Wednesday, May 13, 2009



I told Sidney basically everything I could think of about Oliver. His sleeping patterns, how he seems to know when to settle down, our experience on the airplane and how he loves car rides. Then I mentioned that he always watches hockey with me and he can't get enough of it.
"I love him so much.. It's almost scary," I laughed, then took a quick breath as my son woke up. It always awed me.
"Woah-" Sidney gaped, his entire face lighting up with excitement.
"Go ahead," I nodded to Sidney, who looked confused.
"Pick him up," I clarified.
Sid gingerly lifted Oliver up into his arms, holding him up against his chest almost instinctively, looking down at him lovingly.
"Let me go get a towel in case he-" I started, then held back a laugh as Oliver spat up on Sid's shoulder.
"Aubrie?" Sidney asked, watching with me with wide eyes as Oliver began to cry.

I quickly took Ollie into my arms, slinging the towel over my shoulder and rubbing his back.
"I should have warned you not to hold him up like that.. He ate before his nap."
"Oh, it's ok.."
"Hey, uh. You might want to change your shirt? Just go rinse it out in the sink and borrow one of Marc-Andre's," I advised, trying to soothe my baby.
Sidney nodded, getting up and pulling of his shirt, making it hard for me to keep from staring.
In the ten months since I'd seen him shirtless he looked better than ever, which was nearly impossible.
I couldn't help but blush as Sidney shot me an unreadable glance before walking into Marc's room to find a shirt.

By the time Sidney came out of my brother's bedroom I had gotten Oliver to calm down and be quiet.
"I'm really sorry," I apologized again.
"It's alright, I'm serious! I'm kindof excited he threw up on me, actually. It makes me feel more involved in some weird way." His laugh was so familiar and heart warming that it made me grin.
Then all of a sudden Sidney quieted down.
"We have a game in a few hours.. I should get going. Hey, you should come to the game, if you want."
"I dunno. I'll talk to Marc-Andre about it when he gets back."
"Ok, that's fair enough. Maybe we can do something tomorrow after I finish practice," he suggested.
"Sounds good," I nodded and Sidney approached me, placing his hand on Oliver's back.
"I'll see you later," he told me before leaving the apartment.

Marc returned soon after Sidney left with a carseat and a few other things, a nervous look on his face.
"What did you do, Marc-Andre?" I asked as I played with Oliver on the floor of the livingroom.
"Uh- You might not like this. But Mario and Nathalie invited you to the box for the game tonight.. So I said you'd go."
"What the hell, Marc? I don't want to go through the total awkwardness!"
"They really want to see you," he shrugged, "Just go. It won't be that bad."
"Fine," I huffed, shooting him a glare.

My brother caught a ride to Mellon with Max Talbot so I could take his car later.
Feeling the need to dress up for this little event, I dug around through Marc-Andre's closet, hoping to find a dress I had left behind.
Thankfully I found one of Vero's. A black, shortsleeve, scoopneck dress that fell just above my knees, but it was a little big on me. I guess I had lost a lot of weight after having Oliver, since I used to be a bit bigger than she was.
Ollie and I took a bath then I got ready, letting my hair do its thing ad doing some light makeup before feeding Oliver and getting him all dressed in his warm gear and Pens jersey.

We left at six and got to the arena halfway through warmups. A representative met me at the entrance to the arena and took Oliver and myself to Mario's box where the Lemieux's were already waiting for me.
"Aubrie! It's so good to see you," Nathalie greeted, a huge smile on her face, "This must be Oliver!"
The woman took him out of my arms so I could set down my baby bag and take off my trench coat and scarf.
"You look great," she admired, "How did you work off your baby weight?"
"I've been playing a lot of pond hockey in my parent's backyard in Sorel," I flushed as I watched her with Oliver.
"Is that the jersey Sid got you?" Mario finally spoke and I nodded.
We all talked and the mood was cheerful until the door opened and a man walked in.
"Sorry I'm late, I had to call Trina about some stuff," Troy Crosby announced, immediately drawing my attention.
Thankfully Mario was holding Oliver or else I probably would have dropped him.
"Aubrie?" the man asked in a half surprised, half disgusted tone.
"Hi Mister Crosby," I replied timidly, shooting an uncertain glance to Nathalie.
"Aubrie, why don't you take Oliver and get him a souvineer?" Mario quickly suggested, handing Ollie over to me and I nodded, exiting the box as fast as I could.

