Friday, August 28, 2009



The days leading up to the end of the season were pretty hectic. When Sid wasn't at practice, he was helping me pack his things and furniture shop. Most of my belongings were already in boxes being shipped from Sorel or were at Henry's in the spare room I once resided in.
When Sidney left for Montreal on Friday, I enlisted Vienna's help.
We went and looked at decor for the kitchen, living room and anything else we could think of. Sid and I had already decided on all of our decorating plans and colour schemes, so I didn't need him by my side to pick out towels for our bathroom.

"So are you excited to finally be doing this? Settling down with Sidney, I mean," Vienna asked as we ate sandwiches in my new kitchen.
"In a way, yeah. I never imagined it happening under such circumstances though," I said as I nodded to Oliver, who was just relaxing in his motorized swing, "I don't want Sid to feel like he's trapped."
"Oh please. You know that even if you two didn't have that adorable baby boy he would still be head over heels for you," Vienna assured me.
"After the whole Carey Price thing? I doubt it. But all I'm sure of is that I can't mess up now."
"That's what relationships are about! You have to be able to make mistakes and get through them together," the insightful woman said to me.

A bit later, the movers came with the furniture and a bunch of boxes so I could try and speed up the whole process.
While I directed the men, Vienna kept an eye on Oliver, to which I was very grateful for.
The week before, we had painted the majority of the interior, so we didn't have to deal with the gross fumes. Everything seemed to be coming together.
The movers were done by the time the Pen's last game of the season came on and I was glad to be able to sit on a couch and watch.
"This house is gonna look great when you're done with it," Vienna grinned as I held Ollie close, feeling the sudden twinge of missing Sidney.
"Yeah, I hope it matches how I'm picturing it."
I wanted a contemporary, modern look with homey touches.
In the living room, there were shelves already built in to the wall where the TV stood so we could put up trophies, awards, photos or whatever we saw fit.
Before Sidney had left, he set his favourite stick from Juniors leaning up against the shelf, so I put my favourite with it, which had made him extremely happy.
"Interesting decorations.. Bringing your passion out subtly," Vienna noticed.
"Sid loves symbolic stuff like that. He can't wait to put up nets in the back yard," I laughed.

After the Pens won three to one over the Habs, Vienna went home and I put Oliver to bed in his nearly-finished room.
I spent a few more hours doing laundry, making my new bed, straightening up and trying to stay up until Sidney got back.
At three am, I got a call from someone that caught my attention.
"Hey Brie, it's Bill." I had a bizarre feeling about Papa Guerin calling.
"What's up?"
"Well, I just wanted to know where to drop Sid off. He's a bit tipsy after our little celebration and I'm not letting him drive."
"Oh, okay! You can just bring him to our house," I nodded.
"Ooh, I get to see the new place! Cool, I'll have him there soon."
Once I hung up, I heard a key in the lock of the front door, and in walked Sidney.
He was wearing a handsome, subtly striped suit and a pressed white dress shirt with a cute, black and silver chunky striped tie.
It stunned me how put together he appeared.
"Aubrie, I'm home!" he grinned, putting down his equipment bag and suitcase so he could give me a hug.
"You're not drunk at all," I mused, taking in his fresh, clean scent with a hint of his cologne.
"I wasn't sure if you were here or not, so I had Billy call you," Sid smiled, taking a long look at me, "What are you doing up still?"
"Laundry, cleaning up, the movers came today... And guess what they brought," I couldn't help but flash a devious smile up at Sidney as I played with the lapels for his suit jacket.
"What, the couches?" he asked, playing dumb.
"Nope. Try again," I uttered just above a whisper, pulling at his tie, bringing him close for a kiss.
"Ahh. I suppose you want to go break in the new bed then?"
I nodded eagerly, taking his hand after locking the fron tdoor, then pulled him upstairs to our room.
Sid kept stopping to look at what I had arranged and unpacked, which was getting on my nerves.
"Fine Sidney. If you don't want to, I'll just go to sleep," I threatened, making him whirl around to stop me.
"Oh no you don't. You're not getting off that easy," he chuckled, giving me a long overdue kiss that made me lose my breath.

