Wednesday, March 10, 2010



I dropped Aubrie off at the airport after going through her checking and double checking that I knew what to do if and when anything happened. Reassuring the overcautious brunette that everything would be fine, she finally took my word for it and entered the airport.

When I got home, I took Oliver inside and sat on the floor of my bedroom, sitting him across from me.
I stared at Oliver and he stared at me.
"What now?" I asked, unsure of what to do.
It was only 7:30, his bed time was in an hour.
"Goal!" he answered.
I had been using my knee-hockey stick to roll around a tennis ball and keep him busy for a good chunk of time.
It was hard to play with a tennis ball when the dog was nearby; she loved chasing it too. Sam had taken some time to get used to Oliver, but she was surprisingly good with him. She didn't mind him playing with her tail or petting her, which was definitely a good thing.
"How about we get you a bottle and some jammies? It's not playtime now," I told him, not sure if he understood anything I ever said.

Once I got Oliver into a pair of dinosaur pajamas, I got him a bottle and we laid in bed.
I turned on the TV to catch the tail end of the news and they were talking about me.
Still to this day I think it's the weirdest thing that people have so much to say about me. I just do what I normally do; it's no big deal.
"Dad!" Oliver yelled, pointing at the television as it showed a clip of me playing.
"Yeah Ollie, that's daddy!" I smiled.
I've been spending a lot of time thinking about how my career will effect Oliver when he's older.. I don't want kids being friends with him because of who I am, or who Brie is.
The Lemieux kids handle it pretty well.. I can't help but worry though.
I turned on an episode of Friends that I had recorded, knowing Oliver would like that too. I was starting him off pretty young on the whole Friends thing and Aubrie wasn't so enthused by it.
The one thing I couldn't wait for was to teach Oliver to skate.
I can see it now.
It will take a lot of patience and persistance, but he's definitely going to be learning that from me and have a blast.
I can't wait to show him everything I know..
But I don't want to force it down his throat.
He may not even like hockey..
But in a Canadian family, that's practically blasphemy.
When Oliver finished his bottle, he inched his way over to me and I knew what he wanted.
I laid him on my chest and he let out a content noise as I rubbed his back.
The kid had his own personality for sure and knows exactly how to get what he wants from me.

Oliver was up bright and early, maybe in anticipation of our big day together without Aubrie.
Eight am was pretty early for the summer, but I was up for all the father-son time I could get before the season starts.
"Good morning, little man," I grinned at his bright face.
After we had breakfast, we played for a while, taking pictures and sending them to Aubs, knowing they would make her smile.
We took Sam for a walk, then came back for lunch to find Max Talbot waiting outside for us.
"Max, what are you doing here so soon?"
He was supposed to meet me in Cole Harbour tomorrow to partake in the celebration.
"Yeah well I have nothing better to do," he laughed and we went inside.
Max and I had lunch and cracked open a few beers after I got Oliver fed, then we sat on the living room floor while the little guy tired himself out for a nap.
"Sid, I'm seriously gonna kidnap this child," Max chuckled as Oliver sat on his lap and pulled on his shirt.
"Everyone tells me that! I'm gonna have to lock him up at night or something," I answered, shaking my head.
"Hey Oll, what's his name?" I asked in an excited voice, catching his attention.
"What's my name?" Max went along, pointing to himself with a questioning face.
"Max!" Oliver said, hitting him playfully.
"That's right, little superstar!" he grinned, hugging Ollie, who wasn't very enthusiastic about it.
"Ok, ok! Sorry to offend," Max said, letting him go.
"He looks just like Aubrie," he noticed and I nodded.
"That's what I say too! Everyone else thinks he looks like me," I told him.
"They're crazy. He's got your hair though. Everything else looks like Brie to me.. Except maybe his eyes," Max said as he watched Oliver.
"Thanks for pointing that out," I laughed.

