Sunday, June 28, 2009



After Sidney came over, Mario left to go 'run some errands.'
"Hey, are you sure you want to rent a house? You know Mario and Nathalie would love for you to be there.. Plus, the place is huge so they wouldn't be annoyed if Oliver cries at odd hours," Sid tried to convince me again.
"Actually, he's gotten a lot better. He sleeps through the night and he's trying to talk," I smiled, tickling Oliver's tummy and making him squirm.
"Really? No way," Sidney asked in excitement.
"Yeah! He's been doing a lot of things lately.. Ollie sat up by himself the other day. I've been introducing him to some foods, and so far he doesn't have any allergies."
"Can I make him dinner tonight?" he asked, ruffling the dark tufts of Oliver's hair.
"Yeah, if you want. I haven't closed on the house yet, so we're not renting it currently.. Mario said I should make sure you're okay with this before going through with it."
"Well, I'd really prefer it if you were closer, or at Mario's, but if this is what you want for now. Yeah, it's good," Sidney nodded and I could tell he was having a hard time doing so.
"Thanks. The paperwork will take a few days, so in the meantime, you're stuck with us at the Lemieux's," I said, hoping to cheer him up, which it definitely did.

We went back to the Lemieux's house around three; Nathalie was home along with the kids. The four kids came into the kitchen as soon as we got there, as if they were waiting for me.
"See! I told you he'd be cute," Alexa told her siblings as soon as they saw Oliver.
"He's so.. I dunno, little?" Ausin shrugged, making me laugh.
"You guys can play with him if you want," Sidney offered and I shot him a glance.
"Can we?" Stephanie asked and I just couldn't say no.
"Go in the living room and we'll be right there," Sid told them, and they all filed out.
"Come on, loosen up!" he laughed when he saw the skeptical look on my face.
"They'll be fine with him," Nathalie helped, making me give in.
"Okay, fine. You two need to stop ganging up on me though!" I didn't like being barraded whatsoever.
"You look tired, Brie. Maybe you should take a break," Mrs. Lemieux suggested and Sidney agreed.
"There you go again!" I laughed, handing Oliver to Sid, "But I am exhausted."
"Have a nice nap," Sidney chucked, helping Ollie wave.
"Sweet dreams, mommy!" he said in a sweet voice, and the little boy mimicked his tone, making my heart race.
"Stop being so cute or I won't want to sleep!" I told them before walking to Sid's room and basically collapsing on his bed.

Once Aubrie had gone, I got Oliver set on the living room floor, watching as Stephanie and Lauren tried to get him to crawl to them.
"I don't think he's mobile yet, guys," I laughed as I sat on the couch.
Nathalie came in and sat next to me, two glasses of water with her.
"Here," she handed me on, "I think you and Brie need to go out tonight."
"What?" I asked, not sure if I had heard correctly. She's so straight forward that it catches me off guard sometimes.
"I'm just saying.. You two have been through a lot, why not go out and reconnect over dinner and maybe some dessert? Mario and I have no problem watching Oliver for a few hours."
"We have an early game tomorrow," I tried to reason.
"When has that ever stopped you?" she asked, knowing me all too well.
"I guess," I started, but was interrupted by Austin.
"Uh, I'm pretty sure he's mobile."
I saw Oliver on his hands an knees, inching towards Alexa. He kept going until he tripped up, landing on his stomach and letting out a surprised noise.
"Should I go get Aubrie? I don't know if he's done this before.." I was exited beyond belief to see him crawl.
"Yeah, I would if I were you," Nathalie noded and I got up, jogging to find Aubs.
She was asleep in my room, which was the last one I checked.
"Hey," I shook her gently, waking the sleeping beauty up.
"Hm? What," she asked, sitting up tiredly.
"I don't know if you know this, but Ollie is crawling."
"He's what?" she blurted, her eyes widening as she got up.
"I guess you didn't know."
"No. Let's go see!"
We went into the living room to see Oliver on the other side of the room, amost to Stephanie.
"Mon dieu," I heard Aubrie gape.
"Come here, Brie!" Stephanie called, and she went to sit next to the girl.
I watched as Oliver crawled toward his mom; she picked him up with a look of pure joy on her face and hugged him close to her, shooting me an excited glance.

