Sunday, February 28, 2010



Sidney and I were in full on plan mode.
We had decided that everything would take place at the house on the lake, and it would be gorgeous.
It was going to be a small wedding and I couldn't be happier.
A few weeks had gone by, and I could tell Sidney was feeling stressed.
He was laying on the floor in the living room and messing around with Oliver, who was investigating Sidney curiously and pulling at his hair.
"So we need to send out the invitations, but we need a date. When do you feel like marrying me?" I asked from the couch. I had papers and forms and everything I needed spread out on the coffee table.
"Any day is fine. Pick one," he answered.
"Sid, this is kind of important. You don' thave any date in mind?"
"I'm sure whatever you pick will be fine."
"Are you serious?"
"What do you want me to say, Aubrie? I'm not in the mood right now," he snapped at me and Oliver fell onto his chest accidentally.
"We both know that this was gonna be stressful. Do you want to push it back to next summer so we can take our time?"
"I don't know.. I do, but I don't," Sidney sighed, moving Oliver off of him, but Ollie wouldn't leave Sid alone.
I saw Oliver standing, then all of a sudden he was on his bottom, a look of surprise on his little face.
"Sidney! Did you just push him?" I gaped, getting off the couch and scooping Oliver up in my arms.
Sidney ran a hand through his hair, sighing.
"I'm sorry.."
"I think you need to go take your frustrations out in the yard. We'll talk about this later," I told him firmly.

I took Oliver upstairs to play and I watched Sidney taking shots at targets he had previously set up out back.
It didn't bother me that he was rough with Ollie.. Sometimes the little guy practically begged to rough house with us.
I hated that Sid took his annoyance out on his son though.. Maybe it was best to wait until next summer to get married.
While Sidney was out shooting pucks, I called Carey as I kept Oliver entertained.
"Aubrie! Long time no talk," he greeted, making me smile.
"Hey Carey. What's happening?"
He filled me in on what he had been up to. He was mainly chilling and causing a ruckus like usual.
"What's up on your end? How's the little dude?"
"He's a ball of constant energy. It's ridiculous," I laughed, watching Oliver motor around the room on all fours.
"How are things with Sid? I saw the proposal.. It was everywhere."
Sidney didn't realize that NBC had been there to tape the entire thing; it aired on ESPN, TSN and everything in between.
"He's stressed. We were going to get married next summer, but we decided to bump it up to the end of this one.."
"Planning isn't going smoothly, huh?" Carey could read my mind.
"Nope," I shook my head, "Oliver don't go in there."
The boy was curiously peeking into the bathroom, but upon hearing my warning he wandered away from it.
"Does he know his name?" Carey asked me.
"I think so.. He seems to know when we address him or talk about him, because he perks up and looks at us."
"Babies are little geniuses," he mused, "I want one!"
"That's what my brother said. I told him he would change his mind after a day of taking care of Oliver by himself."
"I'd be up for that challenge," Carey laughed.
"Maybe you two can take it on together.. See how you do.."
"I accept your challenge. Tell Marc that he's gotta be the chick in our relationship though."
"Oh, okay Carey," I rolled my eyes as I laughed.
Oliver came over, sitting at my feet and staring at me.
"Hey baby boy!" I smiled brightly, hearing Carey chuckle on the other line.
"Oh, so you're invited to Oliver's birthday bash!"
"Really? Cause I'm definitely gonna be there. You having it on his actual birthday?" he asked and Sidney walked into the bedroom, his face red and covered in sweat.
"I'm gonna take a shower," he muttered, heading into the bathroom and closing the door.
"Was that Sid?"
"Yeah, it was. Uh. Oliver's party will be on his birthday. We're gonna mail out invites or something.. I don't know."
"You're stressed out too," Carey mused.
"Of course I am. Sidney obviously doesn't want to help plan our wedding, so I have to figure everything out," I sighed.
"Well you know you can always push it back.. Don't cause any stress where you don't have to. Hell, we can pull a Wedding Singer and I'll come help you!" he offered, which made me smile.
"I'll keep that in mind. I need to put Oliver down for a nap then talk to Sid."
"Ok, call me later."
"Will do." We said bye, then hung up.
"Come on Ollie, let's take a nap!" I picked him up and went to put him in bed for a well deserved naptime.

I quickly made a few sandwiches for lunch before Sidney came down stairs, and we sat at the kitchen table in silence.
"Did you think about it?" I asked quietly, picking at my chips.
"Yeah.. I want to get married this summer. But-" he cut himself off, making me nervous, "I traded my day with the Cup in September for my birthday and I want to do something huge for Cole Harbour."
"Oh.. I see," I nodded.
"And Ollie's birthday is the day after mine. Then when would our wedding be?" Sidney asked.
"I don't know," I sighed, trying to sort everything out in my mind.
"Maybe we can do it right before the season starts, between training camp and opening day," I suggested.
"Let's just have you, me, Oliver and like thirty people including family come on August fifteenth, then we'll have a week between birthdays and the big day."
"If you're up for the crazy, hectic stress, by all means.. But you can't take your feelings out on Ollie like you did earlier," I warned.
"I know.. I'm sorry about that. I wasn't thinking," he apologized and I could tell he meant it.
"Good. Well, once we're done eating we can get back to work. Carey even offered to help if we needed it."
"We just might," Sidney laughed, "I'm so ready for this.

