Tuesday, June 9, 2009



Friday I was confined to Marc's guest room, still sick with a flu of some sorts. I tried to get Henry to bring Oliver back over, but he refused. He said I was still in the contagious stage and that I shouldn't risk it. Sidney stayed with me until he had to leave for the game, which they beat Columbus 4-1. While Sid was gone, I decided to take a different approach to feeling better.
I took a long, hot bath and listened to some music while reading a copy of The Hockey News I found in Marc's room.
When I got tired of the magazine I got out and dried off, changing into a pair of plaid pajama shorts and a loose, black v-neck shirt. After towel drying most of my hair, I left it a little damp and went into the kitchen to get a bottle of lemon-lime Gatorade. Thankfully Marc was still staying with Vero; we always fought over our favourite flavour.

Around eleven the door buzzed and I hopped off of the couch to answer it.
Sidney stood there in a plain black Reebok sweatshirt and jeans, taking off his hat.
"Hey what's up? Good game, too," I told him.
"Thanks. I wanted to drop by and see how you were doing.. You're looking a whole lot better!" He said as I moved aside so he could come in and I closed the door behind him.
"Yeah, I felt disgusting so I took a bath and now I feel better," I shrugged, sitting on the couch.
Sidney sat on the chair tangent to the couch after pulling off his sweatshirt. Of course, he was in a gray RBK shirt. Some things never change.
"Are you still mad about Henry not bringing Oliver back?" Sid asked and I thought for a second.
"Not really. I understand why he did it.. I'm just not used to being away from him for this long.."
"Well, I don't have anything going on tomorrow but a quick practice at like nine. I can stay the night so you won't be lonely or trip and hurt yourself," he laughed, noticing the huge black and purple bruises on my shins.
"Shut up, it's not funny!" I shot playfully, tossing a pillow at him.
We sat in the living room watching some TV movie and talking until I fell asleep around midnight.

I woke up in the bed in the guest room at ten thirty feeling totally rested. It was nice to not have to get up at two in the morning. I got out of bed and got some cereal for breakfast while I read the newspaper and waited for my brother to get back.
A little after noon Marc-Andre came home.
"Aubrie, look who I brought" My brother announced as he walked in through the door.
I looked over and saw Sidney, who had Oliver in his arms.
Marc set down his practice bag as well as Oliver's bag and carrier.
"Oh, mon petit fleur!" I grinned, practically jumping off of the couch and rushing over to them.
Sidney set Oliver in my arms and my smile widened.
"He has no idea how much I missed him," I said happily, hugging Sidney with my free arm, "Thanks for getting him for me.. I hope he wasn't fussy."
"Actually, he took to Sid quite well," Marc told me, "I'm gonna go take a nap."
"Sleep tight, Marc-Andre," I laughed, giving him a peck on the cheek.
"Hey, let's go grab some lunch and give Marc some peace and quiet," Sidney suggested, catching me off guard.
"Sure. He deserves it after letting me stay here. Let's go."
"Ok, can I just change this little guy before we go? I think he needs it..." Sidney mused, watching Oliver's expressions.
"Go ahead," I nodded, letting Sidney have at it.

The three of us went to lunch at a new restaurant downtown that seemed interesting. Sidney had told me that Oliver had eaten just before they left Henry's, so we didn't have to worry about that whole ordeal.
Ollie just gazed around, made cute noises and napped while Sid and I talked as we waited for our food.
We had been laughing, joking and getting along up until Sidney decided to be serious.
"So when are you leaving?" he asked, picking at what was left of my caesar salad I had gotten with my lunch.
"Well I figured I'd leave on the twelfth. You have a game in Toronto on the fourteenth," I recited after planning this all out with my mother.
"Have you thought about what's going to happen after?"
"Hontestly? No. I haven't the slightest clue," I answered.
"Do you think there's any chance that you would move back here?" he asked, and I could clearly see the look of hope written all over his face.
"I won't rule it out, but I don't want you to get all worked up just yet.. If I did come back, I'll have to find a place. I'm not going to intrude on Henry and Marc-Andre won't put up with us forever," I mentally ran through a list of possibilities.
"There's always room at Mario's, or there's the condo," Sidney hinted casually.
"I don't think the Lemieux's want a baby at their house.. And last I heard, your dad lives at the condo. He's not too excited that I'm here in the first place. I doubt he'd be enthused to hear that I'd be living there too."
"Wait, what?" Sid blurted as our food arrived.
I told him all about my little encounter with Troy at the game and Sidney was pretty offset.
"Look, I don't want to cause any trouble with you and your dad. I shouldn't have told you."
"No, I'm glad you did. I guess I need to talk to him."

We finished eating lunch and put Oliver's stroller in the Range Rover before we began to walk down the streets of downtown Pittsburgh. The weather was surprisingly decent for the first week of February. Plus I was so used to Sorel's weather and this was a nice getaway.
"Hey let's stop in here," Sidney said suddenly, turning into a store and opening the door for me.
"Um, okay," I agreed, adjusting Oliver in my arms and walking inside.
I looked around at the familiar store; Sidney and I had been in here many times while baby shopping.
"What are you doing?" I let out a little laugh when I saw Sid holding up that ridiculous bunny outfit I hate with a passion.
"Please?" he begged and I shook my head.
"Put it back! You'll traumatize him," I grinned as I shielded Oliver's eyes with my hand jokingly.
"Fine. You have to let me pick something else out for him then," Sidney insisted.
"But there are so many things for him at the Lemieux's that he hasn't seen yet.."
"Come on! One little thing won't hurt."
"I-okay. Just don't make it a habit. I don't want him to be one of those spoiled kids."
"I would never let that happen," Sidney told me with a slight grin then went to find something for Oliver.


Caitlin said...

Sid is going to spoil him crazy! I love it! Great chapter, and I wonder how Sid is going to take his dad after she finally told him. Update soon!

Heather said...

AWWW!! Very cute! I think Sid should buy the bunny suit on the sly. haha!

Can't wait to read his incounter with his dad. Could be good.

Great chapter Parker.

haley_says_gawr said...

Awh, I'm so happy Sidney's getting time with his son. He's such a sweetheart. But, I still want them to be together! It's killing me! And I agree, Sidney should buy the bunny suit. xD Can't wait for more!!

Lauren said...

Sid is SO going to spoil that baby rotten! :) I love his interactions with his son

carrie. said...

Aww, Sid's so cute with Oliver! I love it, haha. I'm glad he's getting to spend some time with him.. and Aubrie. They should to get back together by the way, *hint, hint* lol.

Great chapter! :)

mrsjordanstaal11 said...

Aw Sidney's so hopeful for the two of them. I really hope that they can get back together, please Parker?
Anyway, as alawys great chapter and I can't wait for more. I just don't want her to go back to Sorel, I'm pretty sure it'll kill Sidney.