Friday, July 31, 2009



Wednesday, Sidney and I went house hunting. Not wanting to bring Oliver with us, I offered Austin and Stephanie a babysitting gig. Of course, Nathalie would be there, but I wanted to reward them for being so great with Ollie.
We went to four different places before stopping for lunch to talk them over.
"I dunno. All of them have something I love, but something I absolutely hate too.. Like the one with the nice rooms but god awful tile. Ew," I sighed, crossing it off of the list.
"Yeah, but you have to take the good with the bad. It's not like you can't tear up the tile and redo it, you know," Sidney smiled, stealing a sip of my raspberry lemonade.
"Sid!" I swatted his hand away as he went to take my glass again.
After lunch we looked at a few more houses, but none of them jumped out at me.
"We'll have better luck tomorrow. I saved the best for last," Sidney told me as we returned to the Lemieux's.
"Thanks for the encouragement. I just want to see my little boy," I replied, walking into the living room to find Stephanie and Austin trying to get Oliver to crawl through a maze of couch cushions and it looked like they were all having fun.
"Okay, playtime's over, guys. It's time for this guy to take a nap," I laughed, lifting him up off of the floor and handing the kids their money.
"Thanks Brie," they grinned, going to clean up the cushions.

Later that night, I invited Sid to sleep in my room with me. It was wierd for me to have to ask, but our relationship wasn't totally back to normal.
It was pretty innocent; we talked and kissed after putting Oliver to bed, but we mostly kissed.
Around 1:30, I noticed my phone vibrating so I quickly grabbed it, not wanting to wake Sid or Oliver.
"Hello?" I asked once I was in the bathroom at the far end of the wing.
"Hay Brie!" Carey Price's voice slurred as I shut the door behind me.
"Are you drunk?" I asked; it had been so long since I had spoken to him.
"No. I'm bored though," he laughed.
"Look.. I'm at the Lemieux's. Things are getting better with Sid, so I don't think I should be talking to you."
"Crosby and I are fine. I doubt he'll throw a fit again."
"I don't know," I shrugged, "I really don't want to mess up."
"Are you gonna bring Oliver when the Pens come to play here at the end of the season?" he asked.
"I don't think I'll be going up to Montreal for a while, so no. Sorry."
"Awh, come on, Brie! Don't be a loser."
"So now I'm a loser, eh?" I laughed quietly, "Not the best way to convince me.. There you go again! Getting me to talk to you even though I know I shouldn't,"
"Then hang up already," Carey teased.
"Alright, I will! Bye!" I ended the call, shutting off my phone and returning to my room.
When I got back into bed, Sidney rolled to face me.
"Where'd you disappear to?"

I was so ready to blurt out a lie, but then I thought about the consequences.
"Carey called me," I admitted.
"What?" he asked, "It's two am."
"I know.. I told him he shouldn't be calling me because you and I are finally getting things together and I didn't want to put everything we're working toward at risk. I love you too much to do that," I couldn't believe I was saying.
"Hey, I love you too. Which is why I'm going to say that I don't mind if you're friends with Carey Price, or anyone else for that matter.. Except Ovechkin."
"Well, of course," I laughed, "And I shouldn't need your approval to be friends with someone, but it feels better than being secretive."
It was weird knowing that Sidney was okay with this, but all in all, telling him was the best choice I could have made at that moment.
"Goodnight, Sid," I smiled as he told me, "Bon nuit."

After Sidney had practice the next day, we were out house searching at ten thirty. We even checked out a few apartments. I was all for a two bedroom apartment downtown, but Sidney seemed to have a different idea.
"I just think Oliver should grow up in a house, so he has a backyard and room to play," Sid defended himself as we drove to the next house on our list.
"A house isn't exactly in my budget, you know."
"Money isn't an issue, seriously," he told me.
"No, Sid. I don't want to go through life having things handed to me, and the same thing for Oliver."
"Come on, I have more money than I know what to do with.."
"Your contract with the team is for five years. So, we get a house now. Five years later, you're a free agent who wants to play for Montreal. Then what?" I asked.
"Sell the house. It's no big deal, Aubs," he shrugged.
"I don't think I'll be able to if we find that perfect dream house."
"I thought that was in Halifax," he reminded me as we pulled up, making me blush.
"Very true, you got me there."