Over the next week, Sid and I got so much done that it was surprising. We mailed out our invitations for Oliver's birthday and our wedding, we got most of the details hammered out and I was feeling pretty good.
We decided to have a small party for Oliver, because it would be a lot easier to deal with.
I found out that Marc-Andre had his day with the Cup on August sixth, and I had to be in Sorel then quick head to Cole Harbour for Sid's day, then host Oliver's birthday.
Sidney had really come into his role as a dad, taking a lot of the stress off of me, and I could tell both Oliver and Sid were benefiting from it.
"So, are you gonna be ok with leaving us here on our own for a day?" Sid asked as he fed Oliver while I made our dinner one night.
"Of course. You guys will have a blast. And if you have any problems, you can just call me."
"I won't have to. We're gonna have an awesome, issue-free time," Sidney smiled, "Aren't we, Oll?"

As we got more and more of the planning done, things became easier for us. We weren't snapping at each other or feeling resentful, which was great for our relationship.
Spending our mornings out on the dock and our afternoons taking Oliver around town, Sidney and I both had glowing tans and were well rested.
This was turning out to be one of the best summers.
"Hey, let's go take Maggie her invitation!" I said to Sid on the first of July.
I wanted his neighbor to attend because she was the sweetest woman ever and helped me through some tough times the last time I was out in Halifax.
I grabbed the envelope while Sid got Oliver and we walked over to her house after lunch.
I rang the doorbell, expecting to see the familiar, bright-eyed woman.
Instead, a man in his mid or late thirties answered.
"Uh, is Maggie here?" I asked hesitantly.
"No, I'm sorry," he replied.
"When will she be back?" Sid questioned, "We live next door.."
"I know. Maggie passed away in January. I'm her son, Ralph."
"Oh.. We're very sorry for your loss," I managed to blurt out," We'll be on our way then.."

While we walked back to the house, Sidney took my hand and squeezed it gently.
"You gonna be ok?" he asked, adjusting Oliver in his other arm.
"Yeah, I guess. She was an amazing woman."
"I know," he tol me and we went into the house.
Sid put Oliver in his play pen and pulled me into a comforting hug.
"Thanks," I muttered into his neck as he rubbed my back.
"Anytime. It's what I'm here for," he answered, giving me a quick kiss.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010



After the huge parade downtown to celebrate the win, Sidney, Oliver and I were on a plan to Halifax.
Ollie wasn't fussy at all today, which surprised me completely. He did well at the parade, and despite hating planes, he did well since he was snuggled in Sidney's arms the whole time.

When we got to Sidney's house, we immediately showed Oliver around, introducing him to Sam, the rather energetic dog that Trina had brought back over.
I put Ollie down for a nap in the playpen we had set up, then Sid and I headed out to the dock.
Sidney did a little fishing and I sat beside him, holding on to the baby monitor.
"I'm surprised he's being so good," I said, dipping my feet in the water.
"Dont jinx it!" Sidney laughed as he threw out his line.
"So tomorrow I was thinking about going to the rink to see if I can get in on a pick up game or something." I said casually.
Of course I had brought my gear with me.
"Are you sure you want to play? It's summer!" Sidney replied.
"Well yeah. I only got to play a few times back in Pittsburgh. Will you be okay with Oliver?" I asked, looking over at Sidney with a questioning glance.
"Oh for sure," he nodded, "I need to get used to taking care of him by myself."
"And why's that?"
"So I can give you a break! You need to have a life to. I hate making you stay cooped up in the house when I leave for trips."
I knew Sid was being totally honest; he had been trying to learn everything I did for and with Oliver during the day.

The morning after our relaxing first day in Halifax, I got up around eight and left for the rink.
I did a quick workout to warm up, then around nine I found a group of guys to play with. The girls weren't practicing until later in the afternoon.
They seemed nice enough, but from my past experiences I should have known better.
These men, all in their late teens to mid-twenties were aggressive on the ice.
I did my best to keep up with their fast pace and I actually played pretty well considering.
I took a faceoff and the guy I picked the puck off of had a few words for me.
"Who the hell do you think you are?" The 6'4", lean, golden blond center asked as he shoved me into the boards, getting in my face as I tried to keep playing.
"I'm the girl that's gonna show you how it's done," I grinned, zipping around him to catch up to my teem mate that needed to pass. The puck hit my tape and then the back of the net. I shot this dude a triumphant, snide look, having a feeling I'd regret it.
My next shift out, I was up against this pseudo-intimidating guy again. By the way he was looking at me, I could tell something was gonna go down.
Once the puck dropped, I took the draw and watched him throw off his gloves, pulling off his helmet.
"Come on, you think you're one of the guys?" he yelled at me and I let my gloves hit the ice.
The second my helmet was off, he began throwing punches. I noticed that everyone around us was shocked that I was fighting.
Sure I got in a few good punches, but I had nothing on this enormous dude.
We would have kept going, but practically the whole team separated us.
I skated around and gathered my gloves, then a team mate handed me my helmet and stick.
"Thanks," I nodded, "I had fun playing with you all.. Minus this little scrap."
"Come play with us whenever!" One of them told me and I smiled.

