Friday, April 24, 2009

Skate Your Lane Redeux?

I was tweeting on Twitter [I know, I'm a loser..] the other day, and a friend mentioned revamping a story..
So I thought, "Hmm. What a good idea..."
But I decided that changing the first twenty parts of this story would probably make people mad.
I then realized how far off plan I had gotten with this story, and how I had planned the most amazing part that never got to be written because the storyline changed drastically.

This brought me to the idea of an alternate storyline.
It would start at Part 59 and continue on like how I would have written it originally if other things hadn't come into my mind.
Granted, some things might occur in both storylines, but they would have different outcomes, styles and effects on the characters.
But I don't want to take the time to actually do this unless I know I'll have some support backing me up.
I would post the first 59 parts and the Alternate continuation on a cleverly titled blog and put the link on here so everyone would be aware..
[it would probably be something like "" or something silly and cute]

Again, this is just an idea.
Of course, I would continue with what's going on now.. I'd just have the freedom to post what I spent so many nights thinking about and perfecting, but never got to share.

Let me know what you think as soon as you can!
Whether or not I do this isn't always up to me.

Friday, April 17, 2009



I walked into the Bell Centre on February second holding my son in one arm, his baby bag over my other shoulder. I had him all bundled up in the Penguins jersey Sidney had gotten what seems like forever ago, along with a black and gold touk to cover his gorgeous, soft, dark hair. I was simply wearing an old Nordiques sweatshirt of Marc's and jeans. I wasn't too big on dressing to impress lately.

I carefully walked down the stops to the seat Carey had gotten for me, setting the bag by my feet and standing at the glass as everyone came out for warmups.
"Look! C'est ton pere," I said softly, turning him slightly so he could see Sidney skating around on the ice. I watched his big hazel eyes widen as he let out an excited noise, making me giggle.
Carey skated by with ease and waved. I still couldn't believe he convinced me to come to this game.. But he promised me everything would be okay and go smoothly, as well as the fact that my presence wouldn't be known to any of the Penguins, so I gave in. I looked cross-ice and saw my brother, disappointed that I couldn't hang out with him.
Marc-Andre motioned to Kris, who tapped on Sidney's stick with his own. Once he had his attention, Kris pointed to Marc, who mouthed, 'come here'. Sidney began towards my brother, his back to me, and as my heart raced, I shot my brother the most threatening look I could muster.
He shrugged, ignoring my glares and saying whatever he did. Sidney simply nodded and went back in line with the guys, unphased by whatever Marc had apparently said.

When warmups ended and people began to settle into their seats, a pair of middle-aged women and their husbands sat to my right.
"Awh, is that your baby?" the blond one closest to me asked, and her red headed friend laughed.
"Why else would she have him? He's adorable, by the way."
"He's got the wrong jersey on though," one of the husbands chuckled.
"Thank you," I grinned, quickly glancing up at the scoreboard to check the time.
"What's his name?"
"How old is he?" the women queried like every woman I encountered did.
"Oliver, and he's almost six months old."
As soon as the first puck dropped, Oliver began to wriggle around, so I reached into one of the pockets of my bag and grabbed his pacifier. He immediately settled down, and the women beside me were in awe.
"How did.."
"Pacifier and hockey make Ollie a very happy little boy," I told them, "I'll probably have to walk him around in between periods, but that's okay."

The game finally ended, it was 2-4 Habs, and a man in a suit approached me.
"Miss Fleury, would it be possible for you to come with me please?"
"Am I in trouble?" I asked cautiously, quickly glancing down at my sleeping son.
"No, no.. You'll see," he told me, so I carefully got up, grabbed my bag and did as he said.
When I realized where I was headed, I began to get nervous.
"We're not going to the dressing rooms, are we?" I asked and the clearly older man looked at me with a look of surprise. I guess no one had ever seemed unwilling to go down to where the players are.
"Mister Price wanted me to come find you.."
"Oh, okay," I nodded.

I met up with Carey, who smiled when he saw me and Oliver.
"Hey, how's the little guy? I haven't seen him since All Star weekend! He's gotten so big.."
Yeah.. Carey had invited me out to the All Star games. He thought that Oliver should experience his first games in his hometown, and seeing as it was the one hundredth anniversary of Montreal.. I couldn't say no.
"Just watching you guys play wore him out," I laughed, and Carey quickly led me into a room that I had no desire to be in.
"Je te deteste," I hissed at Carey as he left, closing the door behind him and leaving me and Oliver alone with the majority of the Pens.
"Woah," I heard Jordan let out since he was the closest to the door.
"Um. I didn't plan on coming here," I explained, trying to keep from freaking out.
"I know. That's why Price and I got you here," Marc-Andre told me as he buttoned up his shirt, then shut his mouth as soon as Sidney walked in from his post-game interview.
I took one look at him, briefly making eye contact before whirling around and leaving the dressing room, walking down the hall I came through earlier.

