Sunday, March 15, 2009



Marc-Andre picked me up as soon as he could and we drove to the hospital. Once I was admitted and the doctor was checking things out, my brother decided to ask what happened.
"Sid and I got in a fight and he freaked on me."
"Have you been experiencing stress, Miss Fleury?" the attending nurse asked, and I nodded.
"For how long?"
"Uh... Today? Sure, I've been a little stressed, but nothing like I was today," I recalled.
The doctor nodded, then went off to call Dr. Roy.
"What happened when he freaked?" Marc asked.
"I got this really bad pain in my stomach so I told him to leave. Then said if he left right then and there, that he wouldn't come back," I said, lowering my head.
"Then what?"
"I told him he was stressing the baby and to leave, then I called you."
"So you two are over?" My brother asked in disbelief.
"I guess so. But I'm not too converned right now. I just want my baby to be okay."
Marc-Andre nodded, and the doctor came back in to do a sonogram.

"Well, since you've been taking very good care of yourself and the baby it looks like everything will be alright. Just steer clear of any more stress, ok?" he told me sincerely, and I took this advice to heart.
As I was checking out, Marc's phone rang and he wandered away to answer it.

"Hello?" I asked, even though I saw the caller ID and knew who it was.
"Hey, uh. I think I just screwed up big time," Sidney replied.
"Yeah, I know."
"Wait, what?"
"Brie called me right after you left," I said, a hint of anger to my voice.
"Why do you sound so mad at me?"
"Because she called and asked me to take her to the hospital because she thought something happened to your baby," I spat, trying to keep my voice low so my sister didn't hear.
"I-I didn't know.."
"Yeah. I know. You were too busy breaking her heart. And don't even bother trying to call her and act all concerned. Just don't go near her at all, she doesn't need your stress." I hung up and returned to Aubrie's side, knowing I could have just made things worse.
"Who was that on the phone?" she asked, a curious look on her face.
"No one important," I said, slinging my arm around her shoulders and leading her to my car.

When Marc-Andre dropped me off, he wanted to come in, but I told him I'd be fine by myself.
I walked into Henry's apartment and saw a few of the baby gifts that he and Vienna had goten me, and I realized that I was going to be a single mom.
I wanted to talk to someone, but neither Hen nor Vienna were home, and I was definitely not going to call Carey.
The boys at Langley would always listen, but I wasn't about to ruin their concentration on school and our upcoming Nationals.

My phone rang suddenly, and I saw that it was my brother.
"What, Marc-Andre?"
"I'm coming over. I don't want you to be all alone. D'accord?"
"Ouais," I sighed, "See you in a few."
Marc was over in a matter of minutes and I wasn't surprised. Hehad probably been downstairs when he called.
"Do you need anything?" he asked from the kitchen as I sat on the couch.
"Not unless you want to bring me that six pack in there." I was only being somewhat sarcastic. Part of me just wanted to die if Sidney was really out of my life.
"That's not funny," Marc said in a serious tone, now sitting beside me.
"I wasn't trying to be," I shot back, "How the hell am I gonna do this?"
"Do what?" Marc asked.
"Have a kid alone. Cause I think Sidney really meant what he said and isn't coming back."
"You're not going to be alone," he told me, "You'll have me, Henry and Vienna, and the team. You'll be fine."
I nodded, then realized that my brother didn't ask me an important question.
"Why haven't you asked me why Sid dumped me?"
He avoided eye contact, and my jaw dropped.
"You told him that I'm friends with Carey!"
"The guys and I all thought you should know."
'Honestly, what's the big deal? So what if I'm friends with someone not on the team. You all make it out to be like some sort of taboo. 'Oh, she's fraternizing with the enemy! Can't have that, can we?'" I was beyond furious at my brother.
"Get out, Marc-Andre."
"Aubrie," he began to plead.
"No. Get out of here. Don't even bother trying to apoloize for ruining the best thing that ever happened to me."
Dejected, Marc left, and I glared at the door he just walked through.