Max, Oliver and I were ready for the drive to Cole Harbour, but I had to call Aubrie first because I couldn't find the bag she had packed.
I hated interrupting her time with her family, but we couldn't find it anywhere.
In Cole Harbour, I dropped Max of at his friend's house, then I arrived at my parents.
My mom came out to greet us, taking Oliver while I grabbed our bags, then we went inside.
"Hey," I greeted my sister, who gave me a hug.
"Where's Oliver?" Taylor asked immediately.
"Oh I see how it is! Mom has him," I told her and she went to find mom.
My dad came into the living room and merely gave me a look before sitting on the couch.
"Hi dad," I tried, but he only nodded my way before turning on the TV.
"Whatever," I sighed and left the room.

While I was giving Oliver a bath in the kitchen sink, my mom told me she was going to pick Aubrie up.
As soon as she left, my dad was in the kitchen with a look on his face that clearly showed his annoyance.
"What?" I asked, rinsing Oliver off and wrapping him up in a towel.
"I just don't get you," he told me, "I thought I raised you better."
"Are you saying that 'better' in your opinion would be to abandon him and just forget that he exists?" My dad was ridiculous.
"Sidney.. I just think you need to be smart about this. Don't be an idiot.. It's not just about the baby.."
"His name is Oliver, dad. He's not 'the baby'. What else is it about?"
"You're not ready to get married. I think you should wait a while.. Maybe even rethink it."
"You're kidding, right? I decide whether I'm ready or not, and I know for sure I am You don't get to tell me that I shouldn't be around my son. How could you eve think about telling me to do that? Look at him." I was leaning against the counter and holding Oliver against my chest and drying his hair with the towel.
"I thought that with the way I was raised, you'd be proud that I was taking responsibility and falling into my new role. If you don't want a part of Oliver's life, that's fine. You're gonna regret it though."

I put Oliver to bed in my room then went down to the basement to let off some steam.
It just bothered me that all my dad worried about was my hockey career rather than his grandson.
If I had to, I would give up my career in a heartbeat for Oliver.
I never really expected to feel that way, but the first time I saw him it hit me like a ton of bricks.

When I saw Aubrie come down the stairs, I immediately felt at ease.
She always seemed to do that to me though.
We talked for a bit, then things started getting hot and heavy.
Of course my mom had to ruin our fun though.
"Come on Sid, I want to see my baby!" Aubrie grinned, pulling me up the stairs with her.
I watched her pick up the fussy Oliver and hold him close.
He quieted down, clutching onto her tightly.
"Ma," he mumbled and I saw Aubs light up.
"Did you hear that?" she asked, sitting on my bed.
"I sure did," I smiled.
Oliver hadn't taken to calling her mom, even though he knew me as dad. She was really worried about it and constantly asked me if it was something she was doing.
"Ooh, what happened here?" Brie asked, feeling the small knot on top of his head.
"He hit the table.. I couldn't stop him," I answered, feeling pretty bad about it.
"Oh well. He's gotta learn not to go under tables somehow!"
I was relieved that she wasn't mad that I let him get hurt- even if it was an accident.
"So I take it you had a good day with Ollie?"
"Of course! We had an awesome day for sure," I smiled and told her about what Max had said.
"Max is on crack! Oliver looks exactly like you," she laughed as I shook my head.
"We'll get unbiased opinions tomorrow at the celebration," I told her as she put the now tired Oliver down to sleep.
"Show me around your house! I've only seen your room and the basement."
I led her around and she stopped in the living room, where all of my awards were displayed.
"We have something like this at my parents house too," she mused and I stood behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist.
"We'll have on in our house," I told her, resting my chin on her shoulder.
"I promise. It'll fill up pretty quickly too," I used an adverb, making her turn around and give me a heated kiss.
"I love it when you use proper grammar."

