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Max picked Sidney up early on his birthday to go get ready for the huge day ahead of them; they were being flown in by the Canadian Air Force, then there was going to be a parade, followed by a meet and greet with the community.
We were up and ready to go to the harbour by seven am; Sidney wanted to get an early start.
Troy drove us all to the harbour, and we went to get a good spot to watch everything.
"Are you ready for daddy?" I asked a still sleepy Oliver, who simply nestled into my neck more.
"I don't think he cares right now," Taylor laughed, rubbing Oliver's back. She really liked spending time with her nephew.
"He'll perk up when he sees Sidney," I laughed.

When Sid made his big entrance with Max in a tank, he got into an old-style, bright red, fire truck-esque vehicle and the parade began.
Sid and Stanley rode alone, while Max, Oliver and I were in another, followed by several other cars and floats.
"So how awkward was the car ride over here?" Max asked as he held Oliver. He was surprisingly good with the boy.
"It wasn't too bad.. I was kind of shocked," I told him, watching Sidney grinning like a little boy on Christmas.
"I can't wait to see how the wedding goes down."
"It's gonna be fine, don't get ahead of yourself. There won't be any drama or anything..."
I was having a hard time convincing myself that everything would go well on our day.

When the parade ended, Sidney began taking pictures with everybody that wanted one with the Cup.
Max was off taking pictures to, so I took the opportunity to reapply sunscreen to Oliver.
"Hey Brie, Sid's looking for you. He's done with the photo-op," Taylor told me after a while.
"Oh really?" I picked Oliver up and followed her to where Sidney was.
"Hey Siddo!" I smiled, giving him a quick kiss.
"While we've got the camera, I wanted to get a bunch of pictures of us!" Sidney said, taking Oliver and sitting him in the Cup.
Trina had a digital camera and made us pose.
"I didn't get to see you earlier... Happy birthday," I told him as I fixed Oliver's messy hair.
The boy had dark hair just like mine and Sidney's and he was absolutely adorable.
Trina must have taken over a hundred pictures before she let us go do our own thing.
We talked to everyone that came up to us, and we took the chance to figure out who Oliver really looks like once and for all.
Everybody we asked would seemingly say the same thing; at first glance, they would say me. But after a few seconds, Oliver is definitely a little Sidney.
Sid's grandmother even said that Oliver looks like Sidney did as a baby, and of course her opinion was important.
"See! I told you," I laughed, sticking my tongue out at him.
"What's so wrong with thinking he looks like his gorgeous mother?" Sidney asked, making me blush.
"Because he looks like his handsome father. Case closed," I said cheesily and ended our debate.

Trina took Oliver so Sidney and I could meander and socialize with the Cup.
Later in the afternoon after the huge party had ended, we were at Troy and Trina's.
Sidney decided that he wanted to wash Stanley.
"Aubs, come help me," he said, throwing me a towel once he grabbed some dish soap.
We all went outside , the Keepers included, and Max filmed Sidney cleaning Lord Stanley with a garden hose.
"This is one of the strangest things someone has wanted to do.." one of the Keepers admitted and I laughed.
"Sid takes pride in things like this. He's kind of a neat freak," I mentioned, making Max chuckle.
The next thing I know, I'm being sprayed with cold water from the hose.
"Sidney!" I shrieked, wathching him crack up and finish hosing down the Cup.
While I stood and air-dried, I watched Sidney as he carefully dried Stanley. He took such care making sure it was completely spot free before declaring that he was finished.

We got to keep the Cup until around ten that night. It was kind of like hanging out with a friend; we took tons of pictures and did stupid things with it. I noticed how much fun Sidney was having, and as soon as the Keepers left with it, I asked him how he felt.
"I'm ready for another day like this," he smiled.
"Hey Sid, can I talk to you for a second?" Troy asked and Sidney looked to me.
"Go for it. I'm gonna put Oliver to bed. He's got a big day tomorrow!"
We decided to have a small party in Cole Harbour because so much had been going on. It would be too much to go back to Halifax tonight.