We played with Oliver until it was almost five.
"Hey Sid, want to help me make dinner for Ollie?"
He nodded enthusiastically, picking our little boy up and following me into the kitchen.
While I gave Oliver his bottle of formula, I instructed Sidney on what to cook; carrots, mashed potatoes, some pasta, and some applesauce.
"Would you want to maybe go out for dinner tonight?" Sidney asked nervously. He was being so awkward.. It was just like when we first started dating all over again.
"Nathalie said she would love to watch Oliver for us," Sid assured me before I could reply, making me hold back a little laugh.
"I was going to say yes anyways," I told him, watching a smile cross his lips.

Sidney wanted to feed Oliver so he told me to go get dressed so we could go to Morton's.
I went into a guest room in his wing where my things were, unzipping my suitcase and looking for a dress. I groaned, realizing that I didn't have any 'dressy' clothes in there, so I went into Sidney's room to see if I had left anything.
Low and behold, I found his favourite dress of mine hanging in the back of his closet. After changing I went into his bathroom, pulling my hair out of its ponytail and letting it loose; I shook it a bet, then let it be wavy and interesting. I already had a little makeup on, so I didn't bother with that, then I went on a hunt for shoes.
Once I was ready, Sid was dressed in fifteen minutes in a nice pair of black pants and a cute, striped dress shirt with a solid blue tie. We told everyone goodbye, kissed Oliver and went to the steakhouse.

When we were seated, Sidney asked me about what I did for work while I was back home.
"I worked at my parent's restaurant doing books, hostessing and cocktailing.. But after I had Ollie I taught hockey at our local rink. It was a great way to lose baby weight," I told him with a slight laugh.
"I can tell. You look great! And that's awesome that you got to teach. How old were your students?" Sid asked.
"Little kids, teenagers, and I did an adults class too. What's it like with Coach Bylsma?"
"It's different, but in a good way. We're all with him and playing like a team."
"I can tell. You've been winning more games, and you're a confident team now," I mused.
Throughout dinner we talked and found out about what had been happening in our lives, but we didn't talk about 'us'. The meal was good and our conversation wasn't forced or awkward; we were just getting up to speed.
"Cabbie was pretty upset that you weren't there when he came to talk to me about my stick."
"Oh yeah?" I laughed. Cabbie always found a way to make me giggle and feel creeped out at the same time. It was his main goal.
"He really could have used your imput about my knob," Sidney joked, making me choke on my filet mignon.

During dessert, Sid decided to be a little more serious.
"You have no idea how much it means o me that you and Ollie are here.."
"I know. I'm sorry I was so, what's the word?" I asked, the adjective escaping me.
"Hard headed? Stubborn?"
"That's it. Stubborn. I couldn't see past my own hurt and anger to realize how I effected you, Oliver and everyone else."
"Well it's in the past, and now w'ere all in one place. Let's keep it that way."
"Okay," I nodded, not sure what else to say to that.

We got back from dinner and strolling around downtown around midnight and everyone was asleep except for Nathalie.
"He was great. Fell asleep in the crib in your guest room. I'll see you two in the morning."
Sid and I checked on Oliver then went outside of my room to say goodnight.
"I had a great time tonight, Sid," I told him honestly, fixing the collar of his shirt out of habit.
"I'm glad. I had fun too," he smiled, "We should do it again sometime."
"I'd really like that," I nodded.
"Sleep tight, ok? I'll see you in the morning," Sidney said, going to turn and walk away, but I grabbed his tie, pulling him back and closer to me.
"Wait," I breathed, leaning up and giving him a gentle kiss.
I let go of his tie when I backed away, biting my lip and smiling as I said, "Goodnight, Sid."

