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After Sidney came over, Mario left to go 'run some errands.'
"Hey, are you sure you want to rent a house? You know Mario and Nathalie would love for you to be there.. Plus, the place is huge so they wouldn't be annoyed if Oliver cries at odd hours," Sid tried to convince me again.
"Actually, he's gotten a lot better. He sleeps through the night and he's trying to talk," I smiled, tickling Oliver's tummy and making him squirm.
"Really? No way," Sidney asked in excitement.
"Yeah! He's been doing a lot of things lately.. Ollie sat up by himself the other day. I've been introducing him to some foods, and so far he doesn't have any allergies."
"Can I make him dinner tonight?" he asked, ruffling the dark tufts of Oliver's hair.
"Yeah, if you want. I haven't closed on the house yet, so we're not renting it currently.. Mario said I should make sure you're okay with this before going through with it."
"Well, I'd really prefer it if you were closer, or at Mario's, but if this is what you want for now. Yeah, it's good," Sidney nodded and I could tell he was having a hard time doing so.
"Thanks. The paperwork will take a few days, so in the meantime, you're stuck with us at the Lemieux's," I said, hoping to cheer him up, which it definitely did.

We went back to the Lemieux's house around three; Nathalie was home along with the kids. The four kids came into the kitchen as soon as we got there, as if they were waiting for me.
"See! I told you he'd be cute," Alexa told her siblings as soon as they saw Oliver.
"He's so.. I dunno, little?" Ausin shrugged, making me laugh.
"You guys can play with him if you want," Sidney offered and I shot him a glance.
"Can we?" Stephanie asked and I just couldn't say no.
"Go in the living room and we'll be right there," Sid told them, and they all filed out.
"Come on, loosen up!" he laughed when he saw the skeptical look on my face.
"They'll be fine with him," Nathalie helped, making me give in.
"Okay, fine. You two need to stop ganging up on me though!" I didn't like being barraded whatsoever.
"You look tired, Brie. Maybe you should take a break," Mrs. Lemieux suggested and Sidney agreed.
"There you go again!" I laughed, handing Oliver to Sid, "But I am exhausted."
"Have a nice nap," Sidney chucked, helping Ollie wave.
"Sweet dreams, mommy!" he said in a sweet voice, and the little boy mimicked his tone, making my heart race.
"Stop being so cute or I won't want to sleep!" I told them before walking to Sid's room and basically collapsing on his bed.

Once Aubrie had gone, I got Oliver set on the living room floor, watching as Stephanie and Lauren tried to get him to crawl to them.
"I don't think he's mobile yet, guys," I laughed as I sat on the couch.
Nathalie came in and sat next to me, two glasses of water with her.
"Here," she handed me on, "I think you and Brie need to go out tonight."
"What?" I asked, not sure if I had heard correctly. She's so straight forward that it catches me off guard sometimes.
"I'm just saying.. You two have been through a lot, why not go out and reconnect over dinner and maybe some dessert? Mario and I have no problem watching Oliver for a few hours."
"We have an early game tomorrow," I tried to reason.
"When has that ever stopped you?" she asked, knowing me all too well.
"I guess," I started, but was interrupted by Austin.
"Uh, I'm pretty sure he's mobile."
I saw Oliver on his hands an knees, inching towards Alexa. He kept going until he tripped up, landing on his stomach and letting out a surprised noise.
"Should I go get Aubrie? I don't know if he's done this before.." I was exited beyond belief to see him crawl.
"Yeah, I would if I were you," Nathalie noded and I got up, jogging to find Aubs.
She was asleep in my room, which was the last one I checked.
"Hey," I shook her gently, waking the sleeping beauty up.
"Hm? What," she asked, sitting up tiredly.
"I don't know if you know this, but Ollie is crawling."
"He's what?" she blurted, her eyes widening as she got up.
"I guess you didn't know."
"No. Let's go see!"
We went into the living room to see Oliver on the other side of the room, amost to Stephanie.
"Mon dieu," I heard Aubrie gape.
"Come here, Brie!" Stephanie called, and she went to sit next to the girl.
I watched as Oliver crawled toward his mom; she picked him up with a look of pure joy on her face and hugged him close to her, shooting me an excited glance.