We walked through the two story, three bedroom, two bathroom house and I was amazed. The place had a decent sized backyard, a good layout throughout the house and wasn't in the middle of nowhere, which was good for Sid, who has no sense of direction whatsoever. I loved the wood flooring and counters that matched the walls. The kitchen was a good sized for someone who liked to cook, and I was all for it.
"This is the one," I told him quietly as we stood in the master bedroom.
"I thought you'd like it. Told you I saved the best one for last," he winked.
We talked to the real estate agent, telling her we needed a bit to think everything over.

Back at the Lemieux's, I enthusiastically told Mario and Nathalie about the house I adored over dinner.
"But you know, as much as I loved that house, it's just a house. I'll find something that I can manage and make my own," I added, making Nathalie smile.
"That's a great attitude to have, especially nowadays," she nodded, looking to her children, "You four should be a little more optimistic about everything."
"Yes mom," they chimed sarcastically, giving each other weird looks.
"Oh, so I talked to your dad today, Sid," Mario brought up, and I tried to hide my annoyed expression.
"Really? What did he have to say?" Sidney asked from beside me.
"Just that he wants to talk to you tomorrow."
"Ok, thanks."
I stared at my plate, thinking about how awkward it would be to yet again watch a game with Troy Crosby.

After dinner Sid and I brought Oliver down to the basement so we could play some table hockey.
"When I get some free time between the next games and practices, we can go talk to the realator and start to get that house."
"Sidney, did you not hear what I said at dinner? I would be totally fine with an apartment, since it's definitely something I could afford," I reminded him as I blocked his shot with my goalie.
"Yeah, but I don't want you to be 'just fine'. I want you to be happy. And it's not just for you, you know."
"I do.. It's for Ollie too," I nodded.
"No, I'm thinking more along the lines of us," he answered, making me look up from our game. I heard the little puck hit the back of my net; Sidney had just scored big time.
"Really? You'd move out of here?"
"You know I would, for sure. I want to be where I need to be, which is with you and Oliver."
I smiled brightly, placing the little puck on the center ice face off circle.
"You're going down."
"That's what you think," he laughed, and our match continued.

Thursday, July 16, 2009



Colby and I took Oliver to Maxime's apartment on the South Side, where all of the guys were already waiting. Marc-Andre immediately took Oliver from me, speaking to him softly in French. Since Aubrie wanted him to grow up bilingual, her parents an Marc spoke French while she spoke English; hopefully it would work.
We all sat around in the living room playing Xbox and chilling, talking about whatever came up.
"So, Sid. Did you call that guy about the house Aubrie was looking at, like I said to?" Jordan asked, catching Marc's attention.
"Yeah, I did," I nodded, "And she didn't get the house, I just know it."
"Was that who she was talking to earlier?" Colby asked and I nodded, "Who else would call her at the Lemieux's?"
"Wait, let me get this straight," Flower started, "You influenced the guy so my sister couldn't get a hose? What the-" I watched him cover my son's ears, "hell is your problem?!"
"That is pretty low," Tanger agreed, not looking away from the game he was playing on the TV.
"I'm gonna help her find a different place. Just maybe one for the three of us.." I muttered.
"Dude, are you settling down?" Max asked, taking a swig of his beer.
"No," I lied, "I'm just doing what's best for my kid."
"Yeah, right. If you weren't settling you'd be out at Diesel with us picking up chicks," TK laughed.
"Whatever," I shrugged, bringing up another topic.
Sure, I felt bad telling that guy not to lease Aubrie the house, but it'd be for the best in the long run, as long as she doesn't find out.
As we left, Marc came out to the car with me, Colby and Oliver.
"I can't keep a thing like what you did from my sister. Either you tell her or I will."
"I'd do what he says, Siddo. You don't want to mess with the Aubster. She'll wreck you if Flower tells her instead of you," Colby agreed.
"Ok, ok!" I gave in, getting Oliver into his car seat in the Range Rover and saying bye to the guys.