After going and buying a Penguin stuffed animal, I was about to re-enter the box when I heard Troy through the door.
"I just don't like that all of a sudden she shows up. Sidney doesn't need this."
"You're saying that he doesn't need to be involved in his own child's life, Troy," Mario reasoned.
"Anyways, Sidney saw them in Montreal and asked her to come here. Clearly he wants her back! You know how different he's been without Aubrie. She's always been good for him," Nathalie added.
"She's a good kid. You loved her before she got pregnant. Aubrie hasn't changed at all.. You need to give her respect; she's the mother of your grandson whether you like it or not," Mario told the man, then I walked in and sat down in one of the seats so I could watch the opening faceoff.
Nathalie sat beside me, Mario beside her and Troy sat furthest from me.

The first five minutes went by in an awkward silence but after a few good hits on Tampa Bay the room became talkitive.
"So how was the game yesterday in Montreal?" Troy asked, peering over at me, an attempt at a smile on his face.
"It was pretty good. The Pens played well, but Care- uh, the Habs were just better that day," I answered, sitting Oliver up in my lap so he could see too, "It was Ollie's first game so it was big."
"That's a cute nickname, Brie," Nathalie grinned.
"Thanks. He doesn't seem to object," I said with a little laugh, making Mario smile.
"He's obviously enthralled," Troy noticed, staring at Oliver, who was looking around curiously.
"Yeah, I kinda expected it though. I was like that when I was a kid. I don't know about Sidney, but I bet he was too.."
Troy nodded, telling some story about Sid when he was a kid, which I listened to somewhat, but had heard before.
After a 4-3 overtime win, I hugged Mario and Nathalie goodbye, then waved to Troy as I went down to the dressing room to get Marc-Andre and take him home and give him a talking to.


Caitlin said...

I'm glad to see that she and Sid are working things out, and I hope Troy comes around soon. I loved when Oliver threw up on Sid, that made me laugh, he sounds so cute! Update soon!

Anonymous said...

I loved it Parker! Aubrie seems like such a good mom and I am glad that Sidney wants to still be in her life! I hope they can work things out completely! Your writing is, once again, AWESOME! Keep it up! :)

Heather said...

So Mario thinks Sid wants her back.... I know a big part of her wants Sid back.... What to do... What to do... :P

Great as usual Parker.

Lauren said...

I just love Sid's interactions with Ollie - so cute!

haley_says_gawr said...

awh, sidney's so adorable with oli.
i love it!
i really hope they can fix things.
and troy's loser. :p
but at least he was being nice to her at the end.
i hope sid and aubrie and fix things on their outting.

mrsjordanstaal11 said...

I love Sidney, and Aubrie, and Marc, and Oliver. Overall I love your story, and I know I tell you this all that time but it's true.

It was such a great chapter. I think that Sid really does want her back and wants to make things right, and some where inside Aubrie does too.

As for the Lemieuxs, so glad that they're sticking up for Aubs. I hope that Troy can start to like her again.

As for Marc, he's really in for it and I can't wait to see.

Can't wait for more.

carrie. said...

So how cute is Sidney with Olli, lol. I loved Sid's reaction to him spitting up on his shirt. That was definitely one of those priceless moments.

As for Sid and Aubrie, I love it. I love how it seems like they're falling for each other a second time. I'll admit, I sort of didn't like the way they broke things off and how everything happened. But with reading these past couple chapters, it was well worth it.

And Troy.. well he's just Troy I guess, lol.

Anyway, amazing chapter! Hope you can update soon. :)