Thursday, May 6, 2010



Standing in one of the extra rooms at the house, I stared in the mirror, looking over my dress.
It was exactly what I had always wanted it to be; strapless, sweetheart necked, mermaid style. It wasn't over the top with beading or lace and it was perfect.
"Sidney is gonna pass out when he sees you," Vienna told me as she helped put my veil over my hair, which was down in loose, wavy curls, and we posed for pictures.
I took a few with her, then Henry came over to me.
"I'm so proud of you, Brie," he smiled, fixing the cuffs of his shirt nervously.
The whole idea of weddings stressed him out. Vienna was dropping hints left and right, trying to get him to propose.
"Thanks Hen. Your day will come, and when it does I want to be your best woman."
"I thought that was already decided!" We laughed as the photographer did this thing, then it was time to start.
My mom handed me my bouquet of pink hidden lilies so she could keep a hold of Oliver, who was in a cute, formal looking onsie.

It was four in the afternoon, everyone was in place, and my dad was by my side.
Looking at each other, we nodded and began to walk down the white carpet that covered the grass to make the aisle.
Sidney and I immediately made eye contact and I knew he was awe struck because I was too.
He looked great in his tuxedo and bowtie that matched my bouquet. Sid had listened to me when I mentioned that I didn't want him to use any hair gel, so his hair was perfect.
After what seemed like forever, my dad let me go and I joined Sidney in front of the priest from the local Catholic church.
Sidney took my hand and I glanced up at him with a smile.

I zoned out when the priest began, taking the time to look at Sidney's entourage. Colby was his best man, while Marc and Carey were groomsmen. I admired how handsome they all looked, then I turned my focus back to Sidney.
He had a certain air about him and everything was just right.
Luckily by the time I tuned back in, it was time for the big moment.
The priest asked Sidney if he would have me in sickness and in health and all of that typical stuff, then Sidney gave me a smile before saying that he did.
The priest asked me the same thing, so I shot Sidney a glance.
"I do," I smiled.
We exchanged rings, and it was obvious that we couldn't contain our excitement.
Both of us were practically glowing.
No one objected, though I swear I saw the thought cross Carey's mind.
"Well then! By the power invested in me by the Catholic Church, I can now happily pronounce you Mister and Mrs. Sidney Crosby," the priest smiled, then Sid and I shared a sweet, wedding appropriate kiss.
I grabbed his hand and led him down the aisle back toward the house as everyone blew bubbles rather than throwing rice.

We had an hour or so to ourselves, while everyone was enjoying hor d'oeuvres outside as the reception was being set up.
"I can't wait for later.. Then I can unlace that beautiful dress of yours," Sidney grinned, twirling me around and admiring my dress.
It was a Pnina Tournei and it laced up the back like a corset, but surprisingly I could breathe and move easily.

While everybody was occupied, Sidney and I got the photographer and went out to the dock.
"So how was your bachelor party?" I asked as the guy took picture after picture.
"It was good," Sidney said, leaning closer so the man couldn't hear him, "I-uh-did shots off of a nice woman named Sherice."
My eyes widened and I let out a laugh.
"Well now I don't feel bad about getting a lap dance from a ripped firefighter," I told him and it was his turn to chuckle.
I couldn't even imagine Sidney at a strip club. I guess the guys had peer pressured him, like the girls had done to me.

At five o'clock, the reception began.
Sidney retrieved Oliver from my mother and then both of our families convened to take pictures.
During the dinner, speeches were made by Colby, Henry, and much to my surprise, Troy.
Henry and Colbs of course told anecdotes, but Troy had much more to say.
"I know I haven't been as enthusiastic as I should have been about this.. But when I see how Aubrie and SId are together and with Oliver, I'm proud of them. So congratulations, and I hope you two only continue making each other happy," Troy said, which made me smile brightly.