When we got home, Nathalie told me that Aubrie was sleeping on the couch in the basement; she had been using all of her spare time to try and catch up on her sleep. It made me feel guilty for some reason.
Colby and I decided to let her sleep, so I put Oliver down for a well-deserved nap then hit my room with my best friend.
"I feel like such a girl, spilling my feelings and stuff to you," I admitted.
"Well you gotta tell someone," Colby laughed.
"Thanks for putting up with me," I chuckled, tossing him a 360 controller.
We played Call of Duty 4 until Austin came to get us for dinner. I went and checked on Oliver, who was still asleep- TK and Colby had him crawling like crazy.
Apparently Aubs was worn out too, because she wasn't at dinner. Half way through the meal I saw her walk past the dining room towards her room and I looked to Nathalie and Mario.
"She's had a long day," Mario said blatantly, leaving no room for discussion.

I quickly helped with the dishes then went back to see what Aubrie was doing. Colby and I peeked into the room and saw her on the bed looking through the newspaper with a sharpie in hand.
"Well, I'm gonna take off. I'll see you all tomorrow," Colby announced, waving awkwardly as he left.
"He's so ridiculous," Aubrie laughed, folding up the newspaper as I sat on the bed beside her.
"So, I didn't get the house.. I'm looking for another though! I don't want to be a bother here," she told me, a clear look of disappointment on her face.
"I know," I admitted.
"What? Did Mario tell you?"
"No... Actually, I called the owner to ask him some questions and he asked if I was moving in too, so I said no, but we have a kid together," I was telling the truth for the most part.
"You're the reason I can't move into the place? Sid.." I could tell she was struggling for words, "Why would you do that?"
"I didn't mean to.." I tried.
"Liar," she had caught me.
"Ok, yeah. I was hoping that if you didn't get his house, we could find one together and stuff."
"Why didn't you just tell me that in the first place instead of saying you were fine with it? You didn't need to go behind my back," she sighed.
"I'm sorry, it was just an impulse."
"Stuff like this really makes me rethink why I came back to Pittsburgh," she told me, "But then I look at Oliver when he's with you, and I see every reason to stay."
I could tell that Aubrie was upset with me, but she wasn't reacting like she used to. I had expected her to freak out and leave, but this girl was being rational and calm; it surprised me completely.
"Anyways, Mario and I looked online for houses while you and Colbs were out. So far we found a few interesting ones."
"Well, we can go check them out Wednesday or Thursday if you want," I tried to make amends, and it was working.
"Sounds good," she smiled, giving me a warm hug.

Tuesday night Oliver and I went to Sid's game against Colby and the Thrashers. Even though I was in Mario's box again, I had very little interaction with Troy. I noticed him glancing over at Oliver as well as myself throughout the night.. But it didn't really bother me that the man wasn't trying to get involved; Oliver has two overly loving grandparents in Sorel. Though it did amuse me that Nathalie cared more than I did. She would try and start up a conversation, only to be shot down by both of us.
Around the last five minutes of the game, it was 6-2 Pens and Oliver was getting fussy, so I took him out to walk around the concourse.
I stood on the main floor at the entrance to section 113, looking down on the game while comforting my baby.
A group of teenage girls were standing to my right just staring at me.
"Um, I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm pretty sure I know you from somewhere," the blond closest to me took the initiative.
"Oh? I don't think I know you," I told her, rubbing Oliver's back as I spoke, knowing that my voice soothed him.
"You used to coach hockey at my school. I go to Langley," she started, but one of the brunettes continued
"Fluery. You're Marc-Andre Fleury's sister! You have a baby?"
This awkward conversation continued until the game ended. They kept trying to figure out what else they knew about me, and I wasn't saying anything until it accidentally slipped.
"Sorry, I've got to go meet up with Sid. It was nice talking to you all."