Monday, June 22, 2009



"Sid, you don't really want to get married. You're just going to the extreme so I'll stay," she told me, and I knew she was right but that didn't mean I had to admit it.
"Come on, Aubrie. You knew this was coming sometime," I tried. I wasn't lying; I did eventually want to get married.
"No, I didn't! We're not even dating, how could I have seen this last ditch effort?"
I watched her shift uncomfortably, her green eyes scanning her surroundings.
"Just.. Stay a bit longer so we can figure everything out."
"Sidney Patrick Crosby," she mumbled my last name, trying not to attract attention, "If you wanted to 'figure things out' you shouldn't have waited until the last minute."
I noticed her accent forcing her to slur her words like Marc-Andre's usually did. She held onto Oliver, who was watching everything around him.
"Goodbye, Sidney," Aubrie said softly, but I couldn't just let her go like this.
"Wait, one more thing," I stopped her, moving in and kissing her with everything I had. Aubrie bean to kiss me back, and with Oliver in between us, I felt like everything was going great.. But then she pulled away.
"We're going to miss our flight," she muttered, taking a step back.
"Miss it," I suggested.
"I can't, I'm sorry."
With that said, Aubrie sent me a weak smile and walked off toward security. I stood there helplessly, unable to move or even breathe as the girl I was so ridiculously in love with left the country with our son.

"Dude, I'm sorry. I tried my best too," Marc said as we sat on the plane to Toronto on Valentine's Day.
"It's not your fault. I should have just gone for it before she left like she said. Then to make it worse, I went and confronted my dad about how he treated Aubrie."

"Hey Dad," I said as I walked into the condo a while after the whole ordeal at the airport.
"You're over early today," my father noticed; it was 8:45.
"Sorry. It's been a rough morning."
"How come?" he asked as I sat at the kitchen table.
"I went to the airport to try and get Aubrie to stay here with Oliver.. But it didn't exactly go how I planned."
"I don't know why you're still stuck on her. There are so many other girls out in the world."
"I wanted to talk to you about that, too. Why were you so rude to Aubrie at the game last week? Oliver is your grandson and he's her son. You have no right acting like you did and saying that stuff." I normally don't call my dad out, but this was really bothering me.
"I will act however I want and say what I need to. I feel like she's using you and I'm not afraid to say it!"
'Then why is she on her way back to her hometown right now?"
"Women work in mysterious ways, Sidney. You need to forget about this girl and focus on your career."
"I can't believe you're telling me to abandon my child," I said as I got up. Usually my dad gave good advice, but this time he was wrong, "I'll see you later."

"I still can't believe what he said about my siser," Marc-Andre shook his head.
"Yeah. Plus I'm pretty sure I caught whatever Aubs had and I've got the flu. I feel miserable," I groaned.
After losing 2-6 in Toronto we went to New York to play the Islanders. Wheile we were there, things changed drastically for the team. Coach Therrien had ben fired, but we kind of saw it coming. When things head south with a team, people usually blame the coach. Dan Bylsma had been put in charge, and he gave us hope for the rest of the season. We lost in New York in a shootout, then went home to play the Habs on Thursday.

A few hours before the game, Flower told me to go out into the hall of the dressing room for a surprise. I did what he said; it was better than sitting around and missing Oliver and Aubrie.
"Oh- hey," I nodded upon seeing Carey Price, a slight feeling of dislike, maybe even hatred washing over me.
"I just thought I'd let you know that Fleury called me after he dropped his sister off at the airport, so I picked her up in Montreal. She told me all about what happened and I told her that she was an idiot. I can see where your desperation came from. I would have done the same thing," Carey told me and I nodded, smiling slightly.
"It's a two hour drive to Sorel, so I hope I got through to Aubrie. No one should go through life not knowing their own kid," he said and I felt like I had totally misjudged Carey.
"Thanks man, I really appreciate you doing that."
"Hey, Oliver's a cute kid. He deserves to have you around. I gotta get back, but I hope everything works out. Let me know, ok?"
"Will do," I nodded, shaking his hand and heading back to my stall.