I threw the bouquet and Vienna caught it, but Henry put up a pretty good fight.
Sid and I cut our gorgeous buttercreme cake, then tried to get as much of it in each other's faces before we had our first dance.
Seeing as neither of us really dance, it had to have been quite the sight.
My next dance was with my father, then Marc, Henry, and Carey cut in.
"How do you feel?" he asked and I could tell he was proud of me, just like my family and Henry.
"I feel great. Are you having fun?"
Carey nodded, looking over to Sidney, who was walking around with Oliver.
"They're happy too," he mused.
"I know," I smiled, "Thanks for coming and being a part of this."
"Of course! There's no way I'd miss it, you're one of my best friends," Carey told me.
"Really? Carey, that's sweet. I'm glad we're besties."
We continued to talk and dance until Sidney came over with a smile.
"You two have been dancing for a while.. Makes me think you're the ones that just got married!" he laughed.
"I'm sorry man," Carey apologized as he let go of my waist.
"I was kidding, Price. I had some time with Oliver while you guys were here," Sid said, patting Carey on the shoulder.
"Well, I'm gonna go get some of that cake. Congratulations again," Carey told us, shaking Sidney's hand and giving me a hug before wandering off.
"Want to dance?" I asked Sidney.
"Yeah... No," he shook his head with a chuckle.

The reception ended pretty late and we were exhausted.
"I can't believe Oliver stayed up this whole time," Sid mentioned after putting the boy to bed.
"He wanted to be a part of the fun!" I said, watching him fumble with his bow tie.
"I'll undo that if you untie my dress.."
"You don't have to ask me twice!" he grinned, making me giggle.
"Was it everything you wanted it to be?" Sidney asked as we laid in bed at two am.
"It was more than I could have ever hoped for," I nodded.

Our last week in Halifax before Sid had to go to training camp was basically our honeymoon.
We relaxed and had fun in the sun, then returned to our home in Pittsburgh.
By then, we had all of our wedding pictures and the photos with the Cup, so we did some decorating and hung a bunch of them up around the house.
With only a few days before Sid's schedule began to get hectic again, I needed to have a talk with him.
I had spent the morning running errands and when I came home, I found that Sidney had made lunch for us.
I thanked him as we sat down and ate; Oliver joined us too with a cut up PB and J of his own.
"So.. As soon as the season starts, I was thinking about putting him in some kind of day care," I said, nodding to Oliver, who now knew exactly when anyone was talking about him.
"What? Why?" Sidney seemed hesistant, "Aren't you going to be home with him?"
"That's the thing. I can't be a stay at home mom for my whole life. I want to teach some classes at the rink. They need instructors for kid, teen and adult hockey.. I can even do one on one classes," I told him.
"You don't mind leaving him with other people while you do that?" Sidney wanted to clarify.
"Not if we do the research and find a good day care. This really means a lot to me..." I felt like I was begging him to let me do this and I shouldn't have to.
"What if I'm home and all of that? I don't want to be here and have him somewhere else.."
"Sidney. He doesn't have to be there all day, every day. It will only be however many days a week that I teach, for a few hours! I don't understand why this is becoming a debate."
"Nathalie would have no problem watching-" Sidney started but I cut him off.
"No. I'm not pawning him off on the Lemieux's! You honestly have no idea what it's like spending every day couped up inside with a screaming baby. I was practically depressed." I was surprised I told him that. I rarely talked about those months I spent in Sorel.
I didn't want to have a huge arguement so soon in our marriage, so I took a breath.
"I'm going to let you think it over, but I made up my mind," I said, putting my plate in the sink and heading up to our room to do some more research on the day care centers I had looked at while I was out earlier.


Anonymous said...

i loved this update. i thought the story might have ended with the wedding but im glad that your continuing it. favourite story!

parks♥ said...

I couldn't just end it like that.
I'm going to let it go a little further, but the end is near.

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHH I loved this!!!!! That almost makes me cry that you are gonne end it!! Hopefully you will end it with no deaths? I hate it when stories go that way, especially amazing ones - like yours.

mrsjordanstaal11 said...

The wedding was cute.
I don't want it to end!