Sidney and I said goodbye to Colby before he got on their bus, then we went back to the Lemieux's. It was past Oliver's bedtime, so I put him to bed while Sidney took a shower.
"Good game, eh?" I asked him when he came to say good night.
"Yeah, thanks," he nodded, "Hey, you know that the condo is always an option for you, right? In case the whole hose thing doesn't pan out.."
"Merci, Sid. But I hope that we find a house. I know your dad is staying at the condo... And no offense, but he and I just don't get along. Tonight at the game only reiterated it. We didn't say a word to one another, and I was fine with it."
"My mom is coming out if we get into the playoffs.. Maybe you two will get along?"
"I hope so."
"She can make my dad see what he's missing."
"That would be really great, Sid. Can we talk more about this tomorrow? I'm exhausted, and I bet you are too," I yawned, sliding into the bed.
"Ok. I'll see you in the morning.. Then the house hunt will begin," he nodded, kissing my cheek and shutting out the lights as he left the room.

Friday, July 10, 2009



The Pens had day games both Saturday and Sunday, which had given Sidney and myself the nights to spend with Oliver and each other.
Sunday night after dinner, I had decided that it was bath time for the little boy.
"Hey Sid, want to help me give this guy a bath?" I asked, peeking into his room with Oliver in my arms.
"Is that even a question?" he laughed, getting up from his computer.
"You might want to put something on that can get wet," I motioned to my outfit consisting of some Hurley boardshorts and a tank top.
"Sounds good. See you in the bathroom!"
I chuckled, walking into one of the guest bathrooms and sitting in the empty tub with Oliver. Usually he's in a little bath chair, but that was packed away. I pulled off my tank so it was just my bikini top, then I turned the faucet to fill the tub.
Sidney came in, shutting the door behind him. I noticed his swim trunks and white shirt as he sat on his shins by the bath.
"You can get in if you want.. I think there's enough room," I told him, wanting to make sure he felt included.
"It's a good thing this tub is huge," Sid mumbled, tugging his shirt over his head and sitting across from me.
Together we got Oliver cleaned up and had some fun ourselves. Of course, we had a bubble fight and gave Ollie sill hairdo's.
I heard voices outside of the bathroom, then a knock hit the door.
"Come in!" Sidney laughed, helping me straighten Oliver's hair up.
Nathalie walked in, immediately giggling.
"What's up?" I asked.
"Colby called for you, Sid. He's coming over at 10:30 tomorrow," the woman grinned.
I looked over to Sid, watching a huge smile hit his face.
"That's awesome. Thanks for letting me know," he told Nathalie, who then excused herself and shut the door.
"Your bff is coming! How exciting is that?"
"Extremely. I can't wait for him to meet Oliver."
"Well I'm sure Colby will love Ollie. They'll get along well," I told him.

We finished bath time and got out of the tub. I dried Oliver off then went to get him into pajamas.
"Do you want to put him down while I go get a bottle ready?"
Sid nodded, taking Oliver into his arms and smiling.
I went out into the kitchen and dug around for a bottle. As I took formula out of the fridge, Sidney came in.
"He doesn't need that. I set him in the crib and he fell right asleep."
"Seriously? You must have the magic touch or something," I laughed, putting everything away.
Sitting on the counter of the island, I ran my fingers through my hair.
"Hey, so after the game on Tuesday, I have two days off. Maybe I can help you move into the new house and unpack?" Sid offered, grabbing his water from beside me.
"Yeah! I'm just waiting on a call from the owner to tell me that I closed on it. I really appreciate your offer.. And you're welcome over any time."
"I might just take you up on that," he smiled, now standing in front of me.

We had been flirting shamelessly since I came back, and I wasn't complaining. Of course, I had never stopped loving Sidney, but it felt like I was falling in love with him all over again. He made me feel like myself and always found a way to make me smile.. I couldn't stand how I had hurt him; it disgusted me.
"Hey Sid?" I asked, tugging on the hem of his shirt.
"Thanks for not hating me," I mumbled.
"I could never," he stopped himself, "Ok. I hate what you did, but never you."
"I'm sorry," I apologized whole-heartedly, making sure we kept eye contact.
Suddenly, as if something clicked, Sidney swooped in, giving me a soft yet longing kiss. When he went to pull away, I set my hands on the back of his neck, tangling my fingers in his hair and bringing him in for another kiss. I smiled against as his lips, giggling as he wrapped me up in his arms.