It had been nearly a month without Sidney, and I had been consumed with Nationals in New York City up until a day ago.
The Langley boys had worked themselves hard against the toughest teams and took their second title in a row. I just had to tell them that I wasn't going to be their coach next season...
My brother had been coming over to check up on me at Henry's, where I had been staying, but the last few times I had thrown plates at him and during the latest visit, I barely missed; my aim had been improving.
I hadn't gone to any Pens playoff games; I watched them on TV, but there was no way I would go to Mellon and show those traitors I supported them. The only guy on the team I still talked to was Tyler Kennedy, who was the only one didn't think I did anything wrong in the first place.
I had cut off all contact with Carey, even though I really didn't want to. It was hard to explain why I wasn't going to answer his calls or texts, but I think he understood.
I still hadn't gone to the condo to get stuff for myself and the baby. I had tried to get Henry to come with me, but he said I had to do this on my own, so I decided to go at a time I knew the Pens would have practice.I used my key and walked into the place I'd called home for the last few months, closing the door behind me and looking around for any sign of Sidney.
Once the coast was clear, I stepped into the bedroom, opening up the closet and starting to pack clothes into the rolling suitcase I had brought.
I was halfway through packing when I heard the front door open, then I heard Sidney's voice.
"Yeah, so she wasn't there? No, I understand.. Wouldn't want you to get hit with dishes. Thanks anyways, bye."
I heard the phone snap shut, then I saw Sidney walk into the bedroom.
He stopped dead in his tracks and dropped both his phone and the watter bottle he had been holding.
"Uh, hi-" I waved awkwardly and he simply stared at me.
"I'll be done soon, I just have to pack a few more things.. I have to come back with Henry to get the crib, but we can come when you're on a road game."
"What do you mean, come get the crib?" Sidney finally asked and I shot him a look of disbelief. If he thinks he's getting our child, he's sadly mistaken.
"You seriously think the baby is going to stay with you?"
"Well.." he started.
"No. Don't even think about it. You didn't just walk out on me, you walked out on us, so no. You don't get to be a huge part of its life."
"How could you do that to me?" Sidney asked, sounding like he had the breath sucked out of him.
"Easy. Just like how you chose not to listen to a word I had to say about Carey Price. But hey, don't worry. I bet your parents will be happy you're not screwing up your life anymore," I shot in a sarcastic tone.
"I never thought that," he mumbled.
"I know, but that didn't stop your mum and dad," I answered quietly, zipping up my suitcase.
"Aubrie," he started, and I could see the conflict clearly in his eyes.
"Sid, I'm gonna leave now. Henry and I will come back when you're not here to get the rest," I said, walking to the doorway.
He stepped aside, then waited for me to get to the front door.
"Wait. Please, just.. Come to the Final games. I really want you there."
"We'll see," I answered, opening the door and leaving the condo.


Lauren said...

Aww I hope Siddo can come up with a way to apologize to her!

More soon, please!

gilld22 said...

I hope they can find away through this, they need to get back together, they were good together.

carrie. said...

Aw, this is so sad. :(
Like Lauren said, I hope Sid can find a way to apologize to her and that she'll forgive him. Actually though, I'd have to say I'm on his side. She should have just told him. But, walking out on her wasn't right either.
They just need to be back together, lol.

♥Madi said...

That was REALLY good.
But really sad ): I hope they will get back together..

more soon please!

mrsjordanstaal11 said...

So I definitely almost cried. Sidney needs to find a way to make Aubrie listen to him. They need to be together, it's what's best for both of them, and the baby. I repeat, they need to be together!

Can't wait to see what happens next, hopefully it's a bit happier.

haley_says_gawr said...

parker, i swear.
if if things dont get better, im crying.
and i'll never read yours stories again... well thats a lie.
but still! i'll be sad.
but it was well written. :)
good thing there weren't plates in the bedroom!

Molly said...

they can't break up... i'll cry :(

parks♥ said...

Well. Uh.
They are broken up.
I know. It makes me sad too.

Anonymous said...

Those two better get back with each other! It's sad =[ I hope things work out!

B said...

ohhh this was sad!! but really well written! Good job! Hope they get back together soon! dont keep us waiting to long please!

Molly said...

i mean, if they don't get back together SOON i'll dieee!!!

i like the new layout :)

Sam said...

Wow. I agree with everyone above; Sidney needs to apologize to her. They just can't break up - their relationship is too love-filled for that. They both need to be in their baby's life.

I love the new look you've got going for this site.

Please post more soon! ;]

parks♥ said...

Thanks for the compliments on the layout. It's more spring-ish, right?
The old one was too dark and blah.

My english teacher is probably lecturing all week, so I'll probably get 80 done in class. =D

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the story..I hope they can work it out, they need each other!!

Elizabeth said...

I love this story, and even though it's a sid crosby one i can see her ending up with Carey.

Kimmy said...

Aww that is so sad.
I hope there is a way that Sid can find some kind of way to get her back. He needs to think hard.

More Soon!!!

Jenn said...

Oh my Jesus. I thought I would die reading that. My mouth was open most of the time. THEY HAVE TO GET BACK TOGETHER! Staying broken up is just not an option. :)
Write fast please!