We played with Oliver until it was almost five.
"Hey Sid, want to help me make dinner for Ollie?"
He nodded enthusiastically, picking our little boy up and following me into the kitchen.
While I gave Oliver his bottle of formula, I instructed Sidney on what to cook; carrots, mashed potatoes, some pasta, and some applesauce.
"Would you want to maybe go out for dinner tonight?" Sidney asked nervously. He was being so awkward.. It was just like when we first started dating all over again.
"Nathalie said she would love to watch Oliver for us," Sid assured me before I could reply, making me hold back a little laugh.
"I was going to say yes anyways," I told him, watching a smile cross his lips.

Sidney wanted to feed Oliver so he told me to go get dressed so we could go to Morton's.
I went into a guest room in his wing where my things were, unzipping my suitcase and looking for a dress. I groaned, realizing that I didn't have any 'dressy' clothes in there, so I went into Sidney's room to see if I had left anything.
Low and behold, I found his favourite dress of mine hanging in the back of his closet. After changing I went into his bathroom, pulling my hair out of its ponytail and letting it loose; I shook it a bet, then let it be wavy and interesting. I already had a little makeup on, so I didn't bother with that, then I went on a hunt for shoes.
Once I was ready, Sid was dressed in fifteen minutes in a nice pair of black pants and a cute, striped dress shirt with a solid blue tie. We told everyone goodbye, kissed Oliver and went to the steakhouse.

When we were seated, Sidney asked me about what I did for work while I was back home.
"I worked at my parent's restaurant doing books, hostessing and cocktailing.. But after I had Ollie I taught hockey at our local rink. It was a great way to lose baby weight," I told him with a slight laugh.
"I can tell. You look great! And that's awesome that you got to teach. How old were your students?" Sid asked.
"Little kids, teenagers, and I did an adults class too. What's it like with Coach Bylsma?"
"It's different, but in a good way. We're all with him and playing like a team."
"I can tell. You've been winning more games, and you're a confident team now," I mused.
Throughout dinner we talked and found out about what had been happening in our lives, but we didn't talk about 'us'. The meal was good and our conversation wasn't forced or awkward; we were just getting up to speed.
"Cabbie was pretty upset that you weren't there when he came to talk to me about my stick."
"Oh yeah?" I laughed. Cabbie always found a way to make me giggle and feel creeped out at the same time. It was his main goal.
"He really could have used your imput about my knob," Sidney joked, making me choke on my filet mignon.

During dessert, Sid decided to be a little more serious.
"You have no idea how much it means o me that you and Ollie are here.."
"I know. I'm sorry I was so, what's the word?" I asked, the adjective escaping me.
"Hard headed? Stubborn?"
"That's it. Stubborn. I couldn't see past my own hurt and anger to realize how I effected you, Oliver and everyone else."
"Well it's in the past, and now w'ere all in one place. Let's keep it that way."
"Okay," I nodded, not sure what else to say to that.

We got back from dinner and strolling around downtown around midnight and everyone was asleep except for Nathalie.
"He was great. Fell asleep in the crib in your guest room. I'll see you two in the morning."
Sid and I checked on Oliver then went outside of my room to say goodnight.
"I had a great time tonight, Sid," I told him honestly, fixing the collar of his shirt out of habit.
"I'm glad. I had fun too," he smiled, "We should do it again sometime."
"I'd really like that," I nodded.
"Sleep tight, ok? I'll see you in the morning," Sidney said, going to turn and walk away, but I grabbed his tie, pulling him back and closer to me.
"Wait," I breathed, leaning up and giving him a gentle kiss.
I let go of his tie when I backed away, biting my lip and smiling as I said, "Goodnight, Sid."


mrsjordanstaal11 said...

Aw. Such a great chapter! Ollie's crawling, how cute. Nathalie definitely gets an assist on making the night special for them.
The mention of Danny B made me so happy, I love that man.
Can't wait for more!

Heather said...

Very cute... I'm glad they're making up, all be it, slowly.

I loved the goodnight kiss.. SO CUTE!

Great chapter Parker. Well done.

ANovak017 said...

loved it. it was perfect.
please let this have a happy ending...if it's ending soon.

Carrie said...

Aww, Ollie's crawling! He's so adorable. I love it. <3

And Sid and Aubrie are making me smile. It's like they're falling in love all over again. Sort of awkwardly, but absolutely perfect. And speaking of perfect.. That goodnight kiss was pretty perfect. :)

Amazing chapter! Please post more soon.

Molly said...

awwww :]
i want them to be together!
sid should move out of mario's and move IN with aubrie! perfect solution!
can't wait for more!

gilld22 said...

That was a great chapter, Ollie is so cute and I can totally picture Sid getting excited when Ollie crawled. Keep up the good work.

Genosgirl71 said...

i so had a picture of the kiss in my head..

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