Out of nowhere, the kitchen lights flipped on.
"Woah.." Mario's voice rang out, making Sidney practically jump back.
"I'm going to pretend I didn't just see this," the man said, taking one look at our bright red faces, "Night.."
"Goodnight, Mario," we replied, shooting each other an embarrassed look.
Mario left the kitchen and we both let out a breath.
"Awkward, much?" I asked.
"Maybe we shouldn't be kissing in Nathalie's kitchen when everyone's home," he winked, kissing me on the forehead.
Without another word, we went to bed together in my guest room, and as I laid beside Sidney, I had that calm feeling I missed as I fell asleep.

I was up at 8:30 so I could get ready for Oliver to wake up around 8:45. Sid was out of bed at nine, and Colby was over at 10:30 on the dot. I heard his familiar voice fill the house as I was in the kitchen with Ollie.
"Brie, go say hello to Colby!" Nathalie ordered, so I did what she said.
The guys were in the living room, so I popped in to greet my friend.
"Aubrie!" Colby grinned, giving me a hug after I set Oliver down on the floor with some toys.
"Is that who I think it is?" he asked and I nodded.
"Oliver has been waiting for you to come over!"
"Oliver?" the goofball asked, "His middle name better be Colby!"
"Uh.. It's Kennedy," I laughed.
"What?! I won't stand for this!"
"Relax, Colbs!" Sid chuckled, then Mario came in.
"Hey Brie, you've got a call.."
"Keep an eye on Ollie, please?" I asked Sid, who nodded, so I took the phone and went into the kitchen.

"Hi, Miss Fleury. I'm the owner of the house you're looking to lease?"
"Oh, yes! Mr. Ross, how are you?"
"Good.. But unfortunately, I have some bad news. I can't lease the house to you."
"I'm sorry?" I asked, nearly dropping the phone.
"It's come to my attention that you're a single parent. I'm afraid I can't lease you the house."
"You're discriminating against me because I'm not livin with my son's father? Yeah, we'll be living in different houses, but he lives in Sewickley.." I tried.
"I'm sorry, I just can't. Take care, Miss Fleury."
The phone clicked and I hung up, rushing to Mario's office.
"So?" he asked expectantly.
"I got denied the house because I'm a single mom," I choked out; I had really gotten my hopes up about that house.
"Oh, I'm so sorry.. Hey, I'll help you find another place. I'll get looking once I finish this up.." I could tell that he was just trying to make me feel better.
"Thanks.. I'm gonna go hang out with Colby. And thanks for not making a big deal about me and Sid in the kitchen last night."
"No worries," the man grinned.
When I returned to the boys, Sidney asked who I had spoken to.
"No one important," I shrugged.

Around noon I helped Nathalie make lunch for everyone, and we all sat at the dining room table to eat. I had Oliver in a high chair in between Sidney and myself; and Colby was on the other side of Sid.
I looked across the table to Mario, shaking y head as if to say not to mention the phone call. He understood, then brought up the upcoming game.
After lunch, Colby was watching me do dishes while Sid entertained Ollie.
"Hey Brie, do you think Siddo and I could take Oliver out with us?" Colby asked smoothly, knowing how to get me to agree.
"Where are you going?"
"Out to do man things," he replied, and I heard Sid let out that high-pitched near giggle at his best friend's response.
"Yeah.. I'll let you do your male bonding thing," I smiled, "Just get Ollie's coat and shoes."
Colby nodded and left the kitchen.
"You be careful, okay Sid?" I said as I played with Oliver's sock-covered foot.
"I will, I promise. We're gonna go hang out with Jordan, TK, Tanger, Maxime and your brother," Sidney told me with a smile.
"Oh, sounds like a total dude fest," I laughed as Colby came back.
Once they were ready, I told them to be save and have fun.
"Bye boys," I said, giving Colbs a hug and kissing Sid's cheek.
When they left, I went and found Mario.
"You think we can look online for houses?"
"Sure, but don't you want to tell Sid?"
"I will when Colby leaves. I don't want to ruin his visit," I reasoned.
So Mario and I went into his office and hit the web to try and find a reasonable place.