Oliver was up at his normal 8:30, and since Sid didn't have practice until two, we spent the morning just laying in bed with Ollie in between us.
"I love mornings like these," I admitted, moving all of my hair over my right shoulder.
"Well, our first game of the playoffs isn't until Wednesday."
"You nervous?" I asked, smiling softly.
"I'm more excited, but still a little nervous. Do you think we could invite the guys over for a little house warming party?"
"That sounds awesome, but the house isn't anywhere near being done," I laughed, smiling even more as Oliver mimicked me.
"When do you think he'll start talking?" Sid asked as he watched the boy intently. I knew he couldn't wait to hear his first words.
"Soon, I hope! He's been making word-like sounds!"

When Sid came back from practice, he informed me that the little get together would be tonight.
Somehow I managed to throw it all together, and the guys and their wives started showing up around seven.
Sidney was dressed in slacks and a dress shirt, while I wore a slimming black cocktail dress and simple heels. We dressed Oliver in a cute jumper that matched the main colours in Sid's shirt, which all of the women adored.
Everyone mingled, eating h'or dourves, complimenting the house and all of that formal party stuff.
Sid had taken Oliver to chill with the men, and not long after I spotted Jordan carrying my baby.
"I'm sorry. You'll have to excuse me," I told Vero, Oksana, and Mrs. Gonchar before heading after the Staal boy.

"Jordan," I hissed, making him stop as he reached the second floor of my house.
"Yeah?" he asked, holding onto Ollie carefully.
"Just what do you think you're doing?"
"What do you mean?" Jordan replied.
"Who do you think you are, carrying my son around my house? I can't believe.. No. You know what, just give him to me. It's almost his bedtime." I shot Jordan a glare, taking Oliver out of his arms. I was furious at the nerve of this man.
"Look, you obviously have something against me, and you always have. I don't care anymore, so get over it and please don't try and handle my son."
With that said, I wend back down stairs for a bit before having to thank everyone for coming to our little get together and that we'd have to do it again soon.

With everyone gone, I put Oliver to bed and had a talk with Sidney about Jordan.
"He was just trying to help. He offered to walk Oliver around because he was getting too antsy.."
"No. He doesn't like me at all. He's not going to help me at all," I said from the bathroom as I finished brushing my teeth.
"Oh, and just so you know.. My mom's coming to town on Tuesday," Sid decided to tell me now.
"What?" I gaped, grabbing the nearest damp washcloth and hurling it at him, "That is not funny at all, mister!"
"I'm being totally serious," he chuckled, picking me up and tossing me onto the bed, teasingly unbuttoning his shirt while I laid there, fake-seething so he would continue.

Sunday, August 9, 2009



On Monday, Sidney and I met with the realator after his practice to sign off on papers and put an offer in for the house.
"I'm really excited about this," I grinned, squeezing Sid's hand after we filled out every imaginable form ever and putting in the offer.
"Me too, Aubs. Maybe we should get Henry and Vienna and all go out for lunch."
"How about dinner? I kinda have something planned already."
"Oh?" he asked, shooting me a curious look.
"Yeah, it's spring break so I coordinated with all of the kids I've coached at Langley. We're all getting together at the Iceoplex and I'm bringing Ollie. You're invited too, of course," I laughed, giving him a swift kiss before getting into the Range Rover.
Although we had become a lot more physical with each other, we hadn't discussed our current relationship and didn't have a label for it, which seemed to be working so far.

Once I had my practice bag, I got Oliver ready and the three of us went to the rink.
We headed into the locker room and I was greeted by many familiar faces.
"Hey guys, meet Oliver!" I told them before going around and saying hi to everyone individually.
"Are you sure you don't want to play, Sid?" I asked him as I laced up my skates.
"Yeah, I'm good. The teams will be uneven if I do, anyway. Ollie and I will be your cheerleaders."
"Thanks," I smiled, watching him grin sheepishly.
"Dude, Brie. I'm glad your kid is cute," Jared told me after we hit the ice.
"Yeah. I've seen some ugly babyies, but you got a good one," Casey chuckled. They were the two boys I had definitely missed the most.

Even though this was just a pickup game, everyone seemed to be playing as if it was Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, Aubrie included.
"Ollie, look at mommy go!" I had him sitting so he could see the game, and I pointed at Aubs. She was skating and playing like she had never left the ice, and it amazed me.
I knew she missed playing, but I also knew that she had new priorities.. I still felt for her though; I could never imagine giving up hockey like she did.
I watched her joke around on the bench an I saw the old Aubrie resurfacing; the one who didn't have a care in the world- except for her passion for hockey.
They all took a break after the first 'period' so she skated over to me.
"How are my two favourite boys?" she asked, leaning on her stick and holding her helmet. Despite all of her gear and tired look, she was beautiful in her jersey and skates.
"Enjoying the game. You having fun?" She nodded enthusiastically, smiling brightly, having scored twice and assisted once.
Aubrie took off her glove and ruffled Oliver's soft, dark hair, then mine before returning to her game.
I was glad that she was playing; I had never wanted her to stop. If only we could both do what we love all the time. Then everything would be perfect, but that wasn't going to happen.. Not now at least.