After coming back from a road trip, Mario called me into his office at the house, and it felt like I was going to see the principal for getting into trouble.
"Hey Sid, have a seat," Mario nodded to a chair before his desk, so I sat.
"Look, I know you're having a rough time with not being close to Oliver and Brie, but you can't let it effect your game."
"If anything, I've been trying to play harder to take my mind off of it," I defended.
"I'm just saying not to let it effect you negatively. You only got to spend what, a week and a half, with Oliver?"
"Yeah, and it wasn't enough. I want to be tehre for his first words and steps. I want to teach him to skate and play hockey and ride a bike and fish. Every time I saw him last week, that's all I thought of. Now all I think about is how I won't be there to do it," I sighed, feeling way too melodramatic.
"Ok, Sid. You go and have lunch. I'm going to see if I can get some work done."
"Alright. Thanks for listening, Mario," I smiled as I walked out the door.
Immediately after closing it, I heard him dialing a phone.
"Hello, Mrs. Fleury. C'est Mario Lemieux.. Oh, no! Marc isn't the one I'm calling about. It's your daughter."
I stood still, trying to listen carefully.
"I seriously think Brie is making a mistake by staying in Sorel.. Really?" he asked, his interest peaked, "Well, if you need me to make any arrangements, by all means let me know. Mmhmm. Merci beaucoup! Au revoir." I heard his phone being put down and I hurried off to the kitchen before I got caught. Something is going on, I just have to figure out what.

A few days later the team and I went on a five game road trip to Chicago, Dallas, Florida and Washington Dc. I didn't find out what Mario knew about, and it was only making me feel even more depressed. The only place I actually cared to be was on the ice and it was helping. We won every game on our road trip, which was awesome. We played a game at home then went to Columbus for a game, coming back on Thursday night.
On Friday, March 13th, Mario called me while he was out and about.
"Hello? I asked; I had just gotten out of fthe shower when he called.
"Hey Sid, do you think you could meet me somewhere?"
"Um, sure. When and where?"
Mario gave me the address and told me to be there in half an hour. I got dressed and google mapped directions., then drove to the place, only getting lost twice.
I ended up in some little residential area outside of the city outside of a house with a for rent sign outside. I parked out front and walked up, noticing Mario's car in the driveway.
I rang the doorbell and Mario opened the door, greeting me enthusiastically.
"Come on in," he told me and I walked in, confused.
"Mario, what's going on? Who's house is this?"
"It's not anyone's house yet, but it might be her's," he said as we walked into the living room.
A grin spread over my face as soon as I saw Aubrie sitting on the floor playing with Oliver. She stood up and I pulled her into a huge hug.
"What are you doing here?" I asked, sitting down on the carpet.
"Well, I've been working nonstop ever since I first went back to Sorel when I was still pregnant, and I decided that maybe I should rent a house and get out here," Aubrie explained, making my smile widen.
"Mario said he'd help me find a place since I turned down his offer to stay with him, and now we're here. What do you think?" she asked me.
"Yeah.. I can't believe you're here to stay. Wait, you are, right?" I asked in return, wanting to make sure.
"Definitely," she nodded, making me feel the best I had felt in a month.

Friday, June 12, 2009



Sunday the Pens played the Red Wings and despite their efforts, they lost 3-0. On Monday the ninth, Sidney invited me and Oliver to the Lemieux's for the afternoon. When we got there around eleven thirty, the house was oddly quiet.
The kids were at school and Nathalie greeted me at the door.
"Hi, Aubrie," she smiled as I came in, "Sidney is around here somewhere.. I have to head out with Mario for a bit, but we'll probably be back in time for lunch."
"Oh, okay. See you later," I nodded and once she and her husband left, I went to find Sidney.
"Come on Ollie, let's find your daddy," I said in a silly voice, making him smile.

