Friday, July 31, 2009



Wednesday, Sidney and I went house hunting. Not wanting to bring Oliver with us, I offered Austin and Stephanie a babysitting gig. Of course, Nathalie would be there, but I wanted to reward them for being so great with Ollie.
We went to four different places before stopping for lunch to talk them over.
"I dunno. All of them have something I love, but something I absolutely hate too.. Like the one with the nice rooms but god awful tile. Ew," I sighed, crossing it off of the list.
"Yeah, but you have to take the good with the bad. It's not like you can't tear up the tile and redo it, you know," Sidney smiled, stealing a sip of my raspberry lemonade.
"Sid!" I swatted his hand away as he went to take my glass again.
After lunch we looked at a few more houses, but none of them jumped out at me.
"We'll have better luck tomorrow. I saved the best for last," Sidney told me as we returned to the Lemieux's.
"Thanks for the encouragement. I just want to see my little boy," I replied, walking into the living room to find Stephanie and Austin trying to get Oliver to crawl through a maze of couch cushions and it looked like they were all having fun.
"Okay, playtime's over, guys. It's time for this guy to take a nap," I laughed, lifting him up off of the floor and handing the kids their money.
"Thanks Brie," they grinned, going to clean up the cushions.

Later that night, I invited Sid to sleep in my room with me. It was wierd for me to have to ask, but our relationship wasn't totally back to normal.
It was pretty innocent; we talked and kissed after putting Oliver to bed, but we mostly kissed.
Around 1:30, I noticed my phone vibrating so I quickly grabbed it, not wanting to wake Sid or Oliver.
"Hello?" I asked once I was in the bathroom at the far end of the wing.
"Hay Brie!" Carey Price's voice slurred as I shut the door behind me.
"Are you drunk?" I asked; it had been so long since I had spoken to him.
"No. I'm bored though," he laughed.
"Look.. I'm at the Lemieux's. Things are getting better with Sid, so I don't think I should be talking to you."
"Crosby and I are fine. I doubt he'll throw a fit again."
"I don't know," I shrugged, "I really don't want to mess up."
"Are you gonna bring Oliver when the Pens come to play here at the end of the season?" he asked.
"I don't think I'll be going up to Montreal for a while, so no. Sorry."
"Awh, come on, Brie! Don't be a loser."
"So now I'm a loser, eh?" I laughed quietly, "Not the best way to convince me.. There you go again! Getting me to talk to you even though I know I shouldn't,"
"Then hang up already," Carey teased.
"Alright, I will! Bye!" I ended the call, shutting off my phone and returning to my room.
When I got back into bed, Sidney rolled to face me.
"Where'd you disappear to?"

I was so ready to blurt out a lie, but then I thought about the consequences.
"Carey called me," I admitted.
"What?" he asked, "It's two am."
"I know.. I told him he shouldn't be calling me because you and I are finally getting things together and I didn't want to put everything we're working toward at risk. I love you too much to do that," I couldn't believe I was saying.
"Hey, I love you too. Which is why I'm going to say that I don't mind if you're friends with Carey Price, or anyone else for that matter.. Except Ovechkin."
"Well, of course," I laughed, "And I shouldn't need your approval to be friends with someone, but it feels better than being secretive."
It was weird knowing that Sidney was okay with this, but all in all, telling him was the best choice I could have made at that moment.
"Goodnight, Sid," I smiled as he told me, "Bon nuit."

After Sidney had practice the next day, we were out house searching at ten thirty. We even checked out a few apartments. I was all for a two bedroom apartment downtown, but Sidney seemed to have a different idea.
"I just think Oliver should grow up in a house, so he has a backyard and room to play," Sid defended himself as we drove to the next house on our list.
"A house isn't exactly in my budget, you know."
"Money isn't an issue, seriously," he told me.
"No, Sid. I don't want to go through life having things handed to me, and the same thing for Oliver."
"Come on, I have more money than I know what to do with.."
"Your contract with the team is for five years. So, we get a house now. Five years later, you're a free agent who wants to play for Montreal. Then what?" I asked.
"Sell the house. It's no big deal, Aubs," he shrugged.
"I don't think I'll be able to if we find that perfect dream house."
"I thought that was in Halifax," he reminded me as we pulled up, making me blush.
"Very true, you got me there."

We walked through the two story, three bedroom, two bathroom house and I was amazed. The place had a decent sized backyard, a good layout throughout the house and wasn't in the middle of nowhere, which was good for Sid, who has no sense of direction whatsoever. I loved the wood flooring and counters that matched the walls. The kitchen was a good sized for someone who liked to cook, and I was all for it.
"This is the one," I told him quietly as we stood in the master bedroom.
"I thought you'd like it. Told you I saved the best one for last," he winked.
We talked to the real estate agent, telling her we needed a bit to think everything over.

Back at the Lemieux's, I enthusiastically told Mario and Nathalie about the house I adored over dinner.
"But you know, as much as I loved that house, it's just a house. I'll find something that I can manage and make my own," I added, making Nathalie smile.
"That's a great attitude to have, especially nowadays," she nodded, looking to her children, "You four should be a little more optimistic about everything."
"Yes mom," they chimed sarcastically, giving each other weird looks.
"Oh, so I talked to your dad today, Sid," Mario brought up, and I tried to hide my annoyed expression.
"Really? What did he have to say?" Sidney asked from beside me.
"Just that he wants to talk to you tomorrow."
"Ok, thanks."
I stared at my plate, thinking about how awkward it would be to yet again watch a game with Troy Crosby.

After dinner Sid and I brought Oliver down to the basement so we could play some table hockey.
"When I get some free time between the next games and practices, we can go talk to the realator and start to get that house."
"Sidney, did you not hear what I said at dinner? I would be totally fine with an apartment, since it's definitely something I could afford," I reminded him as I blocked his shot with my goalie.
"Yeah, but I don't want you to be 'just fine'. I want you to be happy. And it's not just for you, you know."
"I do.. It's for Ollie too," I nodded.
"No, I'm thinking more along the lines of us," he answered, making me look up from our game. I heard the little puck hit the back of my net; Sidney had just scored big time.
"Really? You'd move out of here?"
"You know I would, for sure. I want to be where I need to be, which is with you and Oliver."
I smiled brightly, placing the little puck on the center ice face off circle.
"You're going down."
"That's what you think," he laughed, and our match continued.


Gwendolynn said...

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Heather said...

Lame that was NOT! Parker that was my favourite chapter so far! Simply for him telling her he'd moved out of the Lemieux's to stay with Aubrie and Oliver.

Love love love loved it!

Cathy said...

Great update!! So glad that they found a house for all of them!!!

Molly said...

aww :]
sid's such a sweetheart for wanting to move out with them!
things are looking up

mrsjordanstaal11 said...

Aw, so adorable. I love that Sidney would do anything for Brie. And that he is finally okay with her talking to Carey.
"Except Ovchekin." Absolute favorite part.
Great chapter, as always. I can't wait for more!

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an i loved when he told her he wanted to live with was so cute.

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I'm sooo happy you updated. This chapter was great!

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