When I got back to the house, I noticed that it was pretty quiet. Being close to noon, I figured the boys would be up and about. Guess I was wrong.
I took the opportunity to look at my reflection in one of the bathroom mirrors and I gaped at the black eye I had going on. My lips were a little cut up too, but nothing major.
I walked up to the bedroom and saw Sid laying in bed with Oliver on his chest, and Sid was reading an issue of The Hockey News in a soothing voice.
"Hi," I greeted them, immediately catching Sid's attention.
"What happened to you!?"
"Long story. I'm gonna take a shower first though."
I did just that, then joined my boys in the comfy bed to tell Sidney what went down.

"Are you serious? What made you think you could take him?" Sid asked, now curious as I finished the recap.
"Well I fought Jordan and held my own pretty well.. You and I have even thrown punches. I wasn't gonna let someone walk all over me for playing with the guys and beating them. Hockey is for everyone."
"I know it is," Sidney nodded.
"Well I guess we can't go have a family picture taken anytime soon," I laughed.
We had talked about having one done while we were on the dock yetserday.
"Black eyes heal pretty quick," he told me.
"Quickly," I corrected him.
"That's what I said..."
"No. Quick is an adjective. Quickly is an adverb, which you should have said," I replied, playing with Oliver's little feet.
"What's the big deal?" he asked and I shrugged.
"Being taught English as a second language really hammers in the grammar. Sorry. So what are we going to do all summer?"
"This, I hope," Sidney smiled, rubbing Ollie's back.
"We can't lounge around every day! You'll get flabby," I giggled as I poked his side, listening to his high-pitched laugh that I loved.
"I'm not flabby!" he defended, flexing his arms slightly.
"Not yet you aren't. I'm gonna keep you in shape."
"I like the sound of that," he winked, "But honestly, all I want to do is fish and spend time with you two."
"Well, we have to plan Ollie's first birthday, you know.. And you need to think about your day with the Cup. I'll have to head to Sorel for Marc's day with it.." I told him.
"I can't believe he's almost one already!" Sidney smiled down at Oliver who smiled back with his big, expressive eyes.
"Yep. August eighth is the big day!" I nodded.
"I wish I had been there," he sighed a little and I shook my head.
"No, you don't. Marc was there and I nearly broke his hand. Then he nearly passed out, even though he didn't even see it happen."
"But still, it's the whole idea. I missed him being born," Sidney was obviously unsettled by this.
"I'm sure my brother can give you all the gory details.. And how I was creaming about how much I hated you the whole time," I laughed.
"I think I'll actually have to ask him," Sidney nodded, "Cause we're inviting him to Ollie's birthday bash."
"Who else do you want to come?" I asked curiously.
"Well our parents and Taylor.. Henry and Vienna, Marc, Max, Price, TK, Colby.." Sidney listed people off.
"Wait, you want Carey to come?" I was shocked.
"Yeah. He did what he thought was best, and that was to be there for you when I wasn't.. He's not my rival or my competition. We're actually cool now."
"Wow... Well, that's really unusual of you.. But I'm glad you worked out your differences," I smiled, giving him a quick kiss.
"I'm gonna run downstairs and grab something to eat. Want anything?" Sid asked, slowly lifting Oliver off his chest and laying him on the bed.
"There's some celery and carrots in the fridge.."
"Ranch too?"
"You know me too well," I laughed as Sid got up.

When Sid came back up, we watched some TV and played with Oliver until I decided to ask him something.
"So, I was thinking.." I said, easing myself into the conversation that was ahead.
"About?" Sidney asked, his cute accent taking control.
"I don't really want to wait till next summer to get married," I told him shyly. I didn't want to come off as a bridezilla.
"When do you want to then? You know it's so busy during the season.." He seemed surprised, since I had originally suggested the current time frame.
"The end of the summer?" I shrugged.
"Wait, what? There's so much to plan!"
"It's not like I have anything else to do," I laughed, "If we do this right after your birthdays, practically everyone will already be here."
"I guess.. I don't know," Sidney was clearly hesitant, "Don't you want it to be perfect? That usually takes more than two and a half months."
"Sid, we could get married right now in our pajamas and I would be just as happy, if not more," I said with a smile, which made him grin.
"Ok. If it's what you want, we can kick planning mode into high gear and try to get it done," he gave in.
"Really? This is awesome.. You don't know how excited I am!" I gave him a warm hug before pulling him in for a heated kiss.
"Oh, I think I have an idea," he chuckled, touching my black eye carefully.
"Ouch," I winced as he gently kissed the sore spot.
"There, all better," he smiled sweetly.