We found Sid in his room on his bed, laying on his back with his eyes shut and headphones in. I entered quietly, setting the baby bag on the closest chair and I gently laid Oliver stomach down onto Sidney's chest; soemthing he enjoyed doing with me too. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched Sid's eyes jerk open as a smile hit his lips. He pulled out his headphones and tossed his iPod aside then put his hands on Oliver's back.
"Hey," I smiled, amused by Sidney's reaction as well as his outfit, "Why are you wearing shorts?"
He had on a pair of khaki shorts and a plain black shirt which wasn't very practical for February.
"I've been really hot since I woke up," he shrugged and I noticed how flushed his face was.
"Are you sure you're okay?" I asked, not wanting Sidney to have caught the sickness I had just gotten over.
"I'm fine, I swear!" he laughed, which made Oliver stretch and adjust himself to the best of his ability. I grinned, sitting on the other side of the bed and watching Sidney lift Oliver and make pseudo-plane noises.
"Sid, he doesn't like planes," I reminded.
"Oh, yeah. Sorry Ollie!" he quickly brought him back down and sat up a little.
"He's going to have to get used to it sooner or later, eh?"
"What do you mean?" I asked, trying to figure out his angle.
"Well you two are flying back to Sorel soon.. And it's not like you're going to stay there forever, you know?"
I knew Sid had just come up with that to replace 'he's coming on road games with me' and I was glad.
"Quite true," I nodded, "So what are we doing today?"
"Hanging out? I don't know.. Didn't really think that far ahead when I invited you guys," he said in a non-chalant voice.
It was very unusual for Sidney to not have anything planned. He always had something to do, whether it was going out or staying in and watching Friends and I found it very unsettling that he didn't.

A little while later I heard the doorbell ring.
"Who's that?" I asked, watching Sid lift Oliver off of his chest and get up.
"I have no idea," he said, trying to seem as curious as I was as he walked to the front door with Ollie in his arms.
"Wait, what's going on?" I followed Sidney to the door, noticing a smile on his face as he opened it.
An enormous grin hit my face as soon as I saw my best friend standing there with his girlfriend.
"Henry!" I gave him the biggest hug possible as he walked in.
"Vienna.. Thank you both so much for taking care of Oliver," I smiled once we were all sitting at the kitchen table.
"It was no trouble. What are friends for?" Vienna told me. She was one of the kindest people I had ever met.
"I hope he wasn't any trouble."
"Well, since you mention it. He hates me," Henry blurted, glaring at Oliver who was on the tile playing with some hanging toys.
"Oh Henry, he doesn't hate you," Vienna said as she rolled her eyes.
"Yeah, because screaming at the top of his lungs every time I tried to pick him up means he totally loves me!" Henry rebutted sarcastically.
"I'm sure he just isn't used to you," I reasoned.
"No, he hates me. The kid took to Vienna like that," he snapped his fingers for effect and Sidney chuckled.
"Hey, just be glad Oliver doesn't act like that around you," I shot, sensing that Henry wasn't too happy.
"Well I am his dad. He should like me a little," Sidney said, then mused at his own words, "Wow. I'm someone's dad."
"And you're just now realizing it?" Henry snapped and Vienna gave him a look that I was used to giving the man.
"Don't mind him," she apologized.
"It's no problem. Hen is just mad that someone doesn't like him. Don't worry, Ollie will love his Uncle Henry in no time," I promised.

Wednesday and Thursday flew by, my days spent with Marc-Andre and Sidney and my with Henry and Vienna when the boys were at practice or a game. I noticed how attached Sidney was to Oliver, as well as my brother and friends, and it worried me. I wasn't about to be pressured into making decisions by anyone, especially them. I couldn't deal with them trying to influence my choices when they mattered most right now. They all kept telling me about how I needed to stay in Pittsburgh because Oliver and I needed to be around friends and family and it was getting to be a little much.

