, my jealousy kicking in as I finished dressing out and left.
"Don't go and do something you'll regret!" The guys called after me as I got into my car and drove off. They had convinced me that this wasn't just an ordinary friendship.

As soon as I hit a red light, I called Aubrie.
"Hey, where are you?" I asked, putting on a calm, collected voice.
"Uh, I'm on my way to the condo from practice with the boys.
"Why, what's up?" she asked, and I ignored her question.
"I'll see you there in a few minutes. Bye." I hung up and drove to the condo, heading inside quickly.

"Sidney, what's going on?" Aubrie asked suspiciously as I went into our room and picked up her phone, going into her call log then to her text inbox only to see calls from a 'CP' but no texts..
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she yelped, grabbing her phone from my hand and shutting it.
"Why are you being all buddy-buddy with Price?" I shot back, and she shut her mouth.
"I thought so," I said with a glare.
"What exactly do you think?" Aubrie asked, quickly regaining her composure.
"Are you cheating on me?" I blurted, not sure if I wanted to hear her answer. But the guys got me so riled up..
"Of course not! How could I when I love you more than I thought I possibly could love anyone?" Her eyes darted over to the crib we had picked out in March.
"I love you and I love our baby, even if it isn't here yet. I would never do something to jeopardize us."
"Then why hide the fact that you two are friends?"
"Because you basically hate Carey. You've called him so many things.. I didn't think you'd like it if I was friends with someone you despise. It'd be like.. You being best friends with Savannah Brooks."
"I would have been fine if you had just told me. But you decided to lie.."
"I never lied! I just never told you that we were friends, and nothing more than that. Nothing," she assured me.
"I want to believe you. The team told me that you guys talk a lot and you trust him."
"So what if we talk? Henry and I talk, but I'm not cheating on you with him," Aubrie reasoned, but I was too blind with anger.
"They said you talk to him when I'm in a bad mood," I said quietly.
"Yeah, he gives me advice."
"How? Price doesn't know me."
"But he knows what it's like to go through losses.. You don't believe me, do you?" she asked, and I could hear the strain in her voice; she was trying her hardest not to cry.
"I have to go," I said quickly. I couldn't do this.

"I don't understand why you're so upset. You wouldn't care if I was hanging out constantly with Staalsy or TK. But as soon as I make friends with someone on another team, you freak. Like with Kipper and the goalies at the All Stars. I know you're competitive but.."
"Don't turn this on me. You're the one that lied."
"Maybe I wouldn't have had to if you didn't overreact like this every time I made a new friend that just so happens to be on another team! I can't help who I get along with, and you know that," she shot, then fell silent, a weird look on her face.
"Aubrie?" I asked, and she shook her head, holding up her hands.
"Just go," she said, then I heard her mumble, "You're stressing us out."
"If I leave right now, I'm not coming back," I threatened, and without hesitation, she replied.
"Leave then. You're so set in not listening and believing everything you hear, so go."

As soon as Sidney left, I set my hands on my stomach, wincing as I sat down on the bed.
I let out a groan, grabbing my phone and dialing the first number that came to mind.
"Marc-Andre, can you come and take me to the hospital? I'm at the condo.."
"I think something might be going on with the baby, and I don't like the feel of it."