Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Monday morning I dropped Sidney off at practice on my way to take Oliver for his check up with the new pediatrician. The poor thing had to get a booster shot, but other than that he was fine. I wasn't totally sure, since he had been pretty fussy lately, but the doctor just told me that he's teething.
After the appointment, Ollie and I went grocery shopping and had just enough time to get it all home and put away before going to pick Sid up at noon.

When I was entering the rink, Jordan was leaving.
As we passed one another, I gave him an icy glare that made him stop.
"What, Jordan?"
There had always been tension between us; ever since we beat the crap out of each other so long ago.
"Why are you being such a bitch?" he blurted, ignoring my baby's presence.
"Why have you always been a jerk? Is it because you're like a little boy at an art auction? You can look, but can't touch because Sidney outbid you?" I smirked, knowing that Jordan had always seemed interested in me.
"Hell yeah, I am. I still can't believe that you picked him. I wanted to be the one you would sneak into the dressing room to see before every game, not my fucking Captain," Jordan exclaimed, using his arms for effect.
"Where is all of this coming from? I never showed any interest in you.."
This whole thing was weirding me out.
"Oh come on. You cheated on Sid with Price. Why won't you give me a little something? Is it cause I'm too local? You won't screw anyone on the same team, but any other city, you're game?"
As soon as he finished that sentence, I slapped Jordan across the face with all I could muster.
"Now you listen to me, Staal. I never did anything with Carey Price, and I sure as hell wouldn't even think about doing anything with you, ever," I spat, then looked up over his shoulder to see Sidney standing there with all of his gear, ready to go.
"Hey, Sid," I smiled briefly before glaring back to Jordan, who blew me a kiss and winked before heading to his car.

"What was that all about?" Sidney asked as we got into the Range Rover.
"It was just Jordan being.. Well, Jordan. Oh! Oliver is teething," I shrugged, then changed the subject.
"No, don't do that. I want to know what happened with Staalsy," Sidney said as we arrived at the house.
I had managed to distract him until then though, which was good.
"Nothing. Jordan has always had a little crush on me I guess, and apparently it wasn't as little as I thought. He's jealous of you, Sid," I explained.
"I'd be jealous of me too if I were anybody else. Not because of what I do for a living, but who I get to come home to after every game," he grinned as he took Oliver into the kitchen with him to get a drink.
"It's not good for him to feel that way though," I was worried. Jordan was a resourceful guy.
"He'll get over it, relax," Sid told me, "Why aren't you all freaked out about my mom coming?"
"Oh, merde! That's tomorrow..." I had totally forgotten.
"It'll be fine. We're going to have dinner with my parents tomorrow night, so don't stress."
"That totally makes me feel better!" I groaned, not looking forward to this.
"Why don't I just make dinner here so they can see the house? I'd feel a lot better on my own terf."
"That sounds good. I really think you're getting yourself worked up for nothing though," Sid told me, turning his attention to a very playful Oliver.

I spent all Tuesday morning straightening up the house and when Sid got back from practice, he did his absolute best to distract me.
He had come home wearing a fitted, plain black shirt and khaki shorts with sneakers, obviously on a mission.
"You didn't shave before you left today," I mused as I prepped everything for a proper Quebecois dinner.
"I know. It's playoff beard time," he grinned, stroking his non-existent beard.
"Oh, well then. Come here," I motioned for him to stand in front of me.
When he complied, I ran my fingers along his jawline, taking in its smooth feel.
"What are you doing?" Sid laughed, setting his hands on my hips.
"I'm not going to get to feel this until June! I gotta make it last," I smiled before planting sweet kisses all over his face.
I really didn't like the feel of his greasy facial hair, but I dealt with it only because Sid looked cute trying to get it to grow.
"Who knows. Your beard could be better this year, now that you're twenty-one and all!" I watched Sidney smile, a thought clearly crossing his mind.
"Hey, why don't you do something too, since you can't grow a beard, you know?"
"Yes, I know I can't grow a beard, dear," I giggled as he tickled my sides for being sarcastic with him.
"How about you let Oliver's hair grow out.."
"That's only cause my hair is already growing out and it's gross if I grow out any other hair," I laughed at Sid's suggestion and how he flushed at my response.
"Well, you could wear a dress to every game you come to.. I wouldn't mind that," he winked.
"Okay. We'll let Ollie's hair be free and I'll dress sexy for my Siddo every game. Sound like a deal?" I asked softly, letting my breath float across his neck.
"Deal. Aren't you supposed to be cooking?" Sidney teased me back.
"I can't cook if you're distracting me. Why don't you go play with your son?" I laughed, pecking his cheek quickly and pushing him away playfully.
"Keep acting the way you are and we'll be spending the rest of the day in bed," he said sternly, trying to keep a straight face as he headed into the living room where Oliver was in a play pen.

After a few hours of prepping and cooking, I decided to go shower and get ready.
"Hey, Siiidneey, would you and Ollie like to get cleaned up avec moi?"
Around six, dinner was just about ready, we were all clean and dressed, and by six thirty, Sidney's parents arrived.
Sid was busy with Oliver and getting him fed, so I answered the door.
"Hello, come in," I greeted them warmly; if this was gonna go smoothly, I had to go all out.
"Aubrie, you look beautiful, as always," Trina smiled, shooting her husband a glance, who nodded.
"Very pretty dress," he told me.
"Thanks," I flushed, "The boys are in the living room, I think.."
I led them in, only to find the guys exactly where I thought they'd be.
"Hey mom, dad," Sidney grinned and I watched Trina gape.
"Is that him?" she uttered at the sight of the giggling baby.
"This is Oliver," Sid introduced our son to his grandmother, who was absolutely delighted.

We all sat down for dinner and made small talk for a bit.
"You two picked a gorgeous house.. It's really going to turn into a lovely home once it's all settled into," Trina grinned.
"Thank you, I really appreciate that," I smiled, looking to Sidney.
"Yeah, thanks mom."
I couldn't help but feel like Troy still hated me, but I still didn't care. He isn't my father, so I don't have to answer to him.
I had made crepes for dessert, but it was obvious that Troy didn't want to stay any longer than he had to.
The two went into the living room to have a chat while Sid and I cleared the table in the dining room and put all of the dishes in the kitchen sink.
"Mom loves Oliver, I know it," Sidney assured me while I coddled the little boy.
We decided to separate Trina and Troy so we could figure out their opinions and get the scoop.
"I'm sorry to bother you, Trina, but would you like to come help me put Ollie to bed?" I asked, watching her eyes light up.
"Of course." She followed me upstairs, and I let her hold him while I got his pajamas out.
"He's truly a gift, isn't he?" Trina asked, walking him around the spacious room. We had painted it a soft, golden colour and there were little black accents everywhere. It was a subtle touch instead of going all out with Penguins decals and all that.
"Yes, he is," I nodded.
"I guess you can say I was pretty upset when I found out, but now that I se you and my son and Oliver.. I know I was wrong to feel that way. This really has brought you closer with him, and I'm glad."
"I just hope your husband will feel the same way. I think Oliver would really benefit from Troy being in his life..."
"I know. I hope he can get over himself too," she laughed, knowing what I was getting at.