Friday morning Marc and I were up early so he could drop us off at the airport by six am. As we sat in the SUV, my brother was trying his hardest to make me feel guilty for not telling Sid we were leaving so early, even though he had said goodbye the night before.
Stopped at a red light, I noticed Marc was texting.
"What do you think you're doing? That's dangerous," I said suddenly, making him jump.
"I was letting mom know that I'm dropping you off," he defended himself, stowing his phone in his jacket pocket.
"Whatever, just don't kill us," I sighed as I rubbed my eyes; I was exhausted.
After getting my stuff out of the SUV I had my luggage checked, then took Oliver from Marc.
"I'll call you when I get home, okay? Love you." I gave him a half hug then hurried into the airport and out of the cold.
I finally got myself and Oliver through check in, security and customs when my phone rang.
"Aubrie, you left Oliver's blanket in my car," Marc-Andre's voice reminded me.
"Oh merde. I just got through customs and everything.."
"You know he can't sleep without it."
"Drive around, we'll be right out," I sighed, hanging up and gathering our carry ons.
"Come on Ollie, one more time," I coed, trying not to sound mad about my stupiditiy.

I made my way back to the main entrance and looked around outside for my brother, coming back in when I didn't see him.
"I'll just have him mail it, I guess," I said to myself and started walking back to security.
"Aubrie, wait."
The voice immediately turned me around and I saw Sidney standing there with Oliver's blanket, a strangely nervous but still unreadable look on his face. We walked off to the side so we wouldn't be in the way of other people.
"Thanks- I'm sorry I didn't call," I started, but he cut me off.
"I've been up all night thinking, and you can't go. You can't take Oliver and leave because then you'll be taking away two of the people I love and need most. Will you please not go?" I watched him hesitate, then look me straight in the eyes and continue, "Will you marry me?"
I was floored.
He just stood there, staring at me intently with a look of desperation in his eyes that I couldn't resist.
"Why are you doing this, Sidney?" I asked, avoiding his gaze and glancing down at Oliver.
"You want to know why I'm fighting so hard to keep you two here? Because anything worthwhile is a battle, and I don't think you realize how much of a battle this has been for me, Aubrie."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009



Friday I was confined to Marc's guest room, still sick with a flu of some sorts. I tried to get Henry to bring Oliver back over, but he refused. He said I was still in the contagious stage and that I shouldn't risk it. Sidney stayed with me until he had to leave for the game, which they beat Columbus 4-1. While Sid was gone, I decided to take a different approach to feeling better.
I took a long, hot bath and listened to some music while reading a copy of The Hockey News I found in Marc's room.
When I got tired of the magazine I got out and dried off, changing into a pair of plaid pajama shorts and a loose, black v-neck shirt. After towel drying most of my hair, I left it a little damp and went into the kitchen to get a bottle of lemon-lime Gatorade. Thankfully Marc was still staying with Vero; we always fought over our favourite flavour.

Around eleven the door buzzed and I hopped off of the couch to answer it.
Sidney stood there in a plain black Reebok sweatshirt and jeans, taking off his hat.
"Hey what's up? Good game, too," I told him.
"Thanks. I wanted to drop by and see how you were doing.. You're looking a whole lot better!" He said as I moved aside so he could come in and I closed the door behind him.
"Yeah, I felt disgusting so I took a bath and now I feel better," I shrugged, sitting on the couch.
Sidney sat on the chair tangent to the couch after pulling off his sweatshirt. Of course, he was in a gray RBK shirt. Some things never change.
"Are you still mad about Henry not bringing Oliver back?" Sid asked and I thought for a second.
"Not really. I understand why he did it.. I'm just not used to being away from him for this long.."
"Well, I don't have anything going on tomorrow but a quick practice at like nine. I can stay the night so you won't be lonely or trip and hurt yourself," he laughed, noticing the huge black and purple bruises on my shins.
"Shut up, it's not funny!" I shot playfully, tossing a pillow at him.
We sat in the living room watching some TV movie and talking until I fell asleep around midnight.