Saturday, March 6, 2010



Summer practically flew by, and before we knew it I was getting ready to leave for Sorel.
All of our plans were in place; Sid's day, Oliver's party, and our big day. Everything was ready to go and we were both on pins and needles with excitement.
"Okay, so you've got everything you need for tomorrow, right?" I asked, grabbing my backpack as we ran through the procedure one more time.
"Yes dear," Sidney rolled his eyes, looking at Oliver who was in his arms, "Say, 'Yeah mom!'"
Oliver had become a little chatterbox and as soon as he started trying to walk, we were constantly chasing him around the house.
"Yeah!" Ollie cheered and I laughed, giving my little boy a kiss.
"Kisses!" Sidney chuckled, tickling Oliver and making him giggle.
"Let's take mommy to the airport!"
Driving to the small airport, I triple checked everything with Sidney, making sure he would call me if anything happened.
"I got it! Calm down, everything will be fine," Sidney promised, giving me a hug and kiss after I said goodbye to Ollie.
"Alright. I'll meed you guys in Cole Harbour tomorrow night?"
"That's the plan! I'll miss you.."
"I'm gonna miss you too."
We said our goodbyes, then I went to catch my flight.

Marc-Andre's day with the Cup was hilarious to say the least.
He started off the morning with a bowl of cereal courtesy of Lord Stanley.
"Hey, I can still taste the champagne!" my brother grinned, making us crack up.
After breakfast we took family pictures with the Cup, and Vero was in a few with us too.
Then we went out to the lake, where practically all of Sorel had gathered for the celebration.
I stood on shore in my shorts and a purple v-neck, watching Marc-Andre take the Cup out on his boat through my sunglasses.
"Aubrie?" I heard, and my head jerked to the right, spotting a woman I hadn't seen in years.
"I knew that was you! See mom, I told you I was right," the girl told her mother, and her father simply looked at me.
"Hi Katie.. Gregor, Vivienne," I nodded, smiling at Nate's parents and sister.
"We haven't seen you in so long.. What have you been up to?" Katie asked, "We know what's going on with Marc."
"Uh.. Nothing much.. I've been keeping myself pretty busy though," I shrugged, watching my brother's boat stall, knowing that the rope had gotten caught in the propeller like usual.
"I don't think being engaged to the biggest NHL player and being his baby mama is nothing much," Katie shot.
"We hear all about Sidney from your mother. What's your son's name again?" Vivienne asked bitterly.
"His name is Oliver, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't take that tone with me."
"How can she not?" Gregor asked, "We saw that Crosby propose to you on TV. That should have been Nate."
"Seriously? I'm sorry, but Nate has been gone for three years. You didn't expect me to sit around and be alone for the rest of my life, did you? Sidney is the one for me. I know it seemed like Nate and I would have made it, but I caught him with another girl - we wouldn't have lasted," I told them, even though I knew I didn't have to explain myself.
"I don't know if I'm disappointed or ashamed," the man shook his head and my jaw dropped.
"It's not your place. You're not my family, therefore I don't really care about your opinions of what I do," I told them, "Now if you'll excuse me, I'd like to help my brother enjoy his well deserved day with the Stanley Cup."

Throughout the day, Sidney sent me pictures of what he and Oliver were doing.
The most recent was of them with hockey tape on their cheeks like blackout, their hair sticking up like tough guys.
The whole time, I noticed Katie and her parents shooting me looks and probably talking about me, but I didn't care.
This was Marc's day, no one else.
"You know he's probably just using you," Katie said to me as I watched my brother saying goodbye to the Cup before the Keepers took it.
"Excuse me?" I asked, not even looking at the twenty-five year old girl.
"You think it's sheer coincidence that the best NHL player and a promising hockey natural get together and have a kid that is probably going to be the greatest thing on skates."
This girl obviously still felt like it was my fault that Nate wasn't here.
"Katie, don't. Don't start this. Sidney and I are getting married, our son wasn't a coincidence and that wouldn't change even if Nate were alive," I told her, holding my phone as it vibrated; I had a text.
I guess it was dinner time, because this picture was of Oliver and Sid with spaghetti sauce everywhere and I couldn't help but laugh.
Katie shot me a glare and I apologized, showing her the picture message.
"They're really cute," she admitted, "I bet you and Sidney are great together.. Despite what my parents and I think."
"We seriously are. My boys are the best thing that's happened to me in a long time," I nodded.
"I'm happy for you, Brie."
"Thanks," I smiled, giving her a hug and Marc-Andre came over to us.
"Stanley's gone!" he fake sobbed, making us roll our eyes.
"You had a good day though, didn't you?" I asked.
"Then shut up!" Katie finished.
"You guys are just as mean as you used to be.. Mom says it's time for dinner."
I told Katie goodbye, then went with Marc.