"Aubrie, wait!" Tyler's voice rang out, so I stopped and leaned back against the wall.
"What, TK?"
"He wants to talk to you," he said quickly, "You have no idea how much."
"Then why are you here and not him?"
"He's kinda in shock."
"Well when he wants to come out, I'll be right here.."
"Ok. And congrats, by the way," Tyler smiled, "Your brother told me his name. Good choice."
"I knew he would.. Thanks for being such a great friend when I needed one."
"No problem," he nodded, then disappeared into the dressing room.

I put my bag on the ground and sat against the wall, pulling my knees up and resting Oliver's back against them so he was reclining in my lap.
Minutes later the door opened and Sidney walked out in his dress pants and shirt with his tie hanging loosley around his neck.
"Hi," I nodded awkwardly.
"Is that-" he began, sitting beside me almost hesitantly.
"Yeah, this is him," I said as I gently slipped off his touk and smoothed out his hair.
"I- He's perfect," Sidney muttered, staring at this little boy he'd never seen before, but felt as if he already knew.

I looked down at this tiny person, then a sudden rush of total attachment came over me and I knew I would never want to leave him.
"What's his name?" I asked, knowing we had never decided on one name officially, "I don't think any of the ones we talked about really fit with Fleury, unless you picked a different one."
Aubrie shot me a glance then looked back to our baby, fixing the hem of his jersey that I definitely recognized.
"His name is Oliver. Oliver Kennedy Crosby," she told me, and I couldn't help but smile.
"My favourite name," I said as I gently stroked his little hand with my thumb.
"I know.. Mine too. Tyler helped me make up my mind. He was my window to Pittsburgh while I've been here. Hence, Ollie's middle name."
"It fits him," I nodded.

"I know you probably hate me," she said quietly and I averted my attention from Oliver to Aubrie.
"I don't hate you.. I probably should, but I don't. I'm hurt that I've missed out on so much already.. Like, I don't know when his birthday is or whether he's a good baby or a total tyrant." I was so curious about this boy and I couldn't wait for him to wake up.
"August eighth, and he has his good days. Then there are those nights when I don't get sleep at all. Oh-" she cut off as Oliver began to move and I watched in awe as his eyes opened sleepily and he began to stretch.

"Hey Ollie, mon petit ange. Look who's here. It's your daddy," she said in that nurturing tone I always imagined her having.
"You should have seen how antsy he got whenever you skated by. It's like he knows who you are," Aubrie giggled, "Do you want to hold him?"
I suddenly tensed up, unsure of what to do or say. Of course, I had read the baby books so I knew what to do, but actually
doing it was the scary part.
"For sure," I nodded and Aubrie carefully set him in my arms; his head nestled securely against my bisep as I focused on being gentle.
I stared down at Oliver, who stared up at me with his oddly big, bright, greenish hazel eyes and I saw a flash of a camera go off. I looked up to see Aubrie and her digital camera and she shrugged.
"For you to tape up in your stall at Mellon," she explained, and I smiled thankfully.
"Can I introduce him to the guys?" I asked and Aubrie nodded, grabbing her big bag and making sure I kept a hold of Oliver as I got up.

We walked back down the hall and into the dressing room, drawing the attention of everyone in the room, immediately quieting their laughs and conversations.
I took a few steps into the center of the unfamiliar dressing room, a huge smile on my face.
"Hey guys, there's someone you all need to meet," I announced proudly.

Monday, April 6, 2009



I spent the summer in Sorel working as a hostess and answering phones or keeping books at my parent's restaurant. Sure, I still stayed with my mum and dad, but I couldn't live with them forever. Marc-Andre came home for about two weeks at the end of July, and I had totally forgiven him for spilling to Sidney. He didn't deserve to be ignored and despised by his sister after such a heartbreaking loss.
My brother and I had a good time while he was home, and when he left, I went back to being lonely like I had been before he came. I missed being around people my age.. I didn't have that here in Sorel.
Marc had tried to get me to come to Halifax with him for Sidney's birthday, but I definitely declined that invitation. I didn't think Sid would have liked me crashing his twenty-first birthday extravaganza.