I woke up in the bed in the guest room at ten thirty feeling totally rested. It was nice to not have to get up at two in the morning. I got out of bed and got some cereal for breakfast while I read the newspaper and waited for my brother to get back.
A little after noon Marc-Andre came home.
"Aubrie, look who I brought" My brother announced as he walked in through the door.
I looked over and saw Sidney, who had Oliver in his arms.
Marc set down his practice bag as well as Oliver's bag and carrier.
"Oh, mon petit fleur!" I grinned, practically jumping off of the couch and rushing over to them.
Sidney set Oliver in my arms and my smile widened.
"He has no idea how much I missed him," I said happily, hugging Sidney with my free arm, "Thanks for getting him for me.. I hope he wasn't fussy."
"Actually, he took to Sid quite well," Marc told me, "I'm gonna go take a nap."
"Sleep tight, Marc-Andre," I laughed, giving him a peck on the cheek.
"Hey, let's go grab some lunch and give Marc some peace and quiet," Sidney suggested, catching me off guard.
"Sure. He deserves it after letting me stay here. Let's go."
"Ok, can I just change this little guy before we go? I think he needs it..." Sidney mused, watching Oliver's expressions.
"Go ahead," I nodded, letting Sidney have at it.

The three of us went to lunch at a new restaurant downtown that seemed interesting. Sidney had told me that Oliver had eaten just before they left Henry's, so we didn't have to worry about that whole ordeal.
Ollie just gazed around, made cute noises and napped while Sid and I talked as we waited for our food.
We had been laughing, joking and getting along up until Sidney decided to be serious.
"So when are you leaving?" he asked, picking at what was left of my caesar salad I had gotten with my lunch.
"Well I figured I'd leave on the twelfth. You have a game in Toronto on the fourteenth," I recited after planning this all out with my mother.
"Have you thought about what's going to happen after?"
"Hontestly? No. I haven't the slightest clue," I answered.
"Do you think there's any chance that you would move back here?" he asked, and I could clearly see the look of hope written all over his face.
"I won't rule it out, but I don't want you to get all worked up just yet.. If I did come back, I'll have to find a place. I'm not going to intrude on Henry and Marc-Andre won't put up with us forever," I mentally ran through a list of possibilities.
"There's always room at Mario's, or there's the condo," Sidney hinted casually.
"I don't think the Lemieux's want a baby at their house.. And last I heard, your dad lives at the condo. He's not too excited that I'm here in the first place. I doubt he'd be enthused to hear that I'd be living there too."
"Wait, what?" Sid blurted as our food arrived.
I told him all about my little encounter with Troy at the game and Sidney was pretty offset.
"Look, I don't want to cause any trouble with you and your dad. I shouldn't have told you."
"No, I'm glad you did. I guess I need to talk to him."

We finished eating lunch and put Oliver's stroller in the Range Rover before we began to walk down the streets of downtown Pittsburgh. The weather was surprisingly decent for the first week of February. Plus I was so used to Sorel's weather and this was a nice getaway.
"Hey let's stop in here," Sidney said suddenly, turning into a store and opening the door for me.
"Um, okay," I agreed, adjusting Oliver in my arms and walking inside.
I looked around at the familiar store; Sidney and I had been in here many times while baby shopping.
"What are you doing?" I let out a little laugh when I saw Sid holding up that ridiculous bunny outfit I hate with a passion.
"Please?" he begged and I shook my head.
"Put it back! You'll traumatize him," I grinned as I shielded Oliver's eyes with my hand jokingly.
"Fine. You have to let me pick something else out for him then," Sidney insisted.
"But there are so many things for him at the Lemieux's that he hasn't seen yet.."
"Come on! One little thing won't hurt."
"I-okay. Just don't make it a habit. I don't want him to be one of those spoiled kids."
"I would never let that happen," Sidney told me with a slight grin then went to find something for Oliver.