Right as I finished dinner, Sidney called me.
"Hey, what's up?" I asked, sitting on the living room couch of my parent's house.
"I'm about to leave for home.. I can't find the bag you packed for Oliver," Sidney sounded stressed.. Like he had looked everywhere he possibly could before calling me.
"It's on a chair in the dining room," I told him, and then I heard a sigh of relief.
"There it is! Thanks babe!"
"No problem. So did you two have a good day? I loved the pictures you sent me.."
"Yeah, it was great! Oliver, don't go under the coffee table," Sidney yelped, then I heard a thud and Oliver started crying.
"Hey I gotta go. He just thunked his head on the table. I love you and I'll pick you up from the airport."
"Okay. Love you too. Give Ollie a hug and kiss for me," I told him, saying bye and hanging up.

When I arrived in Cole Harbour, Trina picked me up instead of Sidney.
We greeted each other warmly, and once we were in her car we got to talking.
"Just wondering, but why didn't Sid come?" I asked, very curious.
"He was giving Oliver a bath before putting him to bed. I didn't want to interrupt him," she told me, "Plus it will give him some time to talk to Troy."
Apparently Sid's father was in an uproar when he got our wedding invitation.
"I know it's crazy that it's so soon, but truthfully Sidney and I are really impatient."
"Oh I believe that!" Trina laughed.
We talked until we got to her home, which I had never been to before.
When we walked in, I heard a sudden clang and jumped.
"Sidney is in the basement," Trina said, showing me the way.
I entered the basement and saw the famous dryer, then I saw Sidney taking shots at it.

"Hey," I announced, barely catching his attention.
"Hi," he nodded, shooting one more puck into the open machine before setting the stick on the wall.
"Your mom said you gave Ollie a bath," I laughed.
"Yeah, well you saw how dirty we got at dinner!" Sidney smiled, pulling me into a hug, "You're a sight for sore eyes."
"What happened with your dad?" I asked, having a feeling that it was bothering him.
Sid let go of me and ran a hand through his hair, making it stick up everywhere.
"Oh just the usual. He yelled at me for being an idiot and throwing my life away, which I'm obviously not doing. I said some things, he said stuff.. Now Oliver is sleeping and I'm down here venting."
"You don't need his approval if you're happy," I told him, picking up the stick he had just put down.
"I know, but it would be nice if he was on board," he said as he watched me scoop up a puck and flick it at the dryer and miss horribly.
"Not as easy as you thought, eh?" Sidney laughed.
"I haven't spent my whole life shooting at it like someone," I retorted, and the next puck I hit went in.
I noticed Sidney giving me a look, so I put the stick back and pulled him in for a kiss.
Pushing him back against the wall, I smiled at the thought of being in control.
"What is this?" he asked, setting his hands on my hips.
"Just a little something," I shrugged, kissing his neck and making him hold back a moan.
"Aubrie," he muttered, making me stop.
"Hm?" I asked, running my fingers through his hair and messing it up even more.
"My parents are upstairs."
"I know. That's the point," I grinned then kissed him roughly.
"You liked when Mario caught us in his kitchen!" Sidney realized.
"That's pretty hot, actually," Sid admitted, and we continued what we were doing.
After a few minutes though, Trina came in and ruined our fun.
"Your child is up and he's not too happy," she told us, trying to ignore the fact that she had just stumbled upon her son playing tonsil hockey.