After hanging out with everyone, we went back to Mario's and had lunch before putting the little guy down for nap time.
Aubs and I sat in my room playing Gin, talking about today.
"You looked great out on the ice. I'm glad your team won," I laughed, picking up a card only to discard it immediately.
"Thanks.. I felt great out there. I really missed actually playing with a big team," she admitted.
"I could tell. Maybe you should join a local league," I suggested.
"Eh, I don't know. We'll see," she shrugged, "Let's just take one thing at a time. I just want our offer to get accepted for the house right now."
"I'm surprised you're so ok with not getting to play.. It's what you've always wanted to do," I mused, sorting my cards as she finished her turn.
"Things change, you know? Yeah, it sucks that I can't live out my dreams and play. But stuff happens. I have dreams and hopes for Oliver now." I could tell she was a little unwilling to admit that, but it was good that she did.

I was starting to feel weird about sharing my thoughts about my dying dreams of a hockey career, so I brought up a new topic.
"Henry said they want us to bring Oliver to dinner."
"He's determined to get into the kid's good graces, isn't he?" Sidney chuckled.
"Oh, you know he is. Once he gets his mind set on it, there's no stopping Hen," I confirmed.

Our dinner went extremely well; Oliver seemed to have warmed up to Henry, who was pleasantly surprised and over the moon about it.
April came quickly and the Pens were on a road trip to play Carolina and both teams in Florida.
The day they were supposed to be coming home, I got a phone call from the woman who was our realator.
"Good news, Miss Fleury!" she immediately announced, even though I insisted she call me Aubrie.
"You and Mr. Crosby are the new owners of that gorgeous house! They accepted your offer."
"That's amazing!" I was grinning ear to ear, rifling through my purse for a pen.
"All you two need to do is come to my office as soon as possible to go over everything and make it official!"
"How about later this afternoon?" I asked.
"Sounds great. I'll see you soon."
As soon as I hung up, I called Sidney.
"Hey Aubs, what's up?" he answered and I could hear people in the background.
"Are you at the airport?"
"Yeah, we just landed and I'm getting my stuff."
"Well hurry back, okay?"
"Why? Did something happen?" I could tell I was putting him in panic mode.
"You'll find out. Bye dear," I finished, ending our call.

Sidney was here in half an hour, immediately finding me in my room.
"What's going on?" he asked, clearly flustered.
"The realator called. We got the house," I told him, watching a smile hit his face.
"We need to go finalize everything before you go to Montreal, so let's go." I lifted Oliver up and out of his crib; he was coming with us since no one else was home.

"This is amazing," Sidney reiterated as he drove to the woman's office.
"I know. It's gonna be a hassle to move, but I'm actually looking forward to it."
"Good. I'm hoping I'll be able to help.. I don't want to make you do it by yourself."
"It's fine, really. Whatever works out, with playoffs and all. I have a good feeling about everything now."
"You're optimistic enough for the both of us," he laughed.
We signed all of the necessary documents to get our house, the realator gave us the keys and told us that we could move in whenever we wanted; it had previously been unoccupied.

We left the woman's office, picked up some Chinese food and had dinner on the living room floor of our new house, spending the whole time talking about decor and arrangements. We took notes of things we would definitely need, while Oliver crawled around and inspected his new home.
I pulled out my camera from my bag, snapping a few shots of the little boy on the go, then Sid wanted to be in a few.
"I need some to put up in my stall at Mellon! Get over here!" He pulled me in, getting me to take pictures of all three of us, myspace-style, which made me laugh.
"We can add these to his baby book," I told him as we looked through about thirty pictures we had just taken, "And I look horribly ridiculous in every one!"
"You've got to be kidding. You look gorgeous, so don't sell yourself short," Sidney told me, a look in his eyes that I hadn't seen in a very long time.
He wanted me, and I wanted him more than anything, but it wasn't the right time or place.
"Once we're out of the Lemieux's and moved in here, Sid," I promised, giving him a hard kiss and making him groan loudly.