Two weeks before I was due, mum and I were spending a few days in Montreal to pick up some last minute things.
We were out to dinner and Mum was blabbing on about something, trying to take my thoughts off of the fact that it was Sidney's big day. Of course it had been on my mind all day, but I didn't do anything about it.. There was nothing I could do that wouldn't make me feel more awkward than I already did.
I knew Marc-Andre was at the party, but I had no idea what they were doing, and I kind of wanted to know.
"Je vais aller au toilette," I told my mother while she paid the check, getting up and heading to the restroom.
As I washed my hands, I felt something strangely wet trickle down my legs in my summer dress and I knew something was wrong.
My heart began to race, not knowing what to do so I quickly cleaned up and hurried out to my mum, trying to breath.
"Mum.. I think it's time.."
She stared at me blankly, then her eyes widened.
"Vas-y!" she demanded, grabbing our bags and rushing me out to her car.
As soon as we got to the nearest hospital, I began to feel an immense, ridiculous pain and I groaned.
"You need to call Marc-Andre, okay?"
"D'accord," she nodded, pulling up to the emergency room.

Sid's party was beginning to wind down; we were all inside and off the dock, playing Xbox and drinking when my phone rang.
"Hello?" I asked, getting up so I wouldn't annoy the guys as the played.
My mum's frantic voice filled my ear and I was caught totally off guard.
"Your sister's water broke and she's going into labour."
"What? No.."
"Yes, Marc-Andre," she told me, "We're at Montreal General.."
"I can be on the next flight there."
"Good, please hurry."
I hung up and walked over to where Sid was standing in the kitchen.
"Hey, I've got to go," I told my friend when he saw me putting on my shoes.
"Why? I can't beat these guys without my partner!" Sid laughed, taking a swing from his half-empty bottle of beer.
"I.. Vero needs me to come home. I'm gonna catch the next plane to Montreal."
Sidney watched me carefully, scratching his head.
"You're lying!" He blurted, "If you think my party is lame, you can just tell me."
"Ok, look. It was my mother. She said it's an emergency and I need to come home," I only somewhat lied.
"I understand.. I hope everything is alright, and thanks for coming."I took the next flight to Montreal and caught a taxi to the hospital, arriving around four am to find my sister in the process of giving birth, which totally freaked me out.
The nurse brought me in and I let Aubrie hold squeeze the hell out of my hand until I saw the doctor had a baby in his arms and a shrill cry hit the air.
"Woah," I gaped, feeling sick to my stomach. I had never in my life seen anything as disgusting as what I just witnessed. There were no words to describe how utterly grossed out I was. I had to remember to tell Vero we're never ever having kids. Ever.
"What?" Aubrie asked, glancing up at me, then to her new baby.
"It's a boy," I mused, "All of us were sure it was a girl.. Even Sid."
My little sister let out a soft laugh, then watched as the nurses left with her baby, a concerned look all over her face.
"Relax, Aubrie. We're taking him to run the standard tests as well as a few extra seeing as he's a couple of weeks early," the remaining nurse told her then left, leaving the two of us alone.
"Did you see him?" she asked and I nodded, wiping her hair out of her eyes and noticing how despite her obvious exhaustion, she was glowing with excitement.
"Have you picked out a name?" I asked her, extremely curious. I had heard a bunch of ideas from Sidney a long time ago, but they had never officially decided. Aubrie had never even said anything about it, and I was dying to know.
"Yep, but I'm not spilling till I sign the paperwork," she yawned, trying to get comfortable.
"I'm gonna go get a drink. Want something?" I asked, edging toward the door.
"Don't even think about it," she snapped quickly.
"What?" I shot back, playing the tired, dumb brother.
"Don't you dare go out into the hall and call Sidney, because I know that's exactly what you're going to do."
I tried to hide my guilty look, knowing she had caught me.

"He deserves to know his kid is in the world now," I told her, but she shook her head. This was going to be a never ending battle, I could just tell.
"He doesn't deserve anything. Not when he left me alone and pregnant."
"Are you even going to put his name on the birth certificate?" There was no doubt in my mind that Sid needed to know. If he hadn't of been buzzed when I told him I had to leave, he would have figured out the real reason I had to leave.
"Well, yeah. There's no point in denying that he's a dad.. He'll just have to sign the papers at a later date I guess.."
"Why don't you just call, or have me call and let him know?"
"Because, Marc-Andre. You know as well as I do that as soon as he finds out, he'll be out here on the next possible flight and demand access to my baby. I don't want to have to fight with Sidney or even talk to him until I've sorted everything out."
"Whatever, Aubrie. It's not just your life you have to worry about anymore. You have that little boy to look after. Just hink about how happy you and Sidney could be with your baby, together." I tried to get her to see my point, and I knew she was breaking.
"I wish it worked like that.. But everyone makes mistakes and there are some that just can't be fixed," she sighed.
"How do you know you can't fix this?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest as a nurse rolled in a cart with Aubrie's baby nestled inside of several blankets, our mother following closely behind.
"Miss Fleury, your boy is doing just fine. He was just excited and came early. But at six pounds, eight ounces, he's healthy as can be," the woman smiled cheerfully.
I watched this lady gently set the sleeping baby in my sister's arms, a smile sneaking onto my face despite the conversation we just had. I was officially an uncle. Holy crap.