When Aubrie gave me the go-ahead, I followed my dad down to the basement and we took a few shots into the dryer.
"Do you love her?" he asked and I dropped the puck I had been bouncing off of my stick.
"I've been thinking about the talk we had yesterday. A lot of your reasoning for getting married had to do with Oliver, and not Aubrie. I'm just curious, because I can tell she is crazy about you," my dad told me. It was weird that he was shoing concern for her.. He never had before.
"Of course I love her. I'd be an idiot not to. I wouldn't be commiting myself to her if I wasn't in love, and I know she feels the same way," I tried to explain how I felt. It was tough.
"Good, because as much as you think that I don't care or that I don't like Aubrie, I do. She's good for you because she challenged you to do your best. I'm sorry if I've made her feel uncomfortable.."
"You need to tell her that yourself," I sad and he nodded in agreement.

Oliver's birthday party was dinosaur themed, and he seemed to know that it was his day.
Troy had taken the time to apologize to me last night, saying that he had been childish and rude. I told him that it was okay and forgave him for everything. It was nice having that tension disappear.
At Oliver's party, Troy actually interacted with the little boy.
"Would you look at that.." I said to Sidney, who had a smile on his face.
"Did you have anything to do with this?" I asked, watching Troy as he held Oliver and fed him some cake.
"Maybe," he nodded, kissing my cheek.
"Thanks," I smiled as I squoze his hand gently and Max groaned in disgust.
"You two are making me sick," he said, pretending to throw up.
"Oh, come here Maxy," I laughed, giving him a huge hug.
"Don't be getting any ideas," Sidney said to Max, who was apparently making a suggestive face at Sid.
"You can count on me objecting at the wedding," he winked.
"You're uninvited then," Sidney joked.
"Brie, are you going to let him do that to me?" Max asked, playing the kicked puppy.
"No I'm not! I have the final say, so you can come."
The party turned out to be a blast.

Ollie opened presents, had cake, and socialized with his guests. By the time his party ended, he was ready for a nap.
Sidney and I thanked everyone who came, then we put Oliver down to take his nap and went to the living room.
"So after he wakes up we'll head back to Halifax. I have to pick up my dress, then everything will be ready to go," I said, mentally running through the long check list.
"Are you nervous?" Sidney asked, tugging on my hair playfully as we sat on the couch.
"Of course. I'm excited though. Taylor, what do you think?"
The girl had been sitting in the chair beside the couch, watching TV with us.
"I can't wait to have an older sister," she grinned, making us laugh.
"Am I not good enough?" Sidney asked, obviously offended.
"You're cool and everything.. But she can help me do my hair and teach me how to make some sweet saves," Taylor explained.

As the wedding approached, people started arriving in Halifax.
My man of honour, Henry, brought Vienna. Carey, Max, Colby, as well as a ton of other players were spread out around town, as well as Marc-Andre, Vero and our families. We couldn't fit everyone at Sidney's house...
Vero, Vienna and Katie all insisted that I have a bridal shower, where the guys planned to throw Sid a bachelor party.
My parents offered to watch Oliver tonight night, which was only three days before the wedding.
"Have fun at your party," Sidney told me, unsure of what to expect from the party Max, Carey, my brother and a bunch of other guys were planning for him.
"I will. Don't go too crazy tonight. I don't want to find out that you killed a hooker and buried her in the middle of nowhere," I laughed, recalling the movie, 'Very Bad Things'.
"We won't, I promised," he grinned, giving me a kiss before being carted off by the guys.
Soon after, I was commandeered by the girls to a day of spa treatments, manicures, pedicures and the works.
By the end of tonight, I would definitely be ready to walk down the aisle.


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LOVE LOVE LOVE THE UPDATE! hopefully more are to come....maybe sooner!!! pretty please.

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I really wanted to update sooner but I had a ton of stuff going on!
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Aw! Such a cute chapter. I'm glad that things are cleared up